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  1. Fair, but I can't recall seeing anything like that from the band. So that's why it felt cryptic.
  2. I will say this: I don't think it's an April Fools joke. I don't see any reason to post something speculative -- what's the point of April Fool's if you say, "Ha! Got ya!" however many days after April 1. But I know nothing. Collectively, nobody knows anything, as we float on this space rock in the middle of a meaningless universe.
  3. Here's a wonderful full-length show from the first leg of the Snakes And Arrows Tour. It was shot in 2007. Nearly 10 years ago. Which equates to almost 25 percent of Rush's existence. I'm not crying. You're crying.
  4. Sorry if this is so big. Be still, our hearts.
  5. I wouldn't say MP is my favorite album; I have a very difficult time figuring all that stuff out anyways. But I will say listening to Red Barchetta, especially the jam portion of it, can be very emotional. They're just so damn good, and that song is so damn good. There's a little bit of everything in that song: heavy guitar, harmonics, unique bass riffs, righteous fills, great lyrics, wonderful singing, synth, etc. It rocks from beginning to end, without rocking from beginning to end (if that makes any sense). The pacing is perfect. The arrangement is perfect. I'll never, ever get tired of that song. For whatever reason, I always envision all the previous eras/photos/concerts of Rush during that segment -- accelerating at a very fast pace, too. And the way the song 'decelerates' into the final minute or so is so dang good, too. *throws away tissues, returns to usual closed-off self* Cheers.
  6. Yes it was. They also, all three of them, took lyric-writing credit for Chemistry. And they apparently hate that song. What's the saying about having more than one quarterback...? :)
  7. What if that's our favorite era? /deactivates forever
  8. Wait -- is it this? http://www.rush.com/alex-lifeson-r40-les-paul-axcess/
  9. Wonder if this would still be Geddy's favorite to perform live.
  10. So instead of studying for finals/sleeping, I figured this much (could be off on one or two songs, but here's what I hear -- in this order): 2112 Finding My Way Working Man Anthem By-Tor Fly By Night Bastille Day 2112 Xanadu La Villa Freewill Spirit of Radio Tom Sawyer Analog Kid Red Sector A Marathon Big Money Force Ten Mission Presto (?) Roll The Bones Animate Driven ???? (One Little Victory) Earthshine Far Cry Workin' Them Angels (the rest of the show hehe)
  11. I don't hear anything from Presto, but there's a bit of One Little Victory and Earthshine. Around the 50 second mark there's a song that I think might be from Presto. Oh, you might be right. I thought that was Roll the Bones, but why would they splice two different parts from the same song together. Its defintiely just Presto.. I believe its the break down just before "don't ask me I'm just improvising" You nailed it. I had no clue it was Presto until you said something.
  12. In other news, at a rate similar to the decline of Geddy's voice, the city of Venice is sinking and will one day drown completely.
  13. Okay, so I can listen via Apple Music, but that's only a temporary solution. And, IMO, Apple Music is a poor recreation of Spotify. But anytime I try to download my preorder (email says, 'Your Pre-Order of R40 Live is Ready!'), I get an error code 5002 from iTunes. Both on the computer and iPhone. It's incredibly frustrating. I've restarted iTunes, re-entered my credit card information, cleared the iTunes cache... And I'm completely out of ideas. Any 'solution' I've found online hasn't worked... Anyone have any suggestions? Your help is greatly appreciated!
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