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  1. Live bootlegs of the lamb are some of the best pieces of music ever, a new version of the album every night. I for one love every track on the album but can see your reasons on ravine and the waiting room. It kicks ass though live.
  2. It is an album that I have been obsessed with for a bit now and is one of my favorite Genesis albums. I'm curious to know your thoughts on it, favorite songs? Parts?
  3. https://www.periscope.tv/w/VzP4ujIyNDI3MTN8MTEwODU1NzdeAVhHAEqnW57ytKqRaSXDFfx8Qx7HfSWmX0Prl8DEEA==
  4. If Bastille Day and By-Tor get played in this setlist i have to but every single ticket to every remaining show to get this setlist
  5. unless they cut an encore song Personally Working man should go. they wouldn't do that - it was the song that broke them in Cleveland. Back to the beginning. I think What you're doing would be cut STOP DONT SAY THAT
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