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  1. God, had I gotten Dreamline instead of Manhattan Project on CA tour... oh yeah, cheated big time. I certainly felt hard done by when I got dreamline instead of Manhattan, but I was equally releaved I got Middletown and not the dreaded limelight.
  2. No other videos that I know of. This guy out up,a few good vids on the last tour, and I subscribed to his channel.
  3. Nobody seems to be more keen to write the band's obituary than their fans. I've been reading this "this is the end" stuff since time machine.
  4. They've been doing that all tour. Flying in violinists to keep losing it in shape, but they didn't actually play it until the DVD night. They're obviously planning on giving it another airing out before the tour ends.
  5. My door Into Rush was the Rio DVD about ten years ago. It took a few years for them to totally grow on me, but back then, when I guess you would have to have called me a casual fan, I was markedly more impressed by leave that thing alone, and red sector A, than anything else on that DVD. I love Tom Sawyer on Rio, but because of the audience energy on it. Amazing.
  6. Didn't they leave spirit of radio out a few times on the last tour?
  7. I've gone to see loads of gigs where the "hits" we'e left out, and still the world turns. Oldfield didn't play Tubular Bells Neil Young didn't play Rocking in the free world or harvest moon. Tom waits didn't play downtown train or jersey girl. Just saying.
  8. Limelight is really tired. I can totally see why they'd skip it. If they'd asked me I'd have told them it was totally cool to leave out Tom Sawyer and SOR too. I mean who would really have complained? Do any casuals actually go to see Rush?
  9. R40 wins for the absence of PRS guitars alone. Alex's sound back then was so weak and processed.
  10. Yeah, but I'd drop headlong, and keep clockwork Angels. Then in the extra slot something like a Prime Mover, Open Secrets, Lock and Key rotator, or even permanently keeping Natural Science.
  11. Yeah the production and sound on clockwork Angels tour was the worst since Rio. Which two sets will they play those nights I wonder
  12. Here's my alternative r40 set Carnies Clockwork Angels Working them Angels Animate Leave that Thing Alone (with drum solo) Roll the Bones Bravado Show don't Tell Open Secrets Prime Mover (or) Turn the Page Drum solo (The Percussor) Emotion Detector --- Distant Early Warning (or) Red Sector A* Countdown Analog Kid (or) Witch Hunt Red Barchetta Natural Science (or) The Camera Eye Jacob's Ladder Hemispheres Prelude LA Villa Strangiato Xanadu Closer to the Heart 2112 Encore 1 ---------- Lakeside Park Anthem Encore 2 ---------- Tom Sawyer YYZ Spirit of Radio Not so much with the arbitrary rules for me
  13. they did play in the cage, carpet crawlers, Los endos and firth of fifth last tour :) Los Endos was about the only deep cut there, but not even really. In the cage had always been a live favourite. Even firth of fifth was only the solo section, and they f***ed it up in Rome. Them playing The Lamia, Me and Sarah Jane or Get 'em Out by Friday? More chance of getting a blowjob from the pope.
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