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  1. All still there. They may take a while to sell even in such limited numbers at those ridiculously overpiced ebay BIN prices.
  2. From the Archives—new stuff on the Rush Backstage Club for the spoiled pensioners lurking here. The cheapest thing is another release of the Fin Costello photos triptych, followed by a framed McNaughten peart photo w/stage used drumstick, and finally the big kahuna is a framed photo from R40 with a band autographed plaque, full sets of stage used strings and a stage used drumstick. Only 10 of the latter and 4 of the framed sticks. Not sure how many more triptychs they did this time. Items range from $5k for the triptych to $9500 for the strings/stick. Not for me, but maybe there’s a filthy rich superfan on here who’d be interested.
  3. Just noticed all the feedback/questions--to be clear: I only noticed the Rush Backstage Club (their online store) posted about this sale ahead of time on instagram on their regular page--so there's no special club one needs to be in. I just usually, like you all, find out after everything is sold out that I'd be interested in. From the things I remember, the signed R30 poster that I got was $100, and the R40 duffel with the R30/feedback geddy's dryer tshirt I also got was $80. The signed poster of Neil, I think for Anatomy Of A Drum Solo, was $400, the Rush ReDiscovered signed box set was either also $400 or more, and may have been only signed by Alex and Geddy, I'm not sure, and there was a big bundle of Show Of Hands releases in various formats, can't recall the price. And whoever said it was an auction, no it wasn't, it was a very small number of things they found laying around and put on sale, that sold out rapidly, like usual. Some of it of course ended up right on ebay for vastly inflated prices like over $1000 for the $100 poster.
  4. I actually got a tip off on instagram for a change, and was able to grab a couple of items before they evaporated (in under 5 minutes). They had a couple of autographed posters--the Neil Anatomy Of A Drum Solo one went fastest (also pricey for a poster!!), the R30 poster signed by all 3 members was cheaper and hung around longer, they had a Rush ReDiscovered box signed by Alex and Geddy (also pricey), a Tie Dye from Geddy's dryers with an R40 duffel, a big show of hands bundle--all gone. They still have a BTLS poster (unsigned) and a copy of the Newsletters bound book w/a promo CD. I just got the R30 poster and the duffle/tie dye and passed on the big ticket items. Love Neil but $400 for an autographed poster is a lot when the other one is $100 and has all three autographs on it.
  5. Sorry to hear that—I’ve known him for just over 35 years. He’s good people, and he was probably almost as nervous to do that interview as any of us would be.
  6. these videos are recorded and archived--just go to the top of the thread and watch the whole interview now or any other time you feel like it. it's not like TV in the pre-early 1970s.
  7. Hope you guys all liked that--you can watch it right in this thread now. Al looks great, and aside from some hard truths in there about hitting the road at his age/after so many years of doing it, in another year or two at the earliest, I thought it was refreshing to not hear stock questions, and get into the creative process, etc. Of course, Andre being a "roadie," there was a big nod to the Rush core crew who were there for the duration, and Alex's commentary was sweet and enlightening. I think Dre did a fine job of making it a unique and eye-opening interview for people sick of hearing the same old same old.
  8. I actually checked in here today specifically to see if anyone posted about this--the interview is being done by a very dear friend of mine, Andre, who is the same guy I mentioned back when Geddy played w/Yes at their RRHOF induction. He's worked for practically every prog rock hero either of us ever had as a tour manager or tech of some sort, and he's Steve Howe's guitar tech/let Geddy and Alex see all the iconic guitars Steve brought with him for the show/ceremony. Last night he had a little facebook live broadcast with comments from the peanut gallery and we all sort of geeked out together over Alex, Rush and various memories of shows, being ripped off by scalpers, etc. He's as excited as any of us would be to do this interview, and probably as nervous too! I'm betting it's gonna be terrific, because Andre is so knowledgeable about everything this sort of an interview would entail. Don't expect the same questions everyone asks Alex and Geddy--I'm sure he'll get into some Rush-related rabbit hole, but he'll be also getting way into Victor and into Alex's head about everything from gear to creativity to Alex's heroes/influences and whatever else he can think of that no "So what's next for you and Geddy" type interviewer would get into. Rory Gallagher came up last night, for example--"hey didn't he open for Rush and Rush opened for him, and yada yada..." I believe the interview will stay up on the youtube channel indefinitely if you don't catch it live.
  9. Pretty sure it’s available as a preorder on amazon which comes to about the same price if you have free shipping on amazon. Also someone posted one red vinyl copy for sale for about $15 more.
