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  1. Being a musician.....I can tell you the Alien Shore for Geddy is a very challenging tune. Playing that bass line while singing....really tough. I am sure they rehearsed it for that tour but something was not clicking. Same for Cut To The Chase. Sometimes they are simply studio cuts and they don't capture it live like they want to. It took them 35 years to finally play Jacobs Ladder again. And it was glorious. But something had to not be clicking with all three of them to have it locked up for so long. It was requested all the time. So glad they busted that out on R40. It was the highlight of my night. And one of the best of my Rush concert going experience's. I think it was simply the time factor that kept Jacob's Ladder out of the set list for many years. I'm actually surprised it didn't make a comeback when the started playing "Natural Science" again regularly. They could easily have swapped them out for each other on different nights. It's also a possibility that one of them wasn't very fond of it. It was certainly a gift to the fans to play that it on R40. It was probably the highlight of the night for me also. I can only imagine how awesome the sets would've been if they did Evening With shows back in the 80's. I don't know how or why it happened, but they used to be so rigid with their setlists and song choices, then around S&A, they just started becoming way more interesting and adventurous.
  2. Why would anyone want this? There's so many incredible bands out there making music and touring, go spend your money on them instead.
  3. From a fan's perspective who's seen an excellent Rush tribute on the east coast (kRush), it's a great set but a little too close to what Rush has played over the years. Part of the fun (for me) of seeing tribute bands is seeing songs that the original band have basically ignored or played very little. In that regards, Entre Nous is a great choice, as is The Camera Eye, but I'd personally like to see more in the extreme deep cut category, such as Cinderella Man or Chemistry or Kid Gloves or whatever. kRush plays a lot of the familiar songs too, but they'll throw in random ones like Half The World, Grand Designs, The Enemy Within that make it super interesting. Half The World isn't in my top 100 favorite Rush songs, but it's still exciting to hear something really rare. Just my $.02 but it's definitely a good set and I'd watch it.
  4. 1. Speak 2. Suite Sister Mary 3. I Don't Believe In Love I seriously love all the other songs though.
  5. I mean to be fair, they came up with their first band name Majesty while waiting in line to buy tickets for the PoW tour so I’m sure that he remained a fan throughout the years but wasn’t necessarily influenced by them past MP. It’s the same with me and Metallica. I haven’t been musically influenced by them since the Black Album, but I still like a lot of their music that came after. Plus, he was asked to do the liner notes for VT I believe so there’s that. Portnoy is a lot of things, but he’s definitely not a music/prog snob.
  6. Good music, odd singer Landmark album Getting heavier/darker Getting softer/lighter Recurring themes Mental illness Heavy/dark again Soft/light again Fantasy End of an era (+worst story ever) Landmark album (remix) Weird production Ballads
  7. It blows my mind that Natural Science was gone for so long. For being such a landmark album, it's amazing that PeW was only represented by Freewill and Spirit for 15 years after the MP tour. Also if you look at percentages of songs played on their respective tours, only 60% of HYF was played, 45% of Presto (on that tour - Presto was played later), 50% of RTB, 54% of CP (on that tour - Between Sun & Moon was played later), 63% of TFE, and 38% of VT (on that tour - How It Is was played later). For being so ignored by the band after its release, TFE actually had the highest ratio of songs played on its tour. I guess that's due to the longer set length, but still. Imagine if they began their Evening With... format during the 80's!
  8. The riff at around 3:18 in Peaceable Kingdom is my favorite. So ballsy and powerful. I also love the main riff to Virtuality.
  9. Excellent. I'm loving this season so far and am glad for two more. I hope the writers have an ending in mind and will not make any meaningless, filler episodes to kill time, but judging how awesome it's been so far, I think they'll wrap it up nicely in 26 episodes. The next "holy shit" moment is certain to be when Stan finally discovers who they are. I'm guessing that will be season 5's finale, with season 6 being the manhunt.
  10. Just saw kRush in Delaware a few weeks ago. They're better than ever.
  11. Her storyline was going nowhere though. I'm glad they wrapped it up so we can focus on things back in America.
  12. The Cure and The Smashing Pumpkins come to mind. The Pumpkins recorded 56 songs for their Mellon Collie album and only used 28 of them on the actual album. The b-sides from that album are extremely good and it's crazy how many great songs were left off the official album. Luckily Billy Corgan realizes they're great and regularly plays his band's b-sides along with regular album tracks. Every album between Gish and Machina 2 had a bunch of solid extra tracks, but now that his inspiration is dwindling, b-sides are pretty rare. Lonely Is The Name is the last really good one I can remember.
  13. What do you guys feel is Alex's best moment in a song that isn't talked about very much and isn't a solo? Vapor Trails is my least favorite Rush album, but I've always thought that the riffs at 3:20 in Peaceable Kingdom and 4:00 in Secret Touch were some of the coolest things he's ever done and I never really hear them mentioned.
  14. I don't hear any Rush influence on the early albums (or even the later ones). Their first two albums sound like they were influenced by post-hardcore, pop-punk, and emo bands, with the classic rock sound becoming more evident on Good Apollo I. But even then, the classic rock sound they adopted is more of a Journey/Pink Floyd/Thin Lizzy/Black Sabbath mix rather than a Rush. I think they've always been classic rock fans, and have certainly heard Rush like most classic rock fans, but I doubt they were any real influence on the direction of their music. The vocals are the main source of comparison and even then, I think early Claudio sounds more like Michael Jackson than Geddy.
  15. This is my favorite show on TV right now. So happy it's back!
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