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  1. I haven't been here in a while, but just wanted to pop in to say that this news absolutely gutted me today. The rock world lost a legend today. R.I.P. Neil. You were, are and will always be the man.
  2. I like S&A a lot when it was first out, but it has not aged well for me. Far Cry is such a mediocre song and it always shocks me to see it get talked up. Still not a bad album, but I would put it down there with Test for Echo and the debut as the least best ones. So yeah, no bad albums, but a few I would label as merely solid/pretty good.
  3. Pssh, you are the one who makes this forum unreadable at times with your rants that come off as a bipolar person who can't find his meds. Every thread becomes all about you. Ghost releases a good new song and you just had to turn it into a bash fest and make it all about you. Happens in more threads that I can count. In fairness, RH666 doesn't make threads all about him. Other people do. I've known him for over a decade & I've never come across anyone who cares about the music as much as he does. With Earl, it's all about the music. Always has been, always will be. Often it's others who just don't get him or his perspective. Earl just loves music, maybe too much sometimes. Oh, give me a break. We all love music, which is why we here, and it is impossible to say who loves music the most (if I go on long-winded bipolar rants, too, does that mean I love it the most??). Also, others made it about him? Re-read this one. The thread was going just fine until he erupted with his childish attack. And now we get countless long-winded posts about God knows what, and the thread is no longer about Ghost. Happens all the time. And I know, I don't post here that much (guess why?), and he posts here non-stop, so he gets more rope to do and say whatever he wants. but that is a sad state of affairs. *goes back to the music forums where decency and common courtesy is the norm*
  4. Pssh, you are the one who makes this forum unreadable at times with your rants that come off as a bipolar person who can't find his meds. Every thread becomes all about you. Ghost releases a good new song and you just had to turn it into a bash fest and make it all about you. Happens in more threads that I can count.
  5. Maybe he is running out of money. His songwriting royalties can't be that much, since his songwriting credits are pretty limited, and the last Floyd tour he did was over 20 years ago, so maybe he needs the money. That is my guess, since this is clearly a cash grab.
  6. Your fuckingg hypocrisy on this Forum makes me sick. All the years on here you ripped me for my love of GHOST and now you love this band?????? You are truly the biggest troll on this Forum and you get a free pass you little baby faced asshole. Stick it where the sun don't shine. I am so fuckking done with you. You make me sick to my stomach. You are part of the reason I don't waste my time on here anymore. You won bitch. Hope you feel great about your arrogant, insecure and complete psychotic self. 73 has been nothing but wonderful to me on here over the years. But man, speaking about a brit punk ass like you and and the X rated crap you spew on here about your own personal sex life is repulsive. Yet you rip on me for going through a brutal divorce. Thanks for the support asshole. You are useless just like the music you really love. I Nightwish you away forever. I take it from this post that we can say anything to anyone here and not get banned. Nice. I had no idea we had that much rope.
  7. I can't imagine different vocals making this album much better. It's a pretty forgettable album, outside of Into the Storm. At least it had one keeper track. I love Yes, but it's sad to see them releasing albums this poor, and even sadder that this was Chris Squire's last.
