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  1. Yes. Territories did it for me... I used to skip it every so often if it came up on shuffle, but seeing it live completely changed it for me. I've neglected that album, but no longer!
  2. No complaints! Power Windows is not up there with my favourite albums, but I'm just happy to see songs on there I haven't seen live before. Can't wait for the CA-heavy second set, either, though I expected 7CoG over Wish Them Well. Despite the long run it has had, I do also miss NatSci but that may be just because it's my favourite song and I'm biased...
  3. I can't say it really surprises me but this is great news! Can't wait.
  4. ifloveremains

    1 week out

    Probably 6 full runs of the whole album, up to a top play of 37 for The Wreckers (not counting on my iPod and through the DVD player).
  5. Thank you for sharing! I really enjoyed reading your summary.
  6. This song didn't click with me the first couple of times I listened, but now it's probably my favourite after The Wreckers. Such great lyrics and melody.
  7. Still The Wreckers, but The Anarchist has snuck up pretty close...
  8. The Wreckers and The Anarchist.
  9. Kid Gloves, Prime Mover, Available Light, A Farewell to Kings, Chemistry... though I'm not picky about anything I haven't heard live yet.
  10. The Wreckers would be the natural choice.
  11. I'm likely biased because I played classical flute for years (so I am excited just thinking about a couple of string players on set for the CA stuff...), but I think there may be a bit of overreaction here... a few string players contributing to a few songs does not mean Rush is going to show up with an orchestra. We'd likely be talking a violin or two, a viola, and a cello, likely only for the set involving the CA songs recorded with strings. I don't see how it makes it any less of a rock concert; is CA any less of a rock album for having strings on it? I respect that some people woud rather have samples than a live string section, but to say that samples would sound better or that you didn't buy tickets to see Rush + "some string players" because Rush is the trio and that then it wouldn't truly be Rush is a bit silly... The fact is that other musicians did contribute to the record, it's not like the parts were added with GarageBand and they decided to hire some musicians after the fact to play the parts live because they're too lazy to use samples... I'm all in favour of it. Rush has always struck me as a classy band and as far as I'm concerned you can't beat live strings (at least over sampled ones) in terms of class!
  12. The Wreckers, closely followed by The Garden, but the title track is really growing on me...
  13. Nope, NatSci will always win for me, as much as I love The Garden.
  14. The Wreckers, The Garden, Clockwork Angels, Halo Effect
  15. QUOTE (HemispheresserehpsimeH @ Jun 12 2012, 07:06 PM) Clockwork Angels.. right at the solo. Same here!
  16. QUOTE (Earthshine_sf @ Jun 12 2012, 05:25 PM)Love the song, but doesn't it sound a bit too upbeat and happy for the subject matter? It definitely threw me off a bit when I read the lyrics after my first listen-through, but I suppose it makes sense for the opening to be upbeat as the crew heads towards apparent safety... only when you listen closely and the pieces fall into place does it become more sinister. I really love the tone of despair that creeps into the chorus with the strings, it's bittersweet but perfect...
  17. All I know is that sometimes you have to be wary...
  18. The Wreckers and The Garden are two of my favourites as well.
  19. Halo Effect - the strings playing 1:53-1:56 instead of guitar like the first time The Wreckers - the string buildup to the chorus at 2:00-2:04 (and heck, the whole chorus!) The Garden - 1:12-1:15 leading into "the measure of a life..."
  20. Definitely one of my favourites from the album, short and sweet but still tells a nice little story.
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