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RPG: Medicine At Midnight vs. Greatest Hits

choose one  

15 members have voted

  1. 1. album

    • Foo Fighters - Medicine At Midnight
    • James Taylor - Greatest Hits
  2. 2. artist

    • Foo Fighters
    • James Taylor
  3. 3. song

    • Foo Fighters - Waiting On A War
    • James Taylor - Fire And Rain

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Full disclosure, the first time I ran it the poll generator had this up against p/g, and I just didn't feel like throwing that completely and utterly obvious of a poll out there, so I went with the next option. Hope this is more fun.


Sadly for this really awesome new Foos album, I've been a James Taylor fan since I was in my mother's womb, and his Greatest Hits is a core part of my early life's soundtrack. JT times three.

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I have a hunch that Mick may find this a slight challenge, depending on exactly how much he dug the Foos funkiest record, and where JT falls in his list of favorite singer songwriters from the 70s.
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James Taylor three times.


i did enjoy the last two foo records. but i really don't think they deserve the reputation. they'ree very good live i'll say that.


but their albums just make me think this is the most vanilla soccer mom rock i've ever heard, lol


James is part of that 70'S Singer/songwriter era i love so much. i had most of his albums all on vinyl thanks to Mom who adores him. saw him live. great show and he tells hilarious stories in between songs.



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Never really that fussed on the Foo Fighters


zepphead I just had to share this with you.






From the Foo Fighters 2008 concert film Live At Wembley Stadium.

This is great!! Just seeing Page & JP Jones together on stage brings a shiver down my spine!!
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As much as I like the FF, most of the things I like congregate early in their career, and this isn't it.


JT's Greatest Hits, though, was the second CD I ever bought, and he goes three-for-three here.

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