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  1. Pretty sure Hugh Syme said it didn't make it for the holiday season so I took that to mean it wouldn't be coming until 2022. That was probably a couple months ago.
  2. While the Peert pronunciation is common in words ending in "ear", it is quite rare for words that end in "ear" plus another consonant. In that case, the Pert pronunciation is fairly common and that's probably why it is mispronounced so much. Notably, there aren't a ton of commonly used English words ending in this pattern that I could come up with. Pert: Earn/learn/yearn, Earl/pearl, heard, earth/dearth, search Part: Heart Peert: Beard
  3. I vaguely remember occasionally visiting (lurking) another Rush forum before this one, probably early/mid 2000s but I don't know if that was TriNet or something else. I feel like there were polls for each album where you could click on the songs and it played a clip from the track. At the time I was mostly familiar with their earlier stuff and that was my introduction to some of the 80s/90s material. But this is really testing the limits of my memory and could be way off.
  4. Roll the Bones was the first to come to mind. The narration in the Necromancer really drags that down for me.
  5. Mission and Animate are a couple of my favorites.
  6. August 15, 2004 Darien Lake for R30. I got into Rush sometime around 2000 but unfortunately couldn't go in 2002.
  7. I sat down and listened to this for the first time today (had heard potions before) and...man that was rough. I found the vocals to be like nails on a chalkboard on most tracks so the instrumentals were about the only ones I somewhat enjoyed. The spoken word stuff also just does nothing for me. Some of the guitar work was nice but usually ruined by vocals unfortunately. Going with Mr. X for my favorite, although I didn't think it was anything that special. About 5/10 rating.
  8. Vital Signs has always stuck out for me on Moving Pictures. I think it would fit nicely on Grace Under Pressure and, in fact, it works perfectly on the GUP live album (actually prefer that version to the studio version). I think some Power Windows and HYF tracks could be swapped without being too noticeable but I wouldn't say any sound out of place on their respective albums.
  9. Last night I heard Ghost Rider, Fountain of Lamneth, Tai Shan, and Face Up (among others). Don't think I've ever heard those songs on the radio before. I like that there is so much variety. Wish they would keep the station around, maybe mix in other progressive rock and influences.
  10. Distant Early Warning > The Big Money Afterimage > Grand Designs Red Sector A > Manhattan Project The Enemy Within < Marathon The Body Electric < Territories Kid Gloves < Middletown Dreams Red Lenses < Emotion Detector Between The Wheels > Mystic Rhythms 4 to 4 tie. Definitely some tough matchups.
  11. Animate > Test For Echo Stick It Out < Driven Cut To The Chase > Half The World Nobody's Hero > The Color Of Right Between Sun & Moon > Time And Motion Alien Shore > Totem The Speed Of Love > Dog Years Double Agent > Virtuality Leave That Thing Alone > Resist Cold Fire > Limbo Everyday Glory > Carve Away The Stone Counterparts wins 10 to 1. Yikes, that was brutal.
  12. Force Ten < Dreamline Time Stand Still > Bravado Open Secrets > Roll The Bones Second Nature > Face Up Prime Mover > Where's My Thing? (Part IV, "Gangster Of Boats" Trilogy) Lock And Key > The Big Wheel Mission > Heresy Turn The Page < Ghost Of A Chance Tai Shan < Neurotica High Water < You Bet Your Life HYF wins 6 to 4, but honestly the last 2 song matchups feature 4 of my least favorite Rush songs.
  13. Show Don't Tell < Animate Chain Lightning > Stick It Out The Pass > Cut to the Chase War Paint < Nobody's Hero Scars < Between Sun & Moon Presto > Alien Shore Superconductor < The Speed of Love Anagram (For Mongo) < Double Agent Red Tide < Leave That Thing Alone Hand Over Fist < Cold Fire Available Light > Everyday Glory Counterparts wins 7 to 4. A couple of really tough matchups in this one though.
  14. Finding My Way vs. Anthem vs. Subdivisions Need Some Love vs. Best I Can vs. Analog Kid Take a Friend vs. Beneath, Between, & Behind vs. Chemistry Here Again vs. By-Tor & the Snow Dog vs. Digital Man What You’re Doing vs. Fly By Night vs. The Weapon In The Mood vs. Making Memories vs. New World Man Before and After vs. Rivendell vs. Losing It Working Man vs. In the End vs. Countdown Signals 4 FBN 3 Rush 1
  15. Out of this list, I only have a favorable opinion of Emotion Detector and a neutral opinion of The Stars Look Down. Everything else is below average or just plain bad. I went with Rivendell because I always feel embarrassed (for Rush I guess?) when listening to it. Rivendell - embarrassingly bad I'm Think I'm Going Bald - bad lyrics, subpar music Madrigal - boring and drags down an otherwise amazing album Red Lenses - I find it really annoying but I can sort of appreciate some of it from a musical perspective Emotion Detector - I kind of like Tai Shan - boring, too soft, what were they even thinking? at least it is easy to skip Superconductor - bad song that is frustratingly catchy Face Up - Not the worst song on this album Neurotica - There are actually some good parts to this song but overall a mess (also where is You Bet Your Life???) Speed of Love - One of their worst but I sort of love that it exists to make fun of Dog Years - Bad lyrics and the music isn't all that great either The Stars Look Down - I have no major problems with this song...just pretty average/boring Bravest Face - Singing is rough (also Good News First is worse) Virtuality - Bad lyrics but not quite as bad as Dog Years
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