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    Time Machine Tour, Irvine Meadows
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    Clockwork Angels / The Halo Effect / The Wreckers / The Anarchist...
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    Clockwork Angels
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    I have met Ged twice. The 1st time was at a Meet and Greet for My Favorite Headache's release! The 2nd time I met Ged & Alex, I have Andrew MacNaughtan to thank for this! I found a missing song not listed on the 1st Album on Rush Backstage.com (Before & After). I e-mailed to ask if the song was dropped from the CD? I apparently found a typo. They thanked me, and corrected the error online. I then humbly begged for a Meet & Greet pass for the Mandalay Bay show in Vegas. It was Andrew, who ponied up for me! I actually spoke with him a couple times on the phone, to firm up my passes. I cannot believe how cool he was to me! Thank you Andrew! We will carry your memory with us this tour! Your images are eternal!
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    Steely Dan, Jimmy Buffett, Crosby Stills & Nash, Kings X, Yngwie Malmsteen, Peter Gabriel, Duran Duran, Radiohead, Kula Shaker...
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    Vocals / Bass
  1. Where is the Gorge? - After seeing pictures in the CA Tour book of this place, I wanna go there too! :)
  2. Okay, So we have all been watching this "Post Vapor Trails" evolution of the holy Triumbrant's live performances. Specifically the cinematic concert introductions that start the show, the beginning of the 2nd set with cinematic interlude. And the closing cinematics, post-encore, before the lights come up! Clockwork Angels Took it to the next level!!! Just an incredibly sculpted piece of live music / entertainment! And the set lists were just epic! Although I was locked into the 1st set, which was really great, I was anxiously waiting to here the new material live! - In all Honesty, I wasn't in my seat for the very beginning of the cinematics for the beginning of the show, or the 2nd set, but from what I did catch, I could tell they have turned it up another notch. When they did get to the new material, it started with Caravan. Now I new the strings were coming on this tour, but I didn't know how they would be presented. Standing up, and rocking out behind the boys was excellent! That hot Violinist brunette in the center, had me starry eyed! :) - The thing I didn't expect was how they changed the presentation of some songs off of CA, to even further excentuate the presence of the strings section. It was like hearing a completely different version of the song (which I loved) . The new stage lighting, Specifically: the rain lights in the Wreckers, and the Multi Screens in The Garden, were very well done! After they played the CA set, they came back to some classics. But closing out with Tom Sawyer and 2112 as the Encore was probably the best icing on the cake anyone could have thought of. For guys like me, who hunger for the new stuff, I got fed very well. For those who harken for the older stuff, 2112 should have fully quenched there thirst as well!!! My compliments to Everyone involved in making this tour, the best yet for me. And I've seen every tour since Signals! :) Rush on Rushians!!! :)
  3. Haaa Haaaaaaa! - YES! - That's what I'm talking about! - April or May, before Europe! - If they do, I say we call upon the people of Colorado in this forum to begin Quarterbacking a Pre Rush Party, the day before the Show! - Oh Yeah! With Colorado's new Mary Jane Law, I can't wait to see the 1st 5 rows all ablaze! :) - And the last time I was there, some locals told me about the caves, that only the locals know about.... - Bring your mountain Bikes, because the scenery is just breathtaking! They could pilot some remote controlled airships over the crowd, for effect! :) - LET'S DO THIS!!!
