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    Allentown 8/31/10
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    Rio, Presto, Vapor Trails
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    3rd row @ PNC. Seat was almost on the stage
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    311,Primus,Pink Floyd
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  1. Diagnosed last month with obstructive sleep apnea. Was using nasal dilators to alleviate snoring with pretty good results but ENT put me on a CPAP for now. Likely that if I lose about 20 lbs I can come off it as my head position would change and he can evaluate again. CPAP is the worst thing ever IMO but I haven't snored at all with it on and haven't dropped dead in my sleep....
  2. Well said. I enjoy the travel aspects of his books and obviously the touring/music/band aspects as well, but he CLEARLY looks down on people and also hates being recognized. I don't care how well read he is or how smart he thinks he is as opposed to the "commoners". You played drums for a living. Nothing earth changing there.
  3. Lotta dislike for SNA from you guys. Honestly there a re a few duds on there, but my only REAL problem with it (unrelated to the actual album itself) was that they beat the piss out of it on the tour. That actually soured me on the album for a while.
  4. Brutally good? I really like it at first, but to my ears it hasnt aged very well in terms of songwriting. A great sounding album, though. HAAA No. It is an awful album. Production wise it may be the greatest album of all time but I wouldn't know because I can't listen to it.
  5. I will stand by my opinion of t4e which has not changed since it came out. It's a brutal album.
  6. BU2B has been my favorite from the minute they started playing it.
  7. I have to lean toward Hemispheres on this one. There isn't a song on it that I skip through unlike MP which I am not a fan of TS or Witch Hunt.
  8. Love it. It works for me on many levels. It brings back memories of those dumb rock station call-in shows where they pitted one new song against another new song. The Big Money won for 3 weeks straight. That was also my first Rush tour so hearing it live was a big deal. Sonically there is a lot going on which I like.
  9. Yeah. Unfortunately Billy had a raging alcohol problem for a while. He got into a pretty good wreck and I believe was arrested at the scene. The exact details escape me but he was in pretty deep for a while by his own admission. http://ultimateclassicrock.com/billy-joel-car-crash/
  10. Billy Joel is doing the residency at the Garden because it's easy money and he can take a car service to "work". His years of alcohol and substance abuse have certainly caught up to him. He even joked after one of his dui's that he had to play 3 nights a week to pay his car insurance premium. His voice isn't nearly what it was, but he did the smart thing and started adjusting the key on some songs. It works for some of the songs, but not for others. The one band that I saw just outside of their "big" moment was Everclear. Probably about 16 years ago and WOW were they brutal. Art's voice was beyond wrecked to the point that he was basically just talking the lyrics. I left about halfway through. One guy who seems ageless even after battling throat problems is Jon Anderson. The YES 35th anniversary tour was insane and he sounded nearly perfect. As far as Geddy goes, I wonder how he would have sounded over the last 4-5 tours if he hadn't taken voice instruction and/or started with the "yodeling"....
  11. I recently started getting hooked on documentaries on Netflix. I think BBC did a documentary on Hiroshima that I started to watch and had to turn it off. There is a scene where a little girl is pinned under some debris that is on fire. the mother sits by helpless as the girl screams because the fire is touching her. The scene goes on FOREVER. I am not kidding. I tapped out after it lasted 5 minutes but seemed like a friggin' eternity and I was literally sitting there yelling to MOVE ON ALREADY.
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong, but starting waaaaay back around the p/g or HYF days Peart was really only corresponding with Geddy and Alex via fax and email regarding the albums until it came time to actually get together and record. Stands to reason that he wouldn't really be bothered with them after the "ride" was over. That said, my only real gripe is that there wasn't another leg of the R40 tour. While I loved the setlist (minus 1 song) I would have loved to see a second leg with some other oldies brought out. I still can't even call it a gripe though because the sheer volume of DIFFERENT songs that they performed over the last 5 tours is amazing. They made a conscious effort to play stuff that had either never been played or VERY rarely been played. Loved every minute of the last 5 or 6 tours....hell, I loved every show that I saw but once they became "evening with" without any opening act the shows were epic.I can understand if Geddy and Alex are underwhelmed with the prospect of no more Rush, but Alex has been having problems with his hands for a very long time (as documented in the RIo video). Seems like the only one who wasn't physically breaking down was Geddy.
  13. Tom Sawyer Counterparts (full album) Jacob's Bladder (Break) T4E (full album) Encore : Seven and Seven is Summertime Blues
  14. Not in any particular order... Tim Alexander Carter Beauford Stuart Copeland Chad Sexton Peart Matt Walshe Bill Bruford Shannon Powell Deen Castronovo Tommy Perkinson
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