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  1. :hi: Hi there! Hi! Good to see you again, thanks for the welcome! :)
  2. Binge-watched this a few months ago and am dying for next year! This and Better Call Saul, Stranger Things, etc.
  3. Now that I have more time on my hands with the Rush scene quieting down, I've turned to binge- watching TV shows, and am finally committing to watching B5. I've watched The Gathering and most of the first season. I like the more realistic view of future humanity as compared to Star Trek, and how the political statements made by the characters could be Facebook posts from today. At first the characters seemed a bit cartoonish, but 2-3 episodes in, I was in love with all of them (I sense heartbreak in my future). I'm going to be interested to see how I feel about the transition from Sinclair to Sheridan, since I like Sinclair. Lots to look forward to!
  4. Snowed yesterday morning and this morning, now turned to rain...feels too soon!
  5. I found out a Facebook friend will be losing his dog to cancer soon. Made me shed some tears...he was loved by many.
  6. Hey, 1 of the 7, long time no see! Welcome back! :hi: :D Thanks! Great to "see" you again! :)
  7. Lavender. Not my favorite smell, though!
  8. Saying hello again! Haven't been here for over four years, but I may be popping in from time to time now!
  9. Anyone seeing this at Destiny USA in Syracuse, NY? A few friends and I are doing dinner beforehand...would love to have others join us!
  10. Nope. When I got into Rush six years ago, my boyfriend didn't really join me. He went to almost all my shows with me, and at least recognizes them and likes them a little now, but he isn't crazy for them like me.
  11. Hey all! Stopped in for a bit and found this thread - thank you all so much! I've been doing well, just busy...I keep telling myself I've got to come back and visit more often, but time gets away from me. The Clockwork Angels tour was amazing; I ended up winning a band-signed litho at last year's RushCon, had front row seats for the Baltimore show this year, and took my mom to the shows in Connecticut and Atlantic City because my boyfriend didn't want to go to all the shows with me. We held up a sign in Connecticut that said "Mom's 1st Rush show", and didn't Geddy say hi to her TWICE, the second time into the mic!!! One of, if not the best, day of my life, and so cool that it happened right before Mother's Day. I'm missing the guys sooooo much now! What am I going to do with myself next year? Sadly, my kitty Hickory passed away in May. I knew she was declining, but didn't know the end was that near. I waited a while knowing that someone would probably have a kitty they needed to find a home for, and sure enough, in July I adopted a gray kitten from a co-worker and named her Mystic (Mysti) after Mystic Rhythms. She's a wild and crazy girl and keeps me hopping! Now the gray kitty smiley is perfect! :pussy: I hope you all are doing just as well! Take care and have a Happy Halloween if you celebrate!
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