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  1. Ha! I had fixed your link but apparently you were in the middle of editing your post again. Fixed it again. :D YouTube changed their links a little while back. They made their links "secure" which means there's now an added "s" in the link. To embed the videos the "s" needs to be removed. Use the link contained in the Share tab below the video. The link will look like this: https://youtu.be/dzcA8_EkYQ0 That "s" in "https" needs to be removed so that it reads "http." Remove the "s" after pasting it in here and you get this: http://youtu.be/dzcA8_EkYQ0 Ahh! Thank you!
  2. http://youtu.be/dzcA8_EkYQ0 If someone could tell me how to embed, I would!
  3. You've been fooled! It an illusion that happens to happen to the hi-hats when he steps on the hi-hat pedal on each eighth note downbeat. Whenever a drummer plays the upbeat with the bass drum and plays straight eighths over a hi-hat that is being closed every downbeat this illusion occurs. The drum audio wasn't cleaned up at all. It's just a time keeping trick that fools many people.
  4. The set rocks. Judging from the tourbook credits, I wouldn't be surprised to see Distant Early Warning alternate with Big Money and (unfortunately) Jacob's Ladder with Natural Science. A bit disappointed they didn't play anything off Test for Echo (Driven would've been nice) or Presto, but as much as I loved their mid 80s splash on the CA tour, I'm happy they overlooked that era.
  5. They're opening the 2nd set with all of Permanent Waves. 36 minutes of music that would probably take up only a third of the second set. Three of the six songs are confirmed from the tourbook, Free Will and Entre Nous never had rear screen video productions. They're gonna do it. I'm calling it. Right. Now.
  6. They shortened the song because of time constraints of their shows during their early years. They had an opening act through the Counterparts tour. That limited them to only two hours. They finally played Oracle because the T4E tour had more time and flexibility for more songs. It's still the reason they don't play all of 2112 nowadays. Takes up too much time.
  7. Rush Finding My Way 5 Need Some Love 3 Take A Friend 2 Here Again 5 What You're Doing 4 In The Mood 4 Before And After 3 Working Man 7 Fly By Night Anthem 7 Best I Can 3 Beneath, Between & Behind 5 By-Tor And The Snow Dog 7 Fly By Night 6 Making Memories 3 Rivendell 2 In The End 4 Caress Of Steel Bastille Day 6 I Think I'm Going Bald 2 Lakeside Park 6 The Necromancer 5 The Fountain Of Lamneth 5 2112 2112 9 A Passage To Bangkok 6 The Twilight Zone 6 Lessons 5 Tears 5 Something For Nothing 6 A Farewell To Kings A Farewell To Kings 8 Xanadu 7 Closer To The Heart 7 Cinderella Man 7 Madrigal 6 Cygnus X-1 6 Hemispheres Hemispheres 7 Circumstances 6 The Trees 8 La Villa Stangiato 7 Permanent Waves The Spirit Of Radio 8 Free Will 8 Jacob's Ladder 8 Entre Nous 8 Different Strings 7 Natural Science 8 Moving Pictures Tom Sawyer 8 Red Barchetta 9 YYZ 8 Limelight 9 The Camera Eye 8 Witch Hunt 8 Vital Signs 8 Signals Subdivisions 9 The Analog Kid 9 Chemistry 7 Digital Man 8 The Weapon 8 New World Man 8 Losing It 7 Countdown 7 Grace Under Pressure Distant Early Warning 8 Afterimage 6 Red Sector A 7 The Enemy Within 7 The Body Electric 8 Kid Gloves 6 Red Lenses 6 Between The Wheels 7 Power Windows The Big Money 7 Grand Designs 7 Manhattan Project 7 Marathon 7 Territories 7 Middletown Dreams 8 Emotion Detector 5 Mystic Rhythms 7 Hold Your Fire Force Ten 7 Time Stand Still 9 Open Secrets 7 Second Nature 6 Prime Mover 7 Lock And Key 6 Mission 6 Turn The Page 6 Tai Shan 4 High Water 5 Presto Show Don't Tell 7 Chain Lightning 6 The Pass 10 War Paint 7 Scars 6 Presto 8 Superconductor 5 Anagram (for Mongo) 7 Red Tide 6 Hand Over Fist 5 Available Light 8 Roll The Bones Dreamline 8 Bravado 8 Roll The Bones 6 Face Up 6 Where's My Thing? 7 The Big Wheel 6 Heresy 6 Ghost Of A Chance 7 Neurotica 6 You Bet Your Life 6 Counterparts Animate 7 Stick It Out 6 Cut To The Chase 6 Nobody's Hero 6 Between Sun & Moon 6 Alien Shore 7 The Speed Of Love 4 Double Agent 6 Leave That Thing Alone 7 Cold Fire 8 Everyday Glory 6 Test For Echo Test For Echo 7 Driven 7 Half The World 8 The Colour Of Right 6 Time And Motion 6 Totem 7 Dog Years 4 Virtuality 6 Resist 6 Limbo 6 Carve Away The Stone 7 Vapor Trails One Little Victory 7 Ceiling Unlimited 8 Ghost Rider 8 Peacable Kingdom 7 The Stars Look Down 7 How It Is 8 Vapor Trail 6 Secret Touch 6 Earthshine 7 Sweet Miracle 5 Nocturne 8 Freeze 7 Out Of The Cradle 7 Snakes And Arrows Far Cry 6 Armor And Sword 7 Workin' Them Angels 6 The Larger Bowl 7 Spindrift 5 The Main Monkey Business 7 The Way The Wind Blows 6 Hope 6 Faithless 6 Bravest Face 6 Good News First 5 Malignant Narcissism 7 We Hold On 6 Clockwork Angels Caravan 6 BU2B 6 Clockwork Angels 7 The Anarchist 7 Carnies 7 Halo Effect 6 Seven Cities Of Gold 8 The Wreckers 6 Headlong Flight 6 BU2B2 3 Wish Them Well 7 The Garden 7
  8. Your Welcome! Woke up and did a quick google search on my phone and had to post it here.
  9. Listened to the whole thing on my headphones: Ceiling Unlimited's guitar solo sounds out of place the first time you hear it. The second time makes so much sense and fits. Love the bass distortion effect in Peaceable Kingdom. How It Is might be my favorite of the remixes, the intro is incredible. I felt Secret Touch and Earthshine were the least tinkered with, but I suppose that's ok. I thought Nocturne turned out interesting with the reverb on the guitar and the room effect on the vocals. Freeze was drastically different sounding, but for the better. And of course, now I can hear the drum fills clearly on Out of the Cradle!
  10. Yay! http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/rush-remix-their-polarizing-album-vapor-trails-premiere-20130927
  11. Do you have a link to that? Love to see what this person says about the remix. If people in Germany are getting it, chances are it will be floating around the inter-webs pretty soon.
  12. Hmm... Thought the boys announced they were coming back to Boston. Maybe the 6 day gap between Hamilton and Halifax is hiding two shows?
  13. Thanks! I record the videos on an iPad. The sound is meh, but I haven't really had a need for recording equipment (or the money). I had just changed the heads on the drums and they sound fantastic now, but the recording does not at all do it justice
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