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  1. Great boots, especially Atlanta. Wish a stateside proshot was done of the tour. It was the last of its quality IMHO.
  2. This doesn't cover every album, but would have cured some of the lulls in the show: Headlong Flight Clockwork Angels Far Cry Leave that Thing Alone Dreamline Roll the Bones Force Ten (alternate with Time Stand Still) Big Money Distant Early Warning Subdivisions (alternate with New World Man) Tom Sawyer Red Barchetta YYZ Spirit of Radio Freewill Jacob's Ladder Drum Solo The Trees Closer to the Heart 2112 Overture Temples of Syrinx Presentation Soliloquy Finale Bastille Day Anthem Working Man That way the casual fan is invested by the 4th song of the opener and throughout the second set. That would have been magnificent. I love Xanadu but not on this tour.
  3. I'm not expecting them to go note for note from the original.....the flubs I've heard so far are just on a different level... Not sure what the issue may be...although we have discussed some possible issues... This is very challenging stuff to perform live. No question about it. I would guess they don't seek feedback or input about the set or rehearsal performances, so we get what feels/sounds right to them. It just seems to me VT or R30 were their last tours where it all came together. They had many blistering performances on those tours.
  4. We are lucky. Most bands of their caliber didn't survive the 90s without compromising.
  5. If you only want to read purely fanboy reviews, this is not the topic for you, so please don't go ape over what might be posted here. I just thought, having seen the band a couple weeks ago, I should starat a thread like this. So post your "fair and balanced" review here if you'd like. My review: The show in ATL was Setlist A--which I was glad for since I hadn't seen DEW in awhile and always love to hear RB. I was in the 12 row, so the view was good, as was the sound for the most part. Suprisingly, at least to me, the band seemed at its best early on, in terms of energy and overall performance. Although I am not one to lislten to CA much these days, I could tell these tunes are fun for them to play. Same with One Little Victory and Roll the Bones. I have to say the first set was, for me, quite good despite the absence of more recognizable fare for the average (majority in attendance) fan. Like Set 1, Set 2 seemed strongest in the fist few songs (in terms of enthused perofrmances). When Prelude kicked in, I was probably one of few die-hards who ran to the concession area to pee then get a beer. Don't get me wrong, I wore out Hemispheres back in the day, but that chunk of the show, though interesting in concept (framing the solo with Cygnus instrumental parts) seems to be break-time for Geddy and Alex. I would have perferred The Trees and La Villa... Nevertheless, I continue to be floored by how well Neil still plays. He may have tendinits and miss a few fills but he is still on fire. If I had the disposable income, I'd go again just to focus on him. Geddy and Alex were spot on with the tundering Xanadu riff but the opening and solo section guitar was so much better in years past (even on R30). CTTH was a good choice since they didn't play many of "the hits." Wish they'd added Soliloquy to 2112. Nice to have Presentation but... Sorr,y but the encore, for me, looks better on paper than live. For those who don't think so, go back and check out the encores for VT and R30. The were just much more in synch, even with more challenging arrangements. I know what they're doing (ha) now fits the overall flow of the scirpt for the show, but a tele with that much gain/distorition can be annoying to my ears. And Geddy's singing on Lakeside... To be fair, Alex's solos on Anthem and Working Man were worth sticking around for. It's a bittersweat thing to admit, after seeing the band live for over 30 years, that they just play better one the newer songs since so many of us have been dying to hear the old chestnuts, but I think the best performances of those songs were performed at least a decade ago. I know I'm the rare bird to say this, but if they focused even more on the last few albums, the show would retain the energy displayed on tours gone by... I rate the show Fair to Good, overall.
  6. I seem to remember reading somewhere that all of the original footage from ESL is gone? Maybe they went looking when they rereleased everything on DVD recently. GUP Tour seems more likely, I think. I wonder if they even know what's in the vaults. :) One of the tragedies is the loss of ESL footage. Some story about tapes accidently discarded or something... Seeing that show front to back would be phenomenal, especially without all the editing/voiceover stuff on the official release. That was one epic tour.
  7. I think Rush plays a lot of songs from the albums they are touring. It's just that when they started recording 10 or so (CD era) it was probably more a question of balance. Through Power Windows they typically played 3/4, even 7/8 of the songs. Since then it has been the same number of songs (6, usually) but a growing catalog and only so much time.
  8. I like how their "sound" in CA is so consistent throughout--defintiely hearkens back to something they achieved with MP and Signals. The 90s albums where, sonically, all over the place but, of course, have their moments as well (The Pass, Available Light, Dreamline, Ghost of a Chance, Cold Fire...).
  9. RIAB has it up now: http://www.rushisaband.com/blog/2015/05/19/4350/Rush-cover-feature-and-new-interview-in-the-July-2015-issue-of-Classic-Rock
  10. Not sure if this has been mentioned but I just read the interview in the new Classic Rock and Alex says the tour will be 3 sets: A, B and C. Plus he confirms no PWin or HYF songs. I guess, Losing It is probably for a late tour treat and DVD. Interview is well worth the read--the most open they have been about where they are and where they've been.
  11. We are almost in full agreement, but then you insinuate those hoping for a little more of a future is somehow disrespectful in your eyes. Its your right to support retirement. Its not your right to insinuate that other fans are disrespectful for hoping for a small/limited future from the band. Something two members of the band have publicly expressed interest in. By your logic, Ged and Al are both being disrespectful to themselves. . Everyone's opinion should be respected. I love that we are given, through these interviews, some of the inside band communication/thought about what is happening. Until recently, this was uncommon. My guesses are that there's at least one more album (The Garden has made me pine for more of their softer side) and, more remotely, they may do a stand at Massey Hall or Radio City if they get the itch to play any (all) of it live. Looks like Geddy will push for R40 Europe and I expect that will happen unless something unforseen occurs. 20 or so dates with a multi-night at Hammersmith or Earl's Court would be awesome.
  12. Moving Pictures tour though I'd love to go back to T4E tour. Now that was utterly epic as well.
  13. Amen. The band is on tour. There is a section for spoilers. Someone inadvertantly puts name of song in subject line. A bunch of guys who iron their underwear freak. If you are coming to TRF to avoid spoilers, do it. Don't eye-scan topic titles on Spoiler section.
  14. Yeah. Really only took one comment to note the issue. To answer the original question, there probably weren't any lyrics sung since the part they before the solo play doesn't have any.
  15. A good solution. Yes. T4E should be there. I thought they'd play Half the World maybe.
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