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  1. I believe Neil THINKS he's retired. No question about it. But I also think that in 3-5 years he will miss the live component of music, Olivia will be older and more understanding and even supportive of a tour schedule and he will want to come out of retirement. In his writings, he'll probably even make the comparison about athletes that come out of retirement and how he can relate. Know one really knows what Neil will do down the road. And with all due respect to FOH Lights (as he is always spot on when it comes to the band) the information he has received is likely not coming directly from Neil's mouth, but secondhand. So, we don't know for sure. Anyway...things change, ideas change, people change. Even Geddy remarked that he himself is a patient person and still hopes that Rush will be able to tour again. That's good enough for me.
  2. I live in Sac now, but was at the Seattle show two days prior. Great tour. Good luck on finding stubs! :)
  3. Yup, I saw and heard them too. They were there the last time I saw Rush at the SAP as well. As i was walking up to venue I was actually wondering if they would be there again; because they made an impact on me. Not for their religious belief (which I have no problem with); but for two main reasons. They were yelling at people through a bullhorn and telling them they were going to hell. I see no supposed Christian love in that at all and not effective whatsoever. Secondly, they were filming themselves. To me that was very odd. It's like they can take that back later and show it to their congregation and declare "look how great we are...see what we did in the name of God"? Kinda prideful, don't you think? I wonder how many panhandlers or homeless people they tripped over on the way to the venue?
  4. Probably A ...but it's just a calculated guess.
  5. I have watched both performances more times than I wish to admit and IMO Dink was far superior. But there was a cool factor with Mink that is hard to deny. I mean c'mon...having the original violinist was awesome! So I'm really torn...but my vote goes to Dinklage. He just flat out did an amazing job!!!
  6. Which version (A,B or C setlist) have they been playing so far? Or is it a new setlist altogether?
  7. You should still be able to unload them on Stub Hub. It's just a tougher sell when you don't have the tickets in hand. But I think there's an option to state that you are waiting for the tickets and then you just mail them to the buyer when they arrive.
  8. I know what song I don't pick. Tom Sawyer
  9. I've tried to watch as many R40 videos on YouTube as I can get my hands on, and to be honest...Alex is really struggling on a few songs. It may be the psoriatic arthritis, who knows. Yeah, they are all human (barely). More like superhuman... and it's just not like them (more Alex and maybe a little Neil) to be this stiff and rusty after months of preparation. In the end, they are still gods and the best at what they do. :rush:
  10. My guess would be: The Anarchist / The Wreckers Roll The Bones / Big Money Red Barchetta / YYZ Jacob's Ladder / Natural Science It's possible The Camera Eye didn't work out. I don't see where it fits unless they are really mixing things up and having 3 different set lists.
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