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    RUSH...need I say more??? just joshin' with ya.<br>..Actually lots of varied interests.<br>too numerous to mention here.....<br>ok..<br>Music-sports-abstract photography,<br>science-astronomy,ufo research,<br>physics ( always have been fascinated<br>by the concepts of space travel, <br>and space-time continuum.)<br>and more.

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    many moons ago...unfortunately
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    limelight or red sector A
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    permanent waves, moving pictures
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    When I saw RUSH 2 nites in a row in 86...AWESOME!
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    The Beatles, the Who, Led Zep , U2
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    guitar and vocals.

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  1. You know the old saying, " Instant A-HOLE----just add brew/booze. It just slightly nullifys the experience..afterall ,we go to gig's, to have a great time..not to see/hear drunk, belligerent, numbnut's make total fools out of themselves. Come on , people..be considerate to your fellow RUSH fanatic's.... Don't be jerk-offs.
  2. SD sports arena opened in 1967. It's obviously VERY OLD. The acoustic's are not the best..actually very bad. I've seen RUSH play there a few times, and they always put on a really great show, considering the place is ancient. I personally think it's time to tare it down, and build a new complex. I'm not too sure if I'm goin' to that gig..probably not.
  3. RUSH is RUSH..regardless if they play 70's-80's-90's , or 2000's tunes. Just enjoy it for what it is: ROCK & ROLL!!!! ...Afterall, who knows when it's all gonna end. Be grateful for the music, and the fact they're still around, after 40 + yrs...how many great band's can say that????
  4. Nope..it'll eventually disintegrate into the elements.
  5. You did all you could at the time..no need for the quilt. Some a*s-bites say F off, and walk away. "No good deed goes unrewarded..." And " No bad deed goes un-punished..." It's 2 of the laws of the universe. If there were more people that did what you did, we wouldn't have people hungry and homeless, in the streets and in the world today. I've given spare change many times to the homeless over the yrs. Some of them go to the liquor store, but not all of them. I was homeless for 6 months, in the 80's, and I never went to the store to buy booze. I can relate to what they're goin thru. It's a real tough life/situation...Your constantly on the move, and constantly on guard, lookin' out for the cops or criminals.
  6. Just about every RUSH and Beatles song have been the soundtrack for my life...but there's one song from the mid-70s that really was a high impact song for me at the time. The song was "Takin' care of business" by BTO. I was a paperboy at the time ,and it just fit my whole situation,back then.
  7. RIP, Mr. Lom...great actor. Best way to go by far...no mess, no fuss, no blood..no ambulance !!! Both my grandmother's and my grandfather died in their sleep.
  8. You give, and you get back..whether it's monetary,material, or vibrations. What goes around comes around. There were two stories I read on Yahoo yesterday. One was about a punk 19 yr. old kid that was stealing stop signs...well on his way to stealing another one, he got killed when his truck got smashed into by a tractor-trailer. What got'em killed was he ran a stop sign. Another was about an actor, who beat an old woman to death, and then proceeded to fall off the building to his death. Instant karma's gonna get ya, as John Lennon once said. You give and you receive. I choose to live and act on the positive side as much as possible. Have a good hope for a better life and future. I pray to God every day for good health, and I haven't been sick in years and years. He is, after all, the great physician. Being positive is much better for your body, mind , and soul, than living your life in a negative vib....nothing good will come out of that scene.
  9. My mother, who's in her late 70's, recently had a heath scare. She and her doctor thought she might've gotten stomach cancer. It turns out it's only a gall-blader problem ,that can be eliminated with surgery...It's still a bad deal, but could've been MUCH worse. so that was a major relief ,and great news for all of us. I thank God she doesn't have the dreaded big C.... Still..F U, cancer!!
  10. The only problems I have is looking at fine print without my glasses. It's a total blur.. and my legs are sometimes stiff and sore in the morning. I do have a weaker right knee than my left one, from surgery when was 19. Motorcycle accident resulted in serious knee damage. At 53, I can still hear real good, except for when I swim, and get water in my inner ear, which I've done a couple times recently. I temp. lost 60 % of my hearing in my left ear swimming...But I'm getting in excellent shape, so it's a good trade off. I look and feel about 40, with no grey hair on my head yet, except on my sideburns, it's grey and black.
  11. Right now, my favorite hobby is swimming. I've been doing 30-35 lap's a day in my pool, since about late july...I'm slowly getting into the best shape of my life..and for a guy who just turned 53, that's sayin' something. it's not easy. My goal is to have a totally flat stomach, and abs within 1-2 months. Since my pool is not heated, it's gettin' colder and colder by the day. it's a shock the first 4 or 5 laps, but then you get used to it. Anyway, I'm forcing my way in the pool every day, no mater what..even if it's 45 degrees!
  12. Not too surprised...they've been known to pick up cow's also , for genetic experimental purposes. Some of 'em are not exactly the nicest creatures in the universe!!! Literally MILLIONS of people have disappeared without a trace, since the mid 60's...never to be seen or heard from again....spooky! It's been suspected they all have been abducted by UFO's/aliens, although there is little to no proof to go by...just a theory.
  13. QUOTE (Babycat @ Aug 23 2012, 02:59 PM) QUOTE (go2wrk@95974 @ Aug 23 2012, 06:53 PM) Kick it in the ass , and jump on in!!!!! Ouch..!
  14. Reminds me of the ZZ song ,Tush....AWESOME FRICKIN' TUNE!!!! ...76 I believe??? One of their best LP's of many! " Lord take me down-town, I'm just lookin' for some tush "
  15. QUOTE (umoveme @ Aug 17 2012, 09:12 AM) QUOTE (Sapphire Oraculum @ Aug 17 2012, 08:17 AM) My ear started hurting yesterday because there is water in it, it hurt so much I didn't sleep at all last night and it still hurts today. You need "Swimmers Ear" medication. I know EXACTLY what your goin thru... I'm goin thru the same situation. I don't have any pain in my ear's, but the pressure variation's from time to time is very unusual, to say the least. They will pop, Like I'm going high into the mts. , then clog up again. The ears just have to dry completely...that's all. No biggie! Hope you recover soon.
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