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    April 20th, 2011 in Montreal
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    Seeing Rush at the Bell Centre in Montreal on 4/20 on the Time Machine Tour. Watching the greatest band ever perform in a sold out arena in front of a rabid crowd like that was unreal. The setlist, the sound, the performance, the crowd, and most importantly.....how much fun Geddy, Alex and Neil were having on stage was a truly great experience.
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    Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Machine Head
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    Air guitar, Air drums, Air bass
  1. ^ I hear you guys. I bought it for $6 at a local record store. It's still a great looking poster, and other people(my friends) don't have an idea that the photo doesn't relate to that year. But ya, it bugs me too.
  2. With the frame, it's 14.5 inches x 19.5 inches. It shows the sizes of the print on the link I posted.
  3. Great posters where did you get the one with no face?? If it has any numbers on it can you PM me please?? You can get it from here... http://www.posteritty.com/
  4. So I bought the poster of the iconic image of them playing in the 70's at some poster kiosk at a mall about a year and a half ago for $45. It's not paper and there's no glass, but it came with the frame. I don't know how to explain the material. I guess it's sort of like wood and sort of bumpy. It's really cool. And then my sister bought me the minimalist art framed photo Christmas of 2014. I then got really interested in buying cool posters and framing them with glass. Not that cheap plastic crap. The horizontal one with multiple images was a great find. I got it at HMV for 50% off. With taxes, it came to $21 Canadian. No glass, but it's on canvas material. The other 3, I ordered the posters online and bought the frames at Michael's. I understand that these would look cooler on a white wall, which I will make sure happens when I move into a new place. http://s2.postimg.org/bxxj76gbt/image2.jpg http://s11.postimg.org/tyz6uj0o3/image1.jpg http://s12.postimg.org/az22up08d/image3.jpg http://s18.postimg.org/wj4ve1w61/image4.jpg http://s23.postimg.org/q993vkegr/image5.jpg http://s30.postimg.org/70rlyref5/image6.jpg
  5. It's pretty much the same packaging as all of their DVD's, but the R30, S&A and CA DVD's had more discs, so there was more fold overs. I wish they had made a limited amount of Steelbook editions though. Also...the Time Machine DVD had a glossy cover, which I wish R40 had. They definitely could have put a little more effort into those details.
  6. In other news...Kobe Bryant has a diary book!!
  7. I did first night in Toronto, Montreal, Newark and New York. Went solo to all, except Montreal. A co worker who likes everything from Moving Pictures and before came and he really enjoyed the show and was impressed with how well the post Moving Pictures material went down live. And he didn't mind Geddy's Vocals in the live setting, but still can't stand the way he sings nowadays when he watches YouTube videos, etc... What a great trip it was to New York. My first time there, and just the whole experience was cool. The fans I was hanging out with on the train to the Newark show were interesting. 2 guys from Brooklyn, a couple from Ireland and their 9 year old daughter, and a couple from LA. They thought it was cool that I'm Canadian, because the band is too. Makes you really fall in love with the band more when you meet other traveling fans and hear their stories. The show at MSG was just epic. Just being in that venue, in that city, and seeing my favourite band for possibly the final time was just an amazing outer body experience. I just wish I had bought 2 tickets, so the girl from my work that came with me for the trip could have seen the show.
  8. Well said and I 100% agree. I'm 30 and only got into them in 2007, but I made the best of it and saw them 11 times throughout the last 4 tours and 4 times on R40. I have all their albums, and live videos. I love the R40 Bluray and I'm not gonna even bother to nit pick about anything about the film. I'm at peace if I never see them live again. It's the perfect time for them to be done, and there's really no point for them to continue on. It's a bit sad, but it happens to every band and human. Things end, people die, life goes on. I'm just glad they made a comeback after Neil's tragedies. If not...I probably wouldn't be as big of a fan as I am. Having the opportunity to see them live a bunch of times and having the DVD's/Blurays for the last 6 tours helped a lot with falling in love with them.
  9. What were you smoking? I was at the Newark and New York shows as well, and Jonathan Dinklage played 'Losing It' both nights. Now that I really think of it, I saw that song twice out of the 5 times it was played on this tour. Could have been 3, if I went to the Friday show in Toronto instead of Wednesday. You do know who Jonathan Dinklage's younger brother is, don't you? Jamie Lannister is a joke in my post. Oh...I see. I know Peter is his brother. I can only assume Jamie Lannister is his character name in Game of Thrones.
  10. What were you smoking? I was at the Newark and New York shows as well, and Jonathan Dinklage played 'Losing It' both nights. Now that I really think of it, I saw that song twice out of the 5 times it was played on this tour. Could have been 3, if I went to the Friday show in Toronto instead of Wednesday.
  11. Only 4 more days of work and a metal show on Friday night to get through, before I can actually sit back with some wine or maybe White Russians and relive this tour again. Roll on Friday 1am
  12. It's the size of the packaging that's the difference. I have the Blu-ray set in the large packaging that I bought from HMV for $113 a year ago. The one that was being sold on the tour still looked like a box set, but it was the size of a regular DVD package. There just might not be all those photos from each of the previous 5 tours, along with the big cardboard DVD covers.
  13. Narps...really? I know you're old and your ears are wearing thin, but you like The Garden(I love it) and Halo Effect(I dig it), but you don't recommend The Anarchist, Headlong Flight, Seven Cities of Gold or Carnies? Those songs all have a lot of balls, and are very amazingly arranged. I get the production/mixing could make the listening experience better on the ears, but those songs are great tunes. But yes...opinions are opinions
  14. I'm not actually mad. I was just pointing out how some people have no iota of a clue what they're talking about when it comes to something kind of obvious. Was he born or hatched? Also...I usually just laugh at half the things posted on blabbermouth. It's mostly just a bunch of negative comments, except when there's an announcement of someone who died.
  15. So I frequent www.blabbermouth.net here and there for my metal and rock news, and I came across the post of the video of 'Closer to The Heart' from the new DVD/Bluray. I'm reading the comments and this one guy just doesn't get it. http://s2.postimg.org/kd83273k9/unnamed.png "Why didn't they use the damn Seattle performance?" Ummm...because they didn't professional film it for the purpose of THAT particular show being chosen for the DVD/Bluray maybe? Because Rush KNEW that Ged's vocals in Seattle were going to be better than in Toronto ahead of time. Dumb shit human he is!!
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