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  1. I know he was a private guy and I understand his desire to keep his illness from the public. On a purely selfish level I wish he had let us know. This might have been easier to deal with if he had. That's my problem though, not his.
  2. How do I say how devastated I am in such a way that really shows it. It seems silly to be this upset about the loss of someone I never met, but what can you do?
  3. I don't think people who do it are doing it for bootlegging purposes. I don't think they care that the quality is shit. I think it's more of an "I was there!" kinda thing. 10 years from now they might stumble on the vids while digging through a folder on a computer somewhere. They'll give it a view (probably the first view since the day after the show) and get a smile out of it. That's all they are going for, and I can totally understand that.
  4. Anyone have any idea if there is an official band camera policy this tour? I'll be at Boston and NYC and just bought a new little point and shoot. Every tour the policy is no cameras, but since 2010 or so security has been openly letting them through at every show I've seen. I've seen about a billion pictures on facebook and twitter. Are they checking for cameras or is everyone sneaking theirs in? Thanks
  5. I wanted to change my vote to Clockwork Angels, but the poll is a little dated. I'd say we should update it, but let's wait until the next album comes out.
  6. I went with The Wreckers because the hook is just so outstandingly great. I could have picked just about anything on the record though. Three years have passed and I still can't get over how great it is.
  7. Okay, you fooled me. I still stand by everything I said. This post was better than anything Janni's done since 1970 or so, the rock and roll hall of fame is a ridiculous joke, and it was a fantastic post.
  8. I laughed my ass off when I heard Alex's speach. I laughed almost as hard when I read the response. That was fun. Thanks for posting it. I haven't enjoyed anything Jann's written that much in ages. If anyone ever disagreed with me that the rock and roll hall of fame is a ridiculous joke, maybe you see my point now.
  9. Rolling Stone is the literary equivalent of toilet paper. Hopefully they never get the cover. Magazines are obsolete anyway so who cares.
  10. I was born in '71 but not really introduced to them until Exit Stage Left in '81.
  11. It keeps getting better the more I listen to it. Every time, it says something new to me. I couldn't love it more.
  12. Skip GIldersleeve... best. name. ever.
  13. WOOOOHOOOOO!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  14. 12.7% picked Clockwork Angels... I'm one of them.
  15. After a few months of nearly constant listening... Best since Moving Pictures... at least. Maybe the best, period.
  16. I was hoping they would have put this stuff on the market last week so I could get some new swag to wear to the Manchester show. Being a great big fat ass, I cannot expect to get shirts that will fit me at a merch table.
  17. Sarcasm is tough to see when you can't actually see the person being sarcastic.
  18. I just followed @RUSHinNH. Anyone else planning on tweeting?
  19. I'm not posting in tell a lie in an attempt to get up to 2112 posts prior to tomorrow night's show. Nope. Not at all. Nope.
  20. QUOTE (drgrendel @ Sep 6 2012, 02:51 PM) Yes it is ugly. Sorry that I have a life apart from following stuff regarding some band from Canada. Oh come on. What true Rush fan has a life apart from the band? We're all too nerdy for that. (Note: This is sarcasm. This is a big fat red head joking around.)
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