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  1. My two kids love to sing 1-0-0-1-0-0-1! They say in the car, " Play the numbers song!"
  2. I'll nitpick and say I really did not appreciate Alex farting during the solo of Seven Cities, but I'll let that go. He must have chowed down too much TexMex that day.
  3. Neil's drums and Geddy's bass are clearly there, just not as prominent as we'd like. In some tracks, I hear them better, in others less. And even within Neil's drum kit, I hear the high hats and rides very clearly, but less clear are the toms. Snare and Kick are fine to me. The mix isn't the best, but not that bad to me either. Much better than RIO, less than R30, but I just live the live feel more than their recent live records. MUCH more positives than negatives IMO.
  4. I just love the strings addition! What a treat! Gives so much color and harmony to already stellar tracks. Could not hear the strings well in the concerts I attended, but now they are clearly heard! Song selection is awesome.....what energetic, high tempo stuff! Their playing is incredible....blows my mind that their chops remain so sharp at this stage of their career. You can tell they really had a great time with inspiration and infectious enthusiasm. About the mix, it's not perfect, not as good as R30, but to me not nearly as bad as some are complaining about. I can hear Neil just fine....a little louder drumming in the mix would be nice, but saying he's "completely buried" to me is not true at all. The high hat and ride cymbals are esp clear. Kick drum is good. Higher toms I would prefer louder, but a minor quibble. Overall, a very live feel with high energy, passion, and dynamic musicianship and incredible playing. Im very pleased and these CDs are going to be in my car player for a LONG time! Will watch Blu Ray this weekend.
  5. The word balls is being used quite often around here these days.
  6. Dont count on Goober joing us. He prob has not heard heard it my guess.
  7. It's a real favorite of mine in Rush's second half. Just brilliant prog!
  8. Alex's acoustic guitars in this song are so bright and sweet. The chorus is incredibly melodic.
  9. A big yes! VT has climbed much higher with the new mix and sound! It is now a top ten Rush album. What intense energy and emotion this album has and although the new mix de-balls it a little, the cleaner sound and more refined textures gives it such a fresh appeal and illuminates the crafty and brilliant musical details a lot more. You can hear the details in the playing a lot more. Both CA and VT are now my favorite Rush albums post Power Windows. Both albums have an incredible flow to them, are very emotionally intense, and have such tremendous energy that blows my mind. Both albums also have some very strong melodies. SA by comparison seems like a hiccup between these two due to its relatively plodding, disorganized and inconsistent nature. CA and VT are albums that attack your senses from start to finish and are very gripping pieces of work with very poetic, deep lyrics. SA is more depressing to me lyrically, while CA and VT lift me up lyrically.
  10. I really love the new mix and this has catapulted VT much higher on my Rush album rankings.....easily top ten now. There are small things here and there I dont like so much, but overall, it's great to be able to blast this baby in my car without sounding like my speakers broke. The biggest thing I dont like is that section in Freeze with the lyrics starting " I cant stand to reason". Why was the background distorted guitar sound removed?? It sounds too hollow now. That guitar sound made that section sound so badass and wicked before....one of my favorite parts, but now it lost its balls. But, I still LOVE freeze and so glad it's cleaned up. Freeze and Nocturne are prog masterpieces!
  11. I can hear Alex farting clearly in Freeze now, whereas before, the fart was clipping and distorted.
  12. Love the keys, am a keys player myself! Love the Rush-keys era!
  13. QUOTE (theredtamasrule @ Sep 12 2012, 08:59 PM) http://teamwinning.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/liverpool-fan-crying.jpg Sniff...they, like, didn't play Freewill! Sniff...and, like, it was all 80's stuff man...no, I'm not kidding. Sob...Grand Designs! Man f***ing Grand Designs! I hate that shit! Sniff...Body Electric...sniff...man, they, like, f***ing screwed me man! They f***ing screwed me! Sniff...whaaaaa!
  14. You forgot number 11: Please let douchebags create stupid and nonsensical threads like this one so that everyone can wear a buck toothed smile and pig pile on top of the OP.
  15. QUOTE (LeaveMyThingAlone @ Sep 11 2012, 09:01 PM) Looks like they're mixing things up. Being unpredictable is a good thing. Wouldn't be surprised to see BU2B thrown in here and there Yup. Watch for Madrigal and Tears as encores in the next show. " Anything can happen".
  16. QUOTE (kentpilot @ Sep 11 2012, 07:48 PM) QUOTE (A rocket that ignites itself @ Sep 11 2012, 07:18 PM) Yeah, I'd say Kentpilot pretty much rules...thanks a hundred times over for sharing! Sounds excellent! No problem! THANK YOU FOR ALL THE THANKS EVERYBODY! I'M SORRY I CAN'T DO IT ALL FASTER. I'VE HAD SUCH A SHIT DAY. I have severe acid reflux so I was up all this morning vomiting spitting out my lungs. I went to look at a Dodge D-50 Sport truck, on the way there got a speeding ticket(75 in 65) I guess that one is my fault but I mean the traffic was going 75. So i'm pretty pissed gonna sit down and watch Snakes and Arrows live, sorry guys You have NOTHING to be sorry for! You are one grand dude! Have a MUCH better tomorrow, k? Wish you wellness!
  17. QUOTE (cmaj7flat5 @ Sep 11 2012, 07:11 PM) Have to agree with Snaked - The Anarchist was THE tune that hit me immediately - made me laugh out loud, actually, at how badass it is. For me, that nasty flanged unison line w/ the bass pedals under it sounds the most like 1978 that they've sounded since, well... 1978. And adding the Arabic flair w/ the strings? Seriously! One of their best tunes ever, in my book... It is awesome! One of Rush's finest!
  18. QUOTE (bmorechowder @ Sep 11 2012, 08:09 AM) I think the first set juxtaposes the second set nicely. The new album is pretty much a hard rocking affair compared to the synth textured and complex material of the 80s. Smart move. Good point
  19. Power Angels or Clockwork Windows.....which one do you like more?
  20. QUOTE (vital signz @ Sep 11 2012, 06:37 AM) The Clockwork Angels-Power Windows Tour I mean, c'mon The first set has 4 of 10 from Power Windows, and another PW song added within the second set Seems to me with 19 studio albums to choose from that this wasn't thought out very well. The only thing I can figure is that they wanted a break from their staples for this tour since they plan on pulling them out in two years for R40. Still with the orchestra there, they surely missed golden opportunities to perform some songs that we most assuredly will never hear live. Well said and I pretty much agree completely!
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