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  1. Want to see it Here it goes: Set 1: In the Flesh Welcome to the Machine Happiest Days of Our Lives/ Another Brick on the Wall (Part 2) Pigs (Three Different Ones) Empty Spaces / Young Lust Fat Old Sun Learning to Fly Hey You Another Brick on the Wall (Part 3) Goodbye Cruel World Set 2: Shine on you Crazy Diamond Green is the Color Careful with that Axe, Eugene Dark Side of the Moon (Entire) Encore: Wish You Were Here Run Like Hell Comfortably Numb :drool: This would be even more awesome :haz:
  2. Happy Birthday! :cheers: We're reading Anthem right now in English so I finally understand your name
  3. I don't know anything other than what's on the Greatest Hits (Gold) album, but I love everything on that album :haz:
  4. Interesting that they chose Grohl and Hawkins. Also, we are now guaranteed TSOR and TS. :|
  5. This is old, but yes, hilarious. The song is genius :rfl:
  6. Well how could anybody forget this masterpiece after seeing the video: :haz:
  7. The samp The samples on Bandcamp are really good. The album was just put up for sale yesterday or the day before. :)
  8. Really? that sounds kinda interesting. What you have on the album? I mean you got music and lyrics, or just the concept itself? What it is about (besides "unanswered questions", of course)? No I've just sort of thought through the concept. :P The lyrics would be questions throughout life that are never answered (at least at the time) such as a child's questions about where babies come from, or a teenagers questioning of religion. Also, there would be some epic instrumental sections in the vein of Echoes (Pink Floyd) :haz:
  9. Best version of the most essential TH song:
  10. Definitely Caravan. I probably like SCOG and The Garden more, but Caravan is classic Rush. Also, it was a moderately popular single and played on the TM (greatest hits) tour, so it will likely get the most lasting recognition.
  11. This video makes me happy: Also it's great as a Les Mis fan
  12. The Ozrics are awesome. My personal favorite album is The Hidden Step from 2000. I also have an expanded version of Sliding Gliding Worlds on vinyl which kicks butt :haz: These tracks are immaculate:
  13. I don't play any instruments seriously, but I'd love to be in a band that plays crazy psychedelic music (like Gong). Also, we'd write awesome concept albums. (I already have one called "Unanswered Questions" already planned out, although I envisioned that as more of a space prog album, with heavy overtones.) As far as band name, Mushroom Sword is pretty awesome :haz:
  14. Saw Fleetwood Mac Thursday night at Nationwide in Columbus. It was the first night of the tour, but they sounded great! Of course Stevie's voice isn't what it once was, but Landslide alone was worth the price of admission! Lyndsey sounded really strong and his guitar playing was great (although I could have done without I'm So Afraid). Gold Dust Woman, Landslide, Tusk, Go Your Own Way, and Sad Angel (new song) were probably the best songs. It's too bad Christine doesn't tour anymore but they still rocked without her! Definitely worth it, would see again! :haz:
  15. Awesome! I'm seeing them at the end of the summer in Indianapolis (last day of the tour!) Hopefully Jon's voice isn't shot by then. :) :haz:
  16. This thread needs more Talking Heads :haz: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UW1IqW6kNdU
  17. Add Red Tide Different Strings Cut to the Chase Vapor Trail Remove Grand Design Red Sector A The Big Money Halo Effect
  18. Sadly, I'm not going. I can afford it and they're coming real close, but I'm on vacation :( :(
  19. I've only had to iron once or twice, but then again, I'm still young :P
  20. Didn't you just get a Samsung or something
  21. I'm actually listening to that album right now! I didn't know there was a limited edition so I just ordered it before it sold out (had the free download for a while now, but I've been meaning to buy it). :cheers: I had looked into buying it before, but I don't think there was a CD available until recently. Easily my favorite independent release of 2012 :haz:
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