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  1. After the freak hailstorm we had last night I went to check on my vegetable plants this morning and I noticed my tomatoes are growing and my strawberries are starting to appear! Made me really proud that I was able to grow my own food. I also have Kale just about ready for first harvest too! :D
  2. Now, when I've got these antlers on - when I've got these antlers on I am dictating and when I take them off I am not dictating. Would you like to give up being a mason? Think carefully. :cheerleader: Think. THINK! What's all this then? Stop this, you're being far too silly.
  3. Who, schmoo, he plays guitar better than Crosby EVER will: Got it. He plays for Philadelphia. yeah! Welcome back Ya Big Tree...another hockey fan to chime in on the board... :hi: Oh ya, once hockey is back then all will be right in the world. :hockeygoon: It's been brutal without the playoffs this year.
  4. OMG MULLET!!!!! It's awesome to see you!
  5. Hello Derek. Nice to hear you are doing well. Good to meet you
  6. Has anyone watched the Monty Python docuseries that's on Netflix right now? I'm currently watching it and it's very good! Highly recommend it.
  7. Hi Patrick, how's the hair?
  8. I just thought I'd come by and see how things were going with everyone seeing as it looks like we are living in End Times these days. Hello to everyone who remembers me and hello to all the Newbies! I missed these smilies BTW.
  9. Thanks everyone!!! I had an incredible, crazy, fun, insane birthday!!! You guys are the best!!! <3
  10. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v703/squeaktoysneezer/13082494_10156941090100397_5332004161425003148_n_zpseedgx6he.jpg Here I am excited as HELL for my boys being in the Stanley Cup Final!!!!! GO PENS!!!
  11. Easter now means to me: French toast at midnight nostalgic childhood adventures friends who became family candied bacon lots and lots of eggs new beginnings
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