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  1. https://www.periscope.tv/w/V0jihTExNDM5MTZ8MTUyNDE3MzdOPfKL_T2h361X3EUe-1WJRWPfJ1F3bneUCnKvqnvJQA==
  2. That is amazing, how is that not on the extras of the documentary? Thanks' for the wonderful post. Alex still talks the same, he seems like a really nice person, also his knowledge of his guitars and how he modifies them to create his sound is so cool.
  3. How do you attach a picture for a post from your computer files ? Also, is there a spellcheck on this ? Thanks
  4. Loved it !!!!!!!!!! You did a great job and I enjoyed watching a fan like myself playing the music that inspires us. Other songs that would be fun to watch for me would be Freewill and YYZ
  5. I like Geddy's bass on CA, but I am very disappointed with his vocal melodies.
  6. Chris Squire is Geddy's hero. Where do you think the Rickenbacker comes from? The epic Rush albums? Hemispheres, A Farewell to Kings, etc are because of Squires influence. Same goes for Alex with Steve Howe.
  7. No, you did not bug me. I just don't understand when I say I want to hear old songs that the response has nothing to do with what I am saying. From my point of view the Rush set list have been lacking the music that I love by them since the Moving Pictures Tour. Sure they throw a bone here and there. But that's about it. I agree Geddy can't sing like he used to, but I can think of many old songs that I like that he could do and with a string section !!!!!!! I know Rush rules and it's a sin to say anything bad about them on this board, but I think that the replies should at least have something to do with what I post. Anyway, just listened to Moving Pictures tonight and enjoyed very, very much. Have a good one.
  8. I would rather pay $25.00 to $50.00 to see Rush with some basic lighting and playing the old stuff. :dweez: You nailed it with the Eagles, they started all this BS, but people do pay so what do I know. :codger:
  9. Can you post 70s fans please clarify for me ? The professor states, I enjoyed the mid 80's set list, different is good. Really get tired hearing the required same " popular" must play songs tour after tour. Can't understand this late in the game why many loyal Rush fans didn't feel the same way. But oh well to each his own.. This is the defense I hear time and time again about my disappointment about Rush not playing their 70s stuff. Are all the songs before Signals popular must play songs? Just trying to understand your point of view. Thanks
  10. Oh poor, poor pitiful you. That Geddy, if only he lived in the US so our fearless leader could go after his profits. How dare he make money. He doesn't love you at all does he? LOL. You don't have to get so emotional about it. But I bet the Rush accountants cared that I know besides myself 5 other Rush fans who did not go for the same reasons. That makes 6. Times that by whatever the numbers of disappointed fans and that adds up. Let's face it, Rush sells a want, not a need, so I have no problem with them charging between $120.00 - $300.00 or more for two seats. If people are willing to pay it who am I to say they should not do it. More power to them. I still think the A-B list is kind of bogus. So there. :P
  11. Can you tell me what you mean by "Popular" songs. Is every song they did before 1982 popular to Rush fans? That's the era I like, but I am not sure if I would call every song from that era popular or overplayed, do you ?
  12. I did not go because I hated the set list and the prices were to high. I am sure I am not the only one. Also Geddy said something that really bugged me the other day on an interview. He was talking about the A-B set lists and saying how it's good for them so fans will go to more than one show. I know this is a business and a big one for Rush, but come on Geddy that's some BIG MONEY to not play songs on one date just to bait the fanatic into spending more money. I know you guys are going to kill me on this, but is there any part of your fandom that can see how bogus this is?
  13. Middletown Dreams is one of the best songs off PW and hardly ever played. It should be in the set list.
  14. LOL I grew up with them in the 70s and they were considered cool then although I had one friend who hated them and drew a mustache on a Geddy picture I had hung up on my school locker. F#cker.
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