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  1. i did 23 on this tour to bring my lifetime total to 178 since 1983.... in the photo, there is 28 shows, 23 shows, 24 shows, me and 29 shows for a total of 127 among the 5 of us...
  2. Losing It was played during soundcheck before every show since Lincoln....so, if they have not been sound checking it, you won't hear it live, and Losing It is the only song not in the regular set that has been sound checked, so there is no chance of any other song being added...
  3. my first post on here in a long long time.... to simply say, the setlist above is complete bs.... you didn't even factor in the spoiler of the multiple drum kits being used.....
  4. i don't have to tell you that you're free to do what you want during the show...... for me, every song, every moment rush is playing is precious, no way I'm missing Stick It Out or Territories or anything else.... plenty of time before the show and intermission to light up the sweet herb if so desired.....and of course, in some venues, its going on all around during the show.... Fair enough. I go to at least 3 shows every leg of each tour and would never miss out on a chance to see a song I haven't seen live before, even if it's not my favorite. But once I've seen them all, the weakest one or two are good opportunities to beat lines or have a toke. I will say fair enough back to you....its your decision how you enjoy the evening... i
  5. i don't have to tell you that you're free to do what you want during the show...... for me, every song, every moment rush is playing is precious, no way I'm missing Stick It Out or Territories or anything else.... plenty of time before the show and intermission to light up the sweet herb if so desired.....and of course, in some venues, its going on all around during the show....
  6. I think this topic brings up a bigger overall point... some people who go to concerts care more about food, drinks and using their phones than they do about the actual show in front of them... for me, the three hours of a rush show is why I am there.... before a show i don't eat or drink so i don't have to worry about the bathroom... i love when i am in the first few rows, the show is going on, and some guy is trying to squeeze back to his seat and he has this whole tray full of food, like nachos or other stuff that requires you to look down and pay attention to what you are doing.... i get having food at a ballgame....a beer and a hotdog during a baseball game is pretty normal, the game has a pace to it, you are sitting there watching the game, enjoying the evening with a drink and some food... but do you really need those nachos during a rush show? i thought the idea of a rock concert was to lose yourself in the music, maybe do a fist pump into the air, bounce up and down a bit, not hurrying to grab a napkin cause you just spilled nacho cheese sauce on your shirt.... my attitude is that i didn't just drive all the way to this city and pay all this money for a ticket to care about food or drinks during a rush show, plenty of time to grab a meal after the show.... and don't get me started with the phone nonsense, you can't stop it, but its really out of control... watch this Louis C.K. clip -----this is what society has become with our smartphones and ipads... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zd2sRC3K9Hs
  7. my first ever show....9/23/83 at radio city... third row center 15 years old and at the time the greatest night of my life... coming up on thirty years ago.....
  8. All this came out of comments that Geddy made back in the 80's when The Who was doing their Farewell Tour. Which wasn't the case obvisouly, cause they tour endlessly after that. Regardless, Geddy did say that "That's a nice way to go out!" When The Who was doing their Stadium tour in the 80's. Anyway, I understand that they aren't a stadium band but if they limit themselves to only a few nights (15) and play in centralized cities like New York, Raleigh, Atlanta, Kanas City, LA, Denver, Dallas, Miami, Seattle, Chicago, etc. I think they could sell out the place or at least have a good showing since they won't be appearing anwhere else. Yeah some people will get lucky and some will have to travel but Hey its an Event now. Additionally, by announcing that its their Farewell Tour it would let every fan know that If you want to see RUSH this is it and knowing RUSH they will keep their word and not tour any longer. They will sell more way more tickets this way! Why not Opening Acts? Geddy has already stated that they might be going this way again and having two Opening Acts will still give them enough time to play for 2.5 Hours. As for the guest vocalist idea, I put that in 'cuase honestly I think that the only way we'll hear a song like Hemispheres ever again. As for the strings, I think they enjoyed that way too much to not reuse them. Actually I think they might go bigger next time and tour with a full Orchestra. But thats me, and I can't stop thinkking big! :codger: they have had trouble selling out large venues in big cities for one night, not sure they could fill 6,000 seat halls for multiple nights, plus with Geddy's need for a day off in between, they can't play five straight nights in one city so they would have to be there for like two weeks, not sure its really a viable idea.... maybe a special five night run at massey hall, but i can't see them doing multiple nights in atlanta or kansas city, etc...
  9. Wow, so sorry, but I don't think any of this will ever happen.... they won't play stadiums..... they won't have opening acts.... they won't announce a farewell tour.... they won't have strings again.... I think they will take their well deserved break and then get together and talk....they will either do one of the following.... 1. decide to tour on an R41 or R42 theme... 2. write, record and produce a new album and tour off that 3. do nothing and stay on hiatus... I can't see rush ever announcing a farewell tour....its not their style....they tour, they rest, they regroup and decide what to do next...i suppose its possible that neil says i will do one more tour and that's it so let's make it a farewell for the fans but i don't see them putting themselves into a corner like that.....
  10. I wasn't requesting a next album....just wondering if at this point they would go back to releasing an album and tour that is just a collection of songs rather than some other kind of themed concept album.... i would love new music, i think all rush fans look forward to new music....but at this stage of the game, any live performances they do, whatever kind of tour they do in the future is pure gravy... the time is right for them to take a long break..
  11. I'm feeling pretty empty about it...having been to the last five shows of the tour, I was just getting into a groove... my wife and kids on the other hand, are thrilled, especially when i told my wife probably no rush shows for two years....She is very supportive of my rush trips, but would rather have me home.... I so much wanted Rush to announce another leg for september and october through California and the west....but knew it wasn't gonna happen... I gotta say despite the wonderful shows, I think the guys are happy to have this tour behind them and take a break....they looked pretty road weary the final couple of shows....
  12. I'm really not sure what your concerns are.....Rush played the staples center in 2002.....they can play there again....the southern california market is massive and they can draw 10,000 in staples.....the prices at gibson amp the past few tours have been really pricey....but then again, New York and LA prices are always gonna be higher than the smaller markets... one night at staples is reasonable....they could also skip LA entirely and play the outdoor amp in Irvine and the one in Chula Vista...
  13. I feel.....very.... blah.... blah, blah, blah.... blah.... the end....
  14. Alex and Geddy both came over to the riser and shook Paul Rudd's hand, and Neil got up from his kit and extended his hand out to shake Paul's hand as well... Geddy not only thanked the string ensemble but he thanked Paul Rudd by name, which got a nice response.... Paul not only directed the string ensemble, when Geddy came over to jam, Paul pretended to be slappin da bass as done in I love You, Man...He also put his shirt over his head and a few other zany things while Ged was over there....John Arrowsmith was shooting pics like crazy so we'll see if any of them make the official photo page for this show... Great show, lots of the Rush regulars there from all across the country, met four guys from Monterey, MEXICO, they flew from Monterey to Dallas to Kansas City, just for this show....very cool...
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