  10. It started heading there in around 2015, just after Rush retired, and Neil’s passing is just more of the same.
  11. From the side of the can under a cartoon of the dearly departed at his massive kit: “we lost an inspiration-a poet-a man who turned tragedy into beauty-a man who relearned to play his instrument late in a career when he was already considered peerless because he knew it could be better than what was already the best-a man who did more on the bell of a single cymbal in one song than most people do on a 5 piece kit in a career-a man who was more than content to do his art his way and was grateful for those that appreciated it while neither needing nor courting them.-a genius that got it.”
  12. Mission accomplished—4 little very busy orangey cans for $21.12 It’s ok—like if corona had slightly more alcohol in it and already had the slightest hint of lime flavor—much less than a lime wedge twist in a bottle, but it’s there if you notice. Too bad it’s really a charity item and not a regular offering—not worth the price as something to get every time you go out, but if it were just another beer on tap for the usual price, I’d drink it as soon as any other. Seems to pair well with the pork chop I ate a few minutes before and the dream queen I had few puffs of. It is the brewery I went to before, by the way. I don’t know if any of their beers are distributed outside NJ, but they def distribute within the state to at least a decent handful of bars—their Boat was their most popular one supposedly back when I took their 5 minute tour around 5 or more years ago, and it is still there. They seemed well stocked—this brew isn’t flying out of their fridge maybe, but I imagine it’ll not be around long once the weekend hits and local/not so local Rush brethren have time to drive down there.
  13. I’m in Atlantic Highlands several times per week usually. Almost went by there yesterday, but couldn’t make enough time. Maybe today during a break from work. I will not be buying them out, though, especially at that crazy price for four 12oz cans. Over $5 a beer, yikes! And it’s only 5%abv not like it’s a big beer. If I get any, I’ll let you all know/if I like it or not. I think I’ve been to their place before and tasted a few of their brews but I’m not 100% sure it was the same one—more than one microbrewery in AH.
  14. same here. I’m bringing my son along and we will do the meet/greet—We’re both Primus fans. I saw them w/Mastodon a couple of summers ago and attended the q&a and met Les. Cool guys. The topic of my first Primus show came up because it was around 1990 with 24/7 spyz at another venue in town and they talked about the sound guy screwing up the vocals. My buddy and I happen to know the guy they were talking about and assured them he probably deserved the punch that got Primus’ sound guy thrown out. Nice! I dig 24/7 Spyz! Did you say punch? "Tales From The Punch Bowl?" lol I prefer a can of pork soda!!! Primus’ sound guy punched the house sound guy from the Fastlane for refusing to put any of Les’ vocals thru the PA and got tossed during Primus set. It was fun talking about it with them, because we were at the show and knew Jim Boone, the annoying sound guy in question. Phil Anselmo even mocked him onstage at Convention Hall years after a run in with him on their first big tour, and when he did his imitation of him, my brother and I looked at each other and yelled in unison “Boone!” There can be only one. “If it’s good enough for Red Hot Chili Peppers, it’s good enough fer yooooouuuuu!” We were dying. Anyway my biggest regret was not asking the Primus guys at the time how it felt to move up one spot automatically on the list of great live rock trios after Rush had pretty much officially retired at the time. Now it would be kinda a bummer to bring up in light of Neil’s passing.
  15. same here. I’m bringing my son along and we will do the meet/greet—We’re both Primus fans. I saw them w/Mastodon a couple of summers ago and attended the q&a and met Les. Cool guys. The topic of my first Primus show came up because it was around 1990 with 24/7 spyz at another venue in town and they talked about the sound guy screwing up the vocals. My buddy and I happen to know the guy they were talking about and assured them he probably deserved the punch that got Primus’ sound guy thrown out.
  16. Having read all of the Clockwork stuff, I actually liked the second one more than the first. I agree that the lyrics included all over the place in the first book was a bad idea. That said, I have a gold edition with the framed manuscript page, and when I glance up at it on the wall, I don’t say to myself “F that KJA! He ruined Neil’s work!” I consider it a rare artifact touched by the guy who made me want to be a drummer. The Syme artwork is cool. KJA didn't ruin anything, he just didn’t write something that will be the next Herman Melville. Gee, that’s a shame. Get over it. It’s based on recent rock music, not Hamlet. That was Bob and Doug’s movie, Strange Brew. Haters gonna hate though, I guess.
  17. Here’s one I took during R40–it’s from facebook, so apologies if it is not viewable by everyone...
  18. It doesn’t say whether these are part of the whole numbered slipcase edition that was on backstage or a separate bookplate signed edition the publisher had. I have all those slipcase editions, and I’m pretty sure only had to find the first one on ebay. I don’t plan on selling them anytime soon, though.
  19. Hindsight is always better than foresight, unless you have brain damage of course, in which case hindsight is probably not so great either. But I too thought it was really weird that he suddenly retired from posting anything after May 2016 on his own site. Michael continued to throw occasional tidbits and old photos up on the instagram account, so I figured it was just Neil being Neil, which at the end of the day is correct, I guess.
