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Wow songs


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Wow! (Three Different Ones)


2112 Overture (an epic intro to an epic RUSH epic), Freewill (the genius of RUSH epics condensed into a 5 minutes of genius), Earthshine (RUSH power chord perfection)

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Honestly, i know we all heard it so many times every note in our dna but, studio version of The Spirit Of Radio still wows me every time


Obvs La Villa too, that should go without sayin

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Rush is one of the few bands where when I first heard a song of theirs I got goose pimples.


It literally raised the hairs on my arm.


The very first Rush song I ever heard (I've written about this on this forum several times in the past) was The Spirit of Radio and totally caused goose pimples.


That's a great feeling and one I haven't had in decades.


Maybe it's something you need to be young to feel.


But back in the day many Rush songs had that dramatic physical effect on me; far more so than any other band.

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