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Favorite song so far?


Which is your favorite after your first couple listens?  

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  1. 1. Which is your favorite after your first couple listens?

    • Caravan
    • BU2B
    • Clockwork Angels
    • The Anarchist
    • Carnies
    • Halo Effect
    • Seven Cities of Gold
    • BU2B2
    • The Wreckers
    • Headlong Flight
    • Wish Them Well
    • The Garden

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QUOTE (CrossedSignals @ Jun 5 2012, 11:40 PM)
QUOTE (Presto-digitation @ Jun 5 2012, 09:33 PM)
For now I'm still going with BU2B.  I think the song is actually better now and I loved it before.  I think the way the song crashes in as the new intro fades out just adds to the intensity.  I'm not sure how this already great song got better, but it did....

My thoughts exactly! I loved BU2B already, but the album version is KILLER!!

I just LOVE this tune, and yes, the new version is even more powerful.

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bu2b and the garden for me but voted the garden as it's new and just mindblowingly good and emotional... the great thing is though, every single track reaches a very high standard on this album, as opposed to s&a which dropped the ball just a few too many times for me


edit: seven cities of gold with it's lovely zeppelin vibe gettin a lot of play from me too oh yess

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Reviving thread since I just listened last night (yes i was one of the holdouts who avoided the leaks).


Favorite so far is The Wreckers. Other considerations were Caravan, Clockwork Angels, Headlong Flight, and The Garden.

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Clockwork Angels by a nose in front of the Garden. I give the nod to CA due to its classic Rush stylings. I think that both CA and The Garden deserve inclusion on any top 10 all time list. Time will tell if they deserve top 5. Both are incredible Rush songs.
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After at least six FULL listens to the album, plus several pick-and-choose listens to various songs, my current front-runner is an odd one: "Wish Them Well."


I'm serious. I know it's making a lot of people's "bottom of the pile" lists, but listening yesterday the vocal melody grabbed me during "Thank your stars you're not that way, turn your back and walk away..."


Now I want to sing it all the time.

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I can't get over how good The Wreckers is. I can't get over how much I love listening to it. My opinion might change over time, but for right now that's my winner. I hope they release it as a single.
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QUOTE (CrossedSignals @ Jun 5 2012, 02:17 AM)
Seven Cities Of MOTHERF*CKING Gold!!!

I haven't air drummed this hard since Tool released 10,000 Days! no.gif

1022.gif 1022.gif 1022.gif

BU2B after the refresh is sounding really good, and currently gets my vote. Of all of the songs that were not previously released, Seven Cities sounds the best to these ears.


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The Garden is my favorite, but I find the song that really sticks with me is The Wreckers. I find when I'm walking around at work, that tune is humming in my head.
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At the moment, it's kind of a tossup between the title track and The Anarchist.
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