  8. Wait, are some of you really arguing over who is a real Rush fan?? Are we 12 years old? LOL
  9. How about doing away w/ the entire pointless Time Machine Tour as well? There was really no reason for that tour nor the size of it. They could have saved their physical resources, instead of burning themselves out w/ multiple high capacity tours in a relatively short time span. Fewer shows for CA tour. The R40 tour should've been huge, including Europe dates. They should've gone out w/ a giant bang, instead, because of the way it was done, the uncertainty and the suddenness, they went out w/ a whimper. And that, in a nutshell, is what so many long time fans are so upset about. Not that they retired, god knows they deserved to, but the way they retired. A whimper. You say it very well. It seems time machine, although I enjoyed it at the time, was crammed in to get a certain performer enough wealth to get to his magic retirement number ASAP. I don't care what they called each tour, but to finally pull out some long forgotten early classics, finally, then only do 35 shows, ignore Europe... . Maybe the Time Machine Tour was unnecessary, although I'm sure it was a great tour for most everyone involved. Besides, didn't they pull out a few rarer numbers for that one? Maybe it wasn't Jacob's Ladder, but I recall Presto being played for the first time live, and the live version being surprisingly better than the studio version. That's besides the point though. Neil didn't do any tour just to make enough money to retire with. He probably had more than enough money to retire with by the mid-80s. He retired when he wanted to, and in 2010 and 2011 he didn't want to. He wanted to tour and write the lyrics to a concept album and work on it's novelization and make that album with Ged and Al and make it their most vital work since the 80s. By 2015, he was ready to retire, so he did. Why is that hard to understand? Wow, gone two days and missed the fireworks. Glad rush fans can patch things up and listen to others in some places around here. EP, as I have said a couple times in the first 7 pages of this topic, I agree 2015 was the year for Neil to retire, if that was his wish. It's the way he spent the last five years of his career, and his complete refusal to support his two band mates desire to not retire that I disagree with. 3 years later and zero hints of a "Leefson" project. Wonder if there is any connection to that with NP turning g his back on them. One sentence expressing curiosity what his mates create in the future? If he did, I must have missed it. Time machine did pull out a couple of rare songs, but that was not my point. Look at rush setlists from MP tour. And then review every tour following until R40. I saw MP and every tour since, except HYF (h/t Transverse Leaf Spring). From experience, I can tell you R40 is the tour 70s fans waited 34 years for. Then it was over 34 shows in. First single leg full tour of their career. Because they wore themselves out by jam packing the previous five years with synth dominated tours, to get a certain someone to their magic retirement number ASAP. Read Neal's book about his famous cycle tour dealing with loss before making comments like "He probably had more than enough money to retire with by the mid-80s." An obvious innacurate statement, had you read his book. This is a forum for fans to express differing opinions. Why is that so hard to understand? . This is such an awful take, words cannot describe it.
  10. They didn't GIVE us anything. I paid a fortune for it all over the years. LOL, way to focus on semantics.
  11. Good grief. It's sad that some can't accept that it is over. Rush is done. The end.
  12. Rush gave us 41 years. They owe us nothing. Enjoy what they gave us and be grateful we got as much as we did.
  13. I still need to hear Lamb, but yeah I agree. I'd take Firth, Cinema Show, and Dancing over most individual cuts on Trick (maybe Squonk, Volcano, and Ripples aside, it's pretty close there), but then I'd take Mad Man Moon, Entangled, RAB, Los Endos, and heck, maybe even the title track on Trick over most of the rest of Selling, especially Epping Forrest. And Supper's Ready is the greatest thing they ever did, and one of the greatest songs of all time, and possibly second only to the immovable Bohemian Rhapsody in my all-time favorite songs. Supper's Ready is my fav prog song ever. Not a Gabriel era guy......but major props to them. Mick Supper's Ready is definitely in my top 3 album-side prog epics of the 70's (along with 2112 and Gates of Delirium). Quite a few modern "album-side" epics would be up there as well.
  14. Selling England.... is great on the strength alone of Dancing..., Firth of Fifth and Cinema Show, but I would agree that the rest ranges from good to just okay. I actually think the Lamb is the better overall record, and A Trick of the Tail is probably their most stunningly consistent record, but as individual songs go, they never topped the Big 3 of Supper's Ready, Firth of Fifth and Cinema Show.
  15. 1. Awake 2. Images and Words 3. Scenes from a Memory 4. Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence 5. The Astonishing 6. A Dramatic Turn of Events 7. Dream Theater (DT12) 8. Falling into Infinity 9. Train of Thought 10. Octavarium 11. When Dream and Day Unite 12. Black Clouds and Silver Linings 13. Systematic Chaos A Change of Seasons is not a studio album, so I am not ranking it.
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