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  1. JARG, I think you are right. I just found this interview with Jack Secret. It sounds like Neil is so good that he starts every song at just about the exact correct tempo, and is able to tweak things in real time if necessary, once a sample or sequence starts. Amazing.... http://www.2112.net/powerwindows/transcripts/19970700eq.htm
  2. I can't find a good video clip at the moment, but Geddy and Alex appear to hold down on the Taurus pedals until the sequence is finished...I assume this is done so that they can "let go" if things go south, and immediately stop the sequence. (You are right about Neil - he doesn't have to hold anything to keep a sample playing, but his setup seems different than Alex and Geddy). The mystery to me is how a long sequence stays in sync with the band. For example, if they are playing Spirit of Radio a bit fast one night, the "invisible airways" synth sequence would be completely out of sync with the band after a couple of measures. There must be something that they do to keep things synched up.
  3. This is something I wondered about for a long time: In many live songs, Alex or Geddy trigger a synth sequencer by pressing (and holding, I believe) a specific Taurus pedal. There are many examples, but check out these two where Alex is triggering the sequence: Jacob's Ladder @ 2:47 (https://youtu.be/dzcA8_EkYQ0?t=167), Spirit of Radio chorus @ 2:28 (https://youtu.be/1jxfDuiDtzU?t=148). In the Spirit chorus , Geddy is also playing a synth line manually with his feet :) These sequences are always completely locked in to the timing and tempo of the live song. The Spirit chorus in particular would be train wreck if it wasn't dead-on synched. How is this done? I know Neil is a machine, but I doubt he starts and maintains every live song at the exact same tempo that was programmed into the sequencer! Could the sequencer be somehow "listening" to, say, the bass drum, and synching to that? I doubt Neil is listening to a click track to any songs other than Red Sector A...it wouldn't make sense for him to suddenly "fix" the tempo of a song when a sequence kicks in.... Any ideas?
  4. Favorite frame from the video ;) http://i59.tinypic.com/20fdm34.png
  5. I have no idea how I missed this news, but this is phenomenal! http://www.davidbottrill.com Big Summer News! Written by David Bottrill on June 05, 2015 . I'm very excited and proud to be recording and mixing these two monumental shows for Rush in the LiveWire Remote Recorder for a very special live DVD.
  6. I was at the L.A. show, and I too thought that one of the most poignant moments was Alex sitting stage right, watching Neil's solo during Cygnus. He really seemed to be soaking it in, in case it was the last time he every witnessed Neil's solo. Heavy.
  7. Radio City Music Hall, September 1983 Nassau Coliseum, September 1984
  8. I'm still buzzing from the show. I was 25th row, Geddy's side. Sound was LOUD and crisp. Incredible excitement in the air. CTTH was an amazing moment. Almost everyone within the first 15 rows (floor and sides) held up LED "candles" and lighted "Starman" sticks. I recall Alex being taken a back by it. I teared up! Anyone know who arranged those fan lights and sticks? Also, at the end, one of the cameras showed some peeps in the front row holding up one word each, making the sentence "YOUR MUSIC CHANGED OUR LIVES FOREVER" It was incredible!
  9. Here's a pic I took from row 25: http://tinypic.com/r/120jkfd/8
  10. FYI, you can now replay Periscopes up to 24 hours after the broadcast: http://www.theverge.com/2015/6/23/8835947/you-can-now-watch-periscope-replays-on-the-web
  11. Just got my tickets today tickets delivered: 7/23/05 San Jose show [sec FLR 1, Row 25, Seats ( 13 - 14 )] These are extra tickets, if anyone is interested to buy them.
  12. Now I'm concerned about their ability to just make it to August 1st.
  13. Shit. I guess this explains why he doesn't seem to be smiling much.
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