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    Clockwork Angels Tour 2012 (Columbus)
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    The Pass, Fountain of Lamneth, many others
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    Rush in Columbus 2012. Amazing concert!
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    Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Yes, Styx, Fleetwood Mac, Genesis, King Crimson, Cat Stevens, Jethro Tull, The Eagles, ELP, Camel, Caravan, UK, Supertramp, Gong, Gentle Giant, Renaissance, East of Eden
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  1. Want to see it Here it goes: Set 1: In the Flesh Welcome to the Machine Happiest Days of Our Lives/ Another Brick on the Wall (Part 2) Pigs (Three Different Ones) Empty Spaces / Young Lust Fat Old Sun Learning to Fly Hey You Another Brick on the Wall (Part 3) Goodbye Cruel World Set 2: Shine on you Crazy Diamond Green is the Color Careful with that Axe, Eugene Dark Side of the Moon (Entire) Encore: Wish You Were Here Run Like Hell Comfortably Numb :drool: This would be even more awesome :haz:
  2. Happy Birthday! :cheers: We're reading Anthem right now in English so I finally understand your name
  3. I don't know anything other than what's on the Greatest Hits (Gold) album, but I love everything on that album :haz:
  4. Interesting that they chose Grohl and Hawkins. Also, we are now guaranteed TSOR and TS. :|
  5. This is old, but yes, hilarious. The song is genius :rfl:
  6. Well how could anybody forget this masterpiece after seeing the video: :haz:
  7. The samp The samples on Bandcamp are really good. The album was just put up for sale yesterday or the day before. :)
  8. Really? that sounds kinda interesting. What you have on the album? I mean you got music and lyrics, or just the concept itself? What it is about (besides "unanswered questions", of course)? No I've just sort of thought through the concept. :P The lyrics would be questions throughout life that are never answered (at least at the time) such as a child's questions about where babies come from, or a teenagers questioning of religion. Also, there would be some epic instrumental sections in the vein of Echoes (Pink Floyd) :haz:
  9. Best version of the most essential TH song:
  10. Definitely Caravan. I probably like SCOG and The Garden more, but Caravan is classic Rush. Also, it was a moderately popular single and played on the TM (greatest hits) tour, so it will likely get the most lasting recognition.
  11. This video makes me happy: Also it's great as a Les Mis fan
  12. The Ozrics are awesome. My personal favorite album is The Hidden Step from 2000. I also have an expanded version of Sliding Gliding Worlds on vinyl which kicks butt :haz: These tracks are immaculate:
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