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    Front row seats for my first Rush concert on Presto Tour. Watching video of Big Money on MTV - my intro to Rush. I looked at my parents and said "i want to do THAT!" been playing drums ever since
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  1. I'm starting to see some of the Greensboro folks receiving their signed stuff. I'm geting a little worried as I live about an hour away and if others have gotten theirs, I should have gotten mine. I'm driving our Admin at work crazy - lol.
  2. like most have said - there is a basic structure to his solo, but the parts he plays during those segments vary. I think we also see some minor fluctuations within their regualar songs now as he is tryign to Improvise more. As a drummer it is very difficult to play the same fill the same way, or at least it is for me.
  3. Sweet - glad to hear of the success from G'boro. Mine should be arriving any day now (I'm just down the road in the Raleigh area). Having it mailed to my office, with my house as the "Return to Sender" address.
  4. Well - if this is it, I can go out satisfied as I don't know if they can top what I saw in Greensboro last week! Let's face it - these guys have earned whatever time off they want/need, and I'm sure they are probably tired of living out of a suitcase. Hope I do get another chance, but if not - they went out on top of their game!
  5. He probably got lost. It happens. Very easy if one of your monitors goes out or if you have trouble hearing other members of the band. It's just proof that he is in fact human after all
  6. definitely playing both kick drums. just watch during his solo. NP does not have anything on his kit that he doesn't use
  7. Neil is probably exploring the Appalachain/Blue Ridge mountains between GA/NC. I would guess he's biking around the Blue Ridge Parkway or in that general area and will head from there in the morning towards Greensboro. And they better be signing my drum head! :)
  8. I sent mine to Greensboro Friday. Should get there today. Even though I had the post office determine postage for the SASE, I had the mailing address as my office, but the return address as my house - so if it gets returned, i still get it!
  9. ...the hours tick away.... Enjoy and savor this one folks. This is it. I am so lucky to have been able to have seen them as many times as i have been able to, and I will not be leaving my seat until the final second of that outro film is played. I'm gonna take this one all in. As I said in my little note to them (just mailed off a drumhead I hope they sign for me) - I thanked them for the memories, the countless hours of enjoyment, for making my commutes more tolerable, for the motivation to play an instrument, and to continue to get better and learn - no matter what you do. They don't have to thank us - We need to thank them!
  10. I love SnA, and I love CA, but to me, the recording quality on SnA is far superior to that of CA. SnA was much crisper (especially teh drums). Even when they release Caravan and BU2B as singles - they were crisp, but they are much cloudier on the CA album. Don't get it. From what I've heard (based on downloads and Youtube) - Geddy's voice sounds much better than CA and TMT. Can't wait to hear the drums - for me SnA has the best sounding drums!
  11. I'm pretty uptight about spoilers when it comes to games I'm having to DVR due to other committments, or tv shows I'm into, but something like a concert - to me - it's no big deal. I understand where people come from, but I'm just too damn excited about this show to wait. I'm like a kid snoopign under the Christmas tree shaking presents. But truthfully - I don't care what they play - I'm just grateful for one more opportunity to see them live! And if this truly is it - then after what I've seen, I'll come away very satisfied as a concert goer. But then again, I could show up to hear a 2 hour NP solo and I'd be over the moon!
  12. Speed King pedals are the best! LOVE them! I'm using a Pearl double pedal now - much easier to transport than 2 kick drums. Someone posed a question about the positioning of NP's ride cymbal. On the single kit, it's righ where the 2nd mounted tom would be, but has it more to the right over one of the floor toms in the double kick set. I've used both configuaratioons (when I'm on a kit with a single rack tom, I prefer having the ride positioned as NP does),and when I have 2 rack toms, it's to the right. For me, I prefer having it up front. My arm doesn't get nearly as fatigued - and I use the ride a lot as I love the sound of my 22" ping ride. My biggest challenge would be getting used to playing that set up again after what he's been used to playing for so many years. Drumming is a lot of muscle memory (as my arms just instinctively know where each tom is, and where all the cymbals are). We'll find out - getting a new kit that goes back to a simple single rack tom set up, which will have me repostion some of my cymbals. Haven't played that set up in 15 years.
  13. You can really hear a difference between Rio and CA. But I don't care - from what I've heard online, he sounds better than CA or TMT. I'm just thankful I'll get to experience it again LIVE!
  14. I've also heard sound guys prefer drummers to use the double pedal on a single bass, even if you have double bass drums. I guess they're able to get a more consistent sound that way? I have a double pedal - and I use it primarily for fills and for "big endings". Very rarely is it used during a song as i mainly play with a closed hi-hat (as cygnify mentioned above). But make no mistake - there is no drum on either kit that is for show. He uses everything that is there. Just watch the Taking Center Stage video to see - and you can see just how much double kick he uses.
  15. Yes - I wrote them and they responded back saying we were welcome to send things to the arena, that they will do their best to get them to the band/tour manager, but couldn't guarantee anything. I'm sending mine off late next week (remember 5/25 is Memorial Day - no mail service - so take that into consideration when you mail things out).
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