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  1. I've been watching Neil's DVD Taking Center Stage. Even though it's kind of categorized as drum instruction, it's a really cool DVD for any major fan because it contains every song from the Time Machine Tour in full. The video is 100% Neil, and the sound is mixed so the focus is on the drums but you can hear the other instruments so you don't lose the context of the song. Highly recommended for any Neil fan. There are two bonus songs from the Snakes and Arrows tour. The Trees and Natural Science, which is on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZQ5uYP1eWk Product on Amazon: https://www.amazon.c...,aps,345&sr=8-7 EDIT: Here is The Spirit of Radio on Facebook: http://www.facebook....TV_c&__tn__=K-R
  2. Along similar lines, it is very probable that other organizations have passive filters that are looking for and flagging sites that contain certain words rather than actively blocking them.
  3. There is a practical reason for the site to obscure certain words whether they realize it or not. Some filters, such as used in schools and libraries, will block pages that contain certain words. I once had a student who had created a web-based presentation that she could not get to display properly, while everyone else's were fine. It had something to do with differences between the sexes. I finally got the idea to change the title to contain the word gender in place of sex, and all was fine after that.
  4. I don't understand why Neil doesn't do what I want him to.
  5. You can't understand that other people enjoy different things than you do?
  6. Maples are actually quite content in the shadows of Oaks. Given enough decades Maples (and Beeches) will come to dominate most deciduous forests because of the ability to bide their time until they get some sun. So the song kind of has it backwards as far as the species go, but it makes for a better song as is.
  7. Neil Probably Would Have Another Tour In Him If...his daughter asked him "Why don't you play any more concerts?" Short of that, it will not happen.
  8. I've noticed recently a tendency for people to answer questions with an answer that follows the form: "So ...". I have mostly noticed it during interviews on radio and TV. I just heard a radio interview with a doctor who started every answer with "So...". Is this new? Is this regional? I haven't noticed it in personal conversations.
  9. The issue isn't 3rd parties making money (or not making money) off of bands (who cares?), it's bands making less money than they otherwise would and not being in control of the products that reach consumers. To try and argue that illegal copies of various products have not hurt bands flies in the face of a mountain of evidence to the contrary.
  10. I have. I've also tried it from every device in my home including 3 PCs, a Mac, 3 iPads, and 4 iPhones. Nothing works. No problem with any other sites. Huh. Hard to imagine unless it's a server issue with that website. Keep getting a server time out. I have tried different browsers also. Weird. Not sure we're to start to troubleshoot it. Who do you have your internet through? Maybe call them and ask? Windstream. I'll give them a call tomorrow. Maybe try OpenDNS to bypass the ISPs (probably horrible) DNS server. https://www.opendns....ernet-security/
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