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  1. Ok, I think I've figured it out! The most likely place for this to possibly happen is the Hollywood Bowl! It is a big enough venue for good ticket sales. It's a low key, kind of built in stage. Not much fluff required to make for a good rock show. I can picture a sort of R40 second set vibe. It can easily be booked for multiple nights. And, it's local for Neil! They could do everything right there in LA, he would never have to leave home!!!
  2. Cool, fun read while I listen to tapehead's Philly! I feel lucky to have 7 very unique journeys. DC(as I like to think of it as, what's Bristow!?!) seems to pretty much stand out as the seismic low of the tour? Horrible venue for sure, whats with a roof like that? Although a personal fave since I visited the DC mall and Rush with my bro in the same day! Lincoln was a great non spoiler/holy shit show for me, but I like the earlier mention of the first leg "rehearsing". Denver had a very, very good crowd! I'm of course bias as a native Coloradan, but the crowd that night knew where they were and you could hear it. I was in LA and I'm telling you Denver was more there. The band was probably the tightest I heard that night as well, it's hard to imagine Denver not coming in high(pun intended)! Salt Lake is probably one of the smaller venues the guy's played this year, they played tight that night too, as for the crowd? Utah, what else can I say, polite, bright and cool, typical Rush crowd, I was front row didn't really know they were there. Vegas was a typical Vegas great show. I've seen the band there every time they have played there during the "Evening With Rush" era and they always play a nice solid show there!! Irvine is sneaking in as possibly the overall winner for me personaly, not because it was the greatest of the shows, which it was a very ranking, I think it might be the last fun/normal/pleasant show for all 3 guys, outside, classic Cali show for the ages! The setlist itself leads the way, YYZ and Natural Science surged a true R40 time warp that night and I didn't come back to Earth till Sunday! Then there is LA! As Rushhead will eternally echo will have to best ever yes? Well, it unfolds as truly epic indeed, Losing It leading the charge for any non believing remnants, we are treated to the perfect Rush show, all in, together as one. Neil getting the last laugh! Just how we all hoped and dreamed.
  3. Not my favorite jacket the band has done. This and the jersey were both downgrades from previous tour's offerings I thought. They always have quality stuff and believe me I own a lot of it, I just thought these seemed kind of too youthful in design for my taste. I mean, how often do people wear their varsity jacket? Maybe the wife idea would be good? I remember plenty of girls wearing those things. Just my thoughts, that's why they make plenty of designs, some for me, some for you.
  4. I agree it is really odd to have so many things strike out. You need to send something to mgmt., if I read your story and worked for the band I'd hook you up. You deserve something for all your effort 1000!
  5. Yes, This is great news! I have friend who's home theatre makes CA sound pretty good, but it overall has a weird mix and although you can hear everyone Neil is way back and light sounding. NOT how he ever sounds live so why they did it that way is beyond me?
  6. I went into Lincoln spoiler free and will admit I was worried they mailed it in on the stage set and even after a few songs I was still thinking they were gonna go out not too different then the last few tours song wise. Man was I WRONG! and so glad I was, and when they wheeled out Neil's second kit my jaw dropped. No doubt, my thinking went to the other side of what they did and I couldn't be happier it was incorrect. I went from thinking didn't care what the fans desired to knowing they care bigtime! Esp. after I read the tour book! Thanks again guys!!!
  7. I enjoyed a personal best of 7 on this tour! I hit 2 first leg shows with Lincoln and DC. I pair of mountain journeys in Denver and Salt Lake. And a western madness tour with Vegas, Irvine, and LA!!! I've never had son much Rush fun and love as I have this year. I will admit that by the time I got to LA I was emotionally and physically worked. I took in so much this time I felt like I was in my own little piece of the Rush galaxy. Standing in the abyss of the disco ball hanging off the edge of the Forum bowl as my heroes assumed control will resonate forever! Thank you RUSH!!!
  8. That was a moment I was looking right at Geddy. Totally remember him doing a little move.
  9. I just saw the best 'multicam edit' LA Losing it! I can't seem to paste anything but someone needs to find it and post it. It took me back to Sat in all it's glory, tears and all. Very well done vid by Bucksawz Post.
  10. We still have the music. Rush in the past tense has been sooner rather than later for some time now. Heck, I was pretty darned sure we'd never hear anything from them again after Neil's personal tragedies, so when they came out with Vapor Trails and started touring again, it was a lot like a resurrection, but as they moved from their 50s into their 60s, I knew that retirement was looming. They were strongly hinting at it in the lead up to the Time Machine tour, and so far as I'm concerned, at least Neil had every intention of making Clockwork Angels the band's swansong (I mean, just listen to the lyrics on Headlong Flight and The Garden). I fully expected the CA tour to be the last one, so when R40 was announced, I took that as a bonus. I'm a little sad, because Rush has been a big part of my musical experience since I first watched the video for the Show of Hand's version of Marathon all the way back around 1989 or 1990. It was something for me to belong to a kind of an underground who loved this so-often ridiculed and chronically under-appreciated band. Their renaissance after Neil's return was the icing on what would have been, even without the later albums, an extraordinary career. But, at the same time, nothing can go on forever, and I would rather have my last memory of Rush be that extraordinary concert I saw a couple of weeks ago in Vancouver, which, for all the really great concerts I've seen in my time, stands as being the single best three hours of musical rapture I have ever experienced. I'm afraid that if they come back in a couple of years, they will have already crossed that line from amazing musical forces to a diminished act that is only a shadow of its former self. I think, as much as I would love them to go on, that I would rather they stop while they still enjoy most of their legendary prowess. There's no way I want them to become like BB King or Elvis, a phantom trotted out on stage to sell tickets. These last few weeks felt like a living funeral. I'm in a quiet stage musically right now, it's been nothing but Rush for months but now stillness is all I want. I put side 3 ESL on tonight as I stretched out my R40 worked back, it was nice in the dark upside down inverted, many nice memories of Xanadu are there ready for recall. I'm just overall not ready to jam tunes right now. We all put so much into this tour, this week feels weird to say the least.
  11. Almost forgot this with all the craziness at the end Sat. I was wandering around the soundboard preshow, waving at Howard and such, Ray Daniels responded "it ain't over" to a person near me I assumed asking about the band's future.
  12. Neil came out about 1 the rest of the party let out 2-230. Alex was the very last guy out of the building.
  13. Great couple of shows!! I have a great story but have been deleted after writing for an hour twice, hope to share later. RUSH!!!
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