  20. Surprised nobody blamed SpaghettiLee lol Surprised nobody blamed SpaghettiLee lol Spaghetti Lee! :) One of my favorite TRFers. Gone but not forgotten. That's epic. How are you doing, Earl? I know we are on a public forum and I have no fear to show my emotions. In either darkness or light. By just you asking me this I am tearing up again. I might run out of tears. It's very hard for me and I know I'm not the only one. But many of you who know me regardless of the many of the outlandish things I have typed in the past do care about me. I know I too have offended many on here but my intentions were just to be over the top. Adult R Rated late night writing. I guess I wanted to be the Howard Stern of the Rush Forum, but I sure many of you can see I have kind of mellowed out lately. But this blow to me Lorraine is killing me but please don't worry about my health. I am fine. Just sad and broken. I will heal through time. I prefer "RUSH THROUGH TIME." See? I still have my punny and silly personality and corny wit. This tragedy in my life is already turning into something positive thanks to all the love and support I have received around the world. I am honored and just blown away by the people who are communicating me. I mean I have all of my texts since yesterday. Over 100 easily. Most always say... "Earl I heard about the horrible news and I instantly though of you first." It's just crazy. I like sharing this in the public eye. "The Camera Eye?" I know I'm lucky Lorraine and I love you very much. I actually love so many of you on here. Sorry for those I hurt over late night rants and arguments. All is forgiven. I need to get through this loss. I was not prepared Loraine even though I was tipped off three months ago about it. I too never would have leaked it. I was actually in denial when I found out about it. Only my father knew because he was in that business meeting. Even the Universe was trying to tell me something in advance. It's crazy, After Neil retired and I knew he was overweight and in pain and bad health, I thought to myself that I might have to try and prepare myself for the moment like this. Neil is it for me in the entertainment biz. I never thought it was going to be this quick. I am not in the inner circle but I am on the outer rim. I will take that any day. RUSH ON LORRAINE!!! I will be fine. Luckily Time Doesn't Stand Still. We can all heal. We will all live. We will all die. The cycle of life. Eventually laughter will erode to a long cry. "Far Cry................" You are a fortunate man, Earl, being loved by so many. No doubt about it - you will heal. Thank you Lorraine. I know. So far so good. Anything can change at any second but yes. Blessed. Family, friends and even my pug Earl IV is happy at 11 years old!!! You know I have two daughters so when they were young Wendy and I wanted to get them a pug. They always knew I wanted a son to carry on my name so hey, I got lucky again. My pug is my namesake. Love you! Earl—I’m sure the die-hards here all had their contact method of choice blown up by check-ins from concerned people who know they are a superfan. Mine was facebook—the second the news was released I got a ping from a close friend via messenger, and I lost count of the “I thought of you as soon as I heard”s when I threw a post up there. My entire feed was also flooded with other posts from every friend from every band I know from playing in bands for 38 years, all because some guy who’s socially awkward became all super fired up behind a drumkit. Guys I thought hated Rush were even gushing about their worship of Peart especially and Rush. I was blown away.
  21. Don't we all! Even the most die-hard fans (like us) must keep reminding themselves that they really don't know squat about the lives of their rock & roll heroes. The same goes for film stars, sports heroes, etc. Just as they don't know us at all, we don't know them. We are strangers to each other. Just like I said in the other thread, hearing of Neil's death was bad enough as a Rush fan, I simply cannot imagine what Geddy and Alex are going through right now. Ged's book tour was only this past summer, I can't imagine just how difficult it was for him to do that, knowing that there were going to be some fans that were going to ask about a Rush reunion or simply ask "Hey Geddy, big fan here! Heard from Neil lately?" And each and every time he has to put on a fake smile and say he's fine....God, if Ged or Al were in the same room as me right now, I'd definitely let them have a good long cry on my shoulder. I just saw Geddy a month ago for the NYC signing. He gave zero indication of anything amiss, and seemed happy to be there, laughed at my dumb joke about how I thank and curse him and his bandmates every day for infecting me with this “musician” bug.
  22. That same thought went through my brain. I will be there with bells on. Tubular Bells. Neil Peart. Mike Oldfield Don’t laugh. I served as backup drummer for rehearsals for a cover of tubular bells by like 10 people from several local high schools—my older brother was one of two guitar players and their drummer often couldn’t make it to our basement where rehearsals were held. I can’t travel to LA or Toronto but I would consider the drive to Toronto if I had a valid passport.
  23. I can’t believe the news. Un f’n real. Poor guy had the saddest story already and then this tops it all off. I feel heartbroken for his family and all of us who loved his work and were inspired by him.
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