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  1. I was wondering/hoping that they would do one similar to the Freddie Mercury tribute. And have gust drummers play with GED and Alex. As a fundraiser.
  2. I was wondering/hoping that they would do one similar to the Freddie Mercury tribute. And have gust drummers play with GED and Alex. As a fundraiser.
  3. This is my first post in TRF in I don’t know how long. And it sucks under these circumstances. I love all you guys. It feels like I lost a family member. So sad. Just watched BTLS for the first time in a while tonight. Family. That’s what we are.
  4. Ok I sent a copy of Rolling Stone with the boys on the front to Seattle. Got it back today!http://i211.photobucket.com/albums/bb299/rock101dotnet/Personal%20Stuff/IMG_2025.jpg
  5. Great first set. A little off on OLV Detroit sign said heal with our steel
  6. Wow, OK Queen 1975 Led Zeppelin 1976 Genesis 1978 Yes 1978 Supertramp 1979 Pink Floyd 1979 David Bowie 1980 Rush 1980 U2 1981 Metallica 1988 Dream Theater 1992 Tool 1993 I guess those are my favorites. There are many others that I like, such as my favorite new rock artist is Royal Blood. Plus I also dig Bruno Mars. I'm kinda all over the place now as I've gotten older. My main criteria is that you have to have the chops and be talented, at least in my mind.
  7. So, ironically there's a Rush tribute band, Lotus Land, coming to our local casino, and the show is one week after I see Rush in Detroit. I checked them out online. Looks like they've played at Rushcon a few times. Anyone seen them before?
  8. I only hit 2112 today....but I got that cool badge too. Only took me 8 years.
  9. This is my 2112th post! Since I've finally reached this milestone, I would like to use this occasion to say some thank yous. First off I would like to thank the founders and admins of TRF for creating a place for fellowship with prog rock aficionados. Second, I would like to thank my wife and kids who indulge my passion for Rush. I am happy to share my love for Rush with them and glad Sharon is not too embarrassed by my air drumming, air bass and air guitar when we go to a concert. Obviously I must thank Rush, for without them my musical life would have been greatly different. If this truly is the last tour, I'll be sad, but I'm glad you lasted as long as you did and you will continue to provide the musical backdrop for my life. Finally, this band and this board has introduced me to some awesome people, most of which I have been fortunate enough to meet. Although I really love going to Rush concerts, I equally enjoy the pre-show parties and hope we continue to stay in contact. ladirushfan sundog DigitalMan Test4VitalSigns Necromancer CeeJ blonde77th GhostGirl That's it. Gimme my badge!
  10. Rainy and 46 in Sault Ste Marie. Hopefully June will be warmer.
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