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RIP Andrew MacNaughtan


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QUOTE (Jag2112 @ Jan 26 2012, 03:31 PM)
awaiting some official word from the band or news sources in general...

I got an official announcement from Rush-Facebook.

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RIP Andrew rose.gif I can only imagine how incredibly sad the band and their staff must be. I wish I could do something, but I know nothing can be...other than to cheer the guys on during the next tour, hoping it'll help them heal.


Andrew sounds like he packed a lot into his life - seeing the world, documenting the people in it and making them part of works of art, and giving back to the communities he visited. His life may have been short, but it was full. That's the way to do it.

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I echo everyone's sentiments. It's sad no matter who dies at age 47, but when it hits people that you have a connection to, no matter how insignificant that connection may be, it really puts things in perspective.


Prayers go out to him, his family, friends and the RUSH community.


http://www.andrewmacnaughtan.com/ RIP

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RIP...Tragic loss. sad.gif
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Stunning and terrible news. I've been offline all day, just opened my FB page and that was at the top. If it's like being punched in the gut for us, I just can't imagine how the guys and their families feel. This is just horrible and so very sad to lose such a great talent at such a young age.


RIP Andrew and thank you for all the pictures and for introducing your assistant to your friend. rose.gif

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By the way, anyone who has Contents Under Pressure -

30 Years of RUSH at Home & Away by Martin Popoff can see his amazing work at your fingertips. This book has so many amazing pictures and really should be the starting point for any new RUSH fan as far as reading the history of the band, at least the first 30 years. And his photos are all throughout the book. The cover is one of his photos. It also credits him for research and editing, which really shows how close he was with the band. (There are other photographer's pictures in it too, obviously)





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I can't believe this news!!


I have been an avid collector or Andrew's photography. I have almost ever Rush print that he has ever done.

One of my all time favorites is in my living room.

Its the close up picture of Neil driving his BMV automobile.


25 made. I have number 3. Signed in pencil by Andrew.


Wow. We would email each other a lot.


A Legend is gone.


I am very sad.


So happy I have a lot of his work in my home to remember him by.



Another one of my favorites by Andrew is also in my living room.


An aerial shot of Neil looking up at the camera being surrounded by his "Presto" kit.




Damn I'm bummed.


RIP! rose.gif

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Though I knew little of Andrew other than the photo's and video's of his work with Rush, I took the time to watch the link on RIAB, which showed him on a morning show. He struck me as an incredibly kind person, with a warm heart and a generous soul.


How terribly sad to have someone struck down in their prime. And I can't imagine the wounds that this must open for Neil and the rest of the band.


I read rumors on Wednesday that the band had decided to move the kick off of the tour back to the fall, from the spring. I imagine the tragic events may have had something to do with it. Neil wrote in Ghost Rider that rock music is a celebration, and I'm sure that the band is feeling anything but celebratory.


My personal feeling about losing someone who's moved you, is that they are best remembered and honored by continuing to carry on the things that mattered most to them. It's how to be sure that their name and spirit carries on. I will support Andrews charity, as it's the only way I know of to do what I can. I hope that he rests eternally in dignity and peace.

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