  4. Okay! - Aside from the atrocious acoustics at The San Diego Sports Arena ( Valley View), the Concert was everything I hoped it would be, and more!!! - Both sets were masterfully crafted! The strings section was just out of this world, and the new stage presentaion was just phucking outstanding! ( The rain lites during The Wreckers ) - All and all, my 20th Rush Show was insane in the membrane!!! :) BUT!!! For what was supposed to be my record setting 4th viewing of the S&A tour, and my 20th Rush concert since the Signal Tour, I flew solo to Colorado solo, to experience Rush at the Red Rocks!!! Staring at the cover of Neils book "Roadshow" had peaked my curiosity about this venue. So long story short, some severe weather passed over Colorado in the early morning, and was gone by 10:00AM. It was in Kansas, when I left my hotel room in Lakewood, for the venue. When I pulled into Morrison around 2:00PM, I got the news. Show cancelled!!! It said "Rain or Shine" on my Ticket!!! I spent money for plane, hotel, and rent a car, all for not! I could not afford to return when they rescheduled 2 months later!!! :( So! - Can I pretty please have an opportunity to see the Boys perform Clockwork Angels at the Red Rocks??? - If it is not already in the works for early 2013, before they go to Europe, maybe we can convince them to go back to Colorado! - That venue would compliment the presentation of this Tour to epic proportions!!! :)
  5. Due to financial constrainsts, combined with Rush adding a San Diego show a month after the tour dates were released, I have scrubbed my Vegas trip and will be seeing them in San Diego. This is a good thing. My 1st Rush Concert was in the Sports Arena, for the Signals Tour. I have seen the boys 19 times. Without a doubt, I have seen them more times in this building than any other, although it has been well over a decade since they have played in the Sports Arena. So I am very excited to see them in my old stomping grounds again. Stub Hub and Craigslist have tickets available, but I was hoping to get in the 1st 10 rows, in either Section B or C. If you have a seat available, I would like to get that ASAP! As the show is on Weds. Help me Obi Wan Kenobi ~ Your my only hope! :) Scott T
  6. They have to stop by: Irvine Meadows The Cricket Amphitheatre in San Diego And of course The Red Rocks. All outdoor venues. I'm hoping early 2013 rather than later!
  7. Sometimes people gather round to here other people Fart! Such is the case with your thread! Maybe all of the critically acclaimed praise is wrong, and your right! And you would be.... who, exactly? - Assholes are like opinions, only some spew more shit than others!
  8. QUOTE (EveryNerveAware @ Jun 19 2012, 06:49 PM) Backward masking on Rush?!? They must be satanic. http://www.stickergiant.com/Merchant2/imgs/450/s4645r_450.jpeg Of Course! We all know what Rush stands for: Rebel Under Satans House! LOL
  9. I would see Rush play Po-Dunk / Garth Brooks / Fake Country! And I'd phuckin' love it!!
  10. I remember the last band that open for Rush ( If memory Serves) I didn't catch their act, but I do recall there being a flap between older Rush fans, and younger Primus fans. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because it spawned: "An entire Evening with Rush" I remember hearing the Fabulous Thunderbirds from the Pacific Amphitheatre in Costa Mesa: "Ain't that tough enough?" And the only really impressive opening act I can remember for Rush, was with out a doubt, Golden Earring! - I have a memory of the drummer jumping over his drumset after they finished there last song ( He clipped his snare, but kept his balance). Great Showmanship. And I remember they were tight live!
  11. I have confirm for myself that some of Ged's vocals at the beginning of CA are played in reverse! I think I am hearing it at the beginning/ending/interludes of some other tunes on the album! Do you hear it too? Or am I just going to Cibola in my mind?
  12. For me, it was the Signals Tour. I was introduced to them right after Moving Pictures was made. Unfortunately I was too young to know what a Rush Tour was! By the time The Signals Tour came around, I was chomping at the bit to see them live. I was so totally blown away out how good they are live! Not many bands can PERFECTLY reproduce the sounds on the album live! Not to mention what insane musicians they all are! I have seen them every Tour since Signals. Almost always more than once! I would have seen them 4 Times for S&A, but they rescheduled on me at the Red Rocks and I couldn't afford to go back! DOH!!! Looking forward to MANY shows for this coming tour! - MGM on Nov. 23rd - Irvine, San Diego, and Colorado in 2013. I'd love to see them in Boston, or NYC!!!
  13. ScottT67

    The Garden

    Still Delivering Serious Spine Tingles and Goosebumps!!!
  14. Rush does a 3 Hour Show! Clockwork Angels is only 66 minutes 1 Hour and 54 minutes of Classics is Plenty!!! I hope they play the new live ones - Camera Eye Presto Faithless Rush On!
  15. Just reading the posts and reactions from you gals has been like an awakening. Nice to know there are so many of you out there! Where were you girls at, during the 1st 10 tours, beginning with Signals???
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