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    Clockwork Angels tour Philly
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    Last time I saw them on the R30 tour a large thunder storm appeared over the show while they were playing Bravado. When Geddy was singing the lyrics..."and when the music stops theres only the sound of the rain..."the sky opened up and streaks of lightning crossed the sky
  1. subdivisor


    The first episode's title was "Dulcinea". Another episode (only episode 7) that'll air this month is called "Windmills". It couldn't be a more obvious reference to Don Quixote than those two titles. ahhhhhh....I was not aware of those references....
  2. subdivisor


    Anybody watch the SyFy series "the expanse?" They were looking to name their spaceship and decided on calling it the "Rocinante." Cool stuff, that is all. :)
  3. nothing like that....from what I can tell its a promo code through TM...I thought I found it "loyalfan" but no dice when I entered it
  4. Im trying to help my father get presale tickets for zztop/jeff beck in Atlantic City 8/30...I need a presale code for ticketmaster...I cant seem to find anything online, anybody else have any tricks to get the code?
  5. I stream Rushradio.org all the time when I am at the gym and every once in awhile I will hear Animate, Limbo, Virtuality, and the Trees from soundcheck and based on those songs it must be from the test for echo tour. Anybody know where those recordings came from and where can I get my hands on them..The sound is fantastic
  6. I never bitch about anything rush related but the sound/mix on the blu ray is complete crap...im sorry but what a disappointment....why neil's drums are not out in front is beyond me and why ged's vocals are way up front showcasing all his flaws makes no sense...who is responsible for quality control?
  7. I was super excited to watch the blu ray on my monster system and then.....blah....the mix totally stinks...no drums no bass is just a complete disgrace...how does something like that happen?...why cant they bury ged's vocals because they are the weak spot and they seem to be right up front...I love everything else about the show but the sound is a huge let down...snakes and arrows and r30 are way better in terms of sound and punch
  8. 10th row Alex's side for Hershey....music today presale
  9. Wasn't it a German Shepard?.. There is a pic of one in the T4E booklet for that song
  10. well i just messed myself..........i say no strings first half and all strings second half fo CA...........holy horsesh#t this setlist is amazing....well done for keeping it under wraps for so long
  11. GRAND DESIGNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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