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    R40 2015 (Toronto)
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    Bravado,The Garden,Spirit of Radio,Limelight,Tom Sawyer
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    Moving Pictures
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    My 1st Rock Concert was Rush on the Moving Pictures Tour 1981 in Toronto when I was 11 Years Old.
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    KISS,Motley Crue,Mostly Autumn,Ten,Ratt and 100 other band that I like

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  1. Listening: Live in YYZ and so far it's very good! Worth the wait!
  2. Rush - Tom Sawyer (Live in YYZ 1981 / Audio)
  3. About 2 years or more I've made two separate Completions of my own for my USB stick for my Vehicle to listen to while I drive, I know I broke one rule no live stuff but this is what mine are.... Enjoy! :) RUSH-40th Anniversary Greatest Hits 1974-2014-01-The Spirit of Radio.mp3 RUSH-40th Anniversary Greatest Hits 1974-2014-02-Limelight.mp3 RUSH-40th Anniversary Greatest Hits 1974-2014-03-Test for Echo.mp3 RUSH-40th Anniversary Greatest Hits 1974-2014-04-Fly by Night.mp3 RUSH-40th Anniversary Greatest Hits 1974-2014-05-In the Mood.mp3 RUSH-40th Anniversary Greatest Hits 1974-2014-06-One Little Victory.mp3 RUSH-40th Anniversary Greatest Hits 1974-2014-07-Subdivisions.mp3 RUSH-40th Anniversary Greatest Hits 1974-2014-08-Far Cry.mp3 RUSH-40th Anniversary Greatest Hits 1974-2014-09-Freewill.mp3 RUSH-40th Anniversary Greatest Hits 1974-2014-10-Second Nature.mp3 RUSH-40th Anniversary Greatest Hits 1974-2014-11-Bravado.mp3 RUSH-40th Anniversary Greatest Hits 1974-2014-12-The Camera Eye.mp3 RUSH-40th Anniversary Greatest Hits 1974-2014-13-Workin' them Angels.mp3 RUSH-40th Anniversary Greatest Hits 1974-2014-14-The Garden.wma RUSH-40th Anniversary Greatest Hits 1974-2014-15-Anagram (for Mongo).mp3 RUSH-40th Anniversary Greatest Hits 1974-2014-16-New World Man.mp3 RUSH-40th Anniversary Greatest Hits 1974-2014-17-Closer to the Heart.mp3 RUSH-40th Anniversary Greatest Hits 1974-2014-18-The Anarchist.wma RUSH-40th Anniversary Greatest Hits 1974-2014-19-Digital Man.mp3 RUSH-40th Anniversary Greatest Hits 1974-2014-20-YYZ.mp3 RUSH-40th Anniversary Greatest Hits 1974-2014-21-Manhattan Project.mp3 RUSH-40th Anniversary Greatest Hits 1974-2014-22-Cold Fire.mp3 RUSH-40th Anniversary Greatest Hits 1974-2014-23-Resist.mp3 RUSH-40th Anniversary Greatest Hits 1974-2014-24-Presto.mp3 RUSH-40th Anniversary Greatest Hits 1974-2014-25-A Passage to Bangkok.mp3 RUSH-40th Anniversary Greatest Hits 1974-2014-26-The Wreckers.wma RUSH-40th Anniversary Greatest Hits 1974-2014-27-The Trees.mp3 RUSH-40th Anniversary Greatest Hits 1974-2014-28-Lakeside Park.mp3 RUSH-40th Anniversary Greatest Hits 1974-2014-29-Mystic Rhythms.mp3 RUSH-40th Anniversary Greatest Hits 1974-2014-30-The Body Electric.mp3 RUSH-40th Anniversary Greatest Hits 1974-2014-31-Countdown.mp3 RUSH-40th Anniversary Greatest Hits 1974-2014-32-2112 (Overture-The Temples Of Syrinx).wma RUSH-40th Anniversary Greatest Hits 1974-2014-33-2112 (Grand Finale).mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-01-The Spirit of Radio [Live].mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-02-Limelight.mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-03-Subdivision.mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-04-Fly by Night-In the Mood [Live].mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-05-Animate.mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-06-The Enemy Within.mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-07-Xanadu.mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-08-Mystic Rhythms [Live].mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-09-The Wreckers.mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-10-Jacob's Ladder.mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-11-Freewill [Live].mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-12-Time Stand Still.mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-13-Test for Echo.mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-14-Closer to the Heart.mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-15-Show Don't Tell [Live].mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-16-Far Cry.mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-17-Distant Early Warning.mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-18-Tom Sawyer [Live].mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-19-The Big Money.mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-20-One Little Victory.mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-21-YYZ [Live].mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-22-Force Ten.mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-23-Lakeside Park [Live].mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-24-2112 (Overture-The Temples Of Syrinx).mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-25-Red Barchetta.mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-26-Roll The Bones [Live].mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-27-A Passage To Bankok.mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-28-Broon's Bane [Live].mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-29-The Trees [Live].mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-30-The Camera Eye.mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-31-The Garden.mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-32-New World Man [Live].mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-33-The Anarchrist.mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-34-La Villa Strangiato [Live].mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-35-Natural Science.mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-36-Resist [Live].mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-37-Cut to the Chase.mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-38-Beneath, Between & Behind [Live].mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-39-How It Is.mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-40-Bravado [Live].mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-41-Working Man.mp3 RUSH-Feel the RUSH-Greatest Hits-42-What You're Doing [Live].mp3
  4. I'm looking forward to picking up the 3CD set. Super excited! My first ever concert and that was RUSH on this Tour in Toronto, although after all theses Years can't remember which night I went to? I was 11 Years old at the time! :)
  5. I'm wondering if Sally got confused with Neil was hurt when his foot was hurting due to riding his Motorcycle through the rain, where he had a hard time standing and playing this was before or around the Toronto's shows that maybe Sally was referring to (It can be found on the Time Stand Still DVD?) :finbar:
  6. "Suddenly, you were gone From all the lives you left your mark upon" It's been a week ago since Neil's passing, and nearly a week since we all knew. Still can't believe he's gone (too soon) That night when I heard about his passing I put in the DVD Time Stand Still and watched it, it was kinda eerie watching that last part when they played the last show, kinda made me think wow (in some ways) glad they captured the last show on film and when Mr. Peart took some pictures at the end and stood all 3 for a bow (or wave) not known what 4 Years down the road lead them. But for me now I think it was fitted end what was RUSH. Though the Music DVD's will live on as a reminder of the greatness of what RUSH is and still is. Can't help not thinking of how Olivia is right now and also Carrie, I'm sure Geddy & Alex (with Family) comforting both of them as will morning the loss of Neil also. Not an easy thing to deal with no matter how it ends. I'm sure, will hope Neil told them to move forward in what ever they do decide to do in the future and not give up on pursuing more music or other things whatever that might be. As RUSH fans I think we can celebrate what RUSH gave us over the Years from Music to Concerts that we saw and hear. Got to keep the RUSH flag flying for many more Years to come. Rest in Peace..... Neil Peart "Off on your way Hit the open road There is magic at your fingers For the spirit ever lingers Undemanding contact In your happy solitude"
  7. I loved the CD/DVD no complaints here! :) :rush:
  8. Looking forward to the CD/DVD.
  9. Wearing my "Farewell to Kings" T-shirt today for the occasion :)
  10. Maybe they'll filmed this show too. Maybe play a song from each album in the first set including Losing It, and have Limelight inserted in the second set. Who knows what will happen let's all enjoy the moment what ever transpires :-)
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