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    Time Machine Tour 08-29-10
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    I can't choose anymore
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    Same for this one!
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    Went to opening concert for Roll The Bones tour at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, Ontario on 10-25-91. Stayed at same hotel as the boys and met Alex and Geddy in the hotel. Alex was carrying in golf clubs! The whole thing was awesome!
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    Warrant w/ Jani Lane, Jani Lane, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Smashing Pumpkins, Queensryche, Van Halen (Hagar era over Roth era), The Who, Green Day, probably more if I thought more
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  1. So glad the nicest guy on TRF is still posting. Also, I read one person who didn't get it. So I was explaining my take on it. Sorry Captain Sunshine. Glad somethings haven't changed on TRF.
  2. Yes Alex's speech was especially annoying since he said nothing at all... ... If you thought he said nothing at all than you may want to catch up on Rush's history with the RRHOF. For anyone who thought it was annoying than you people are sorely lacking in the humor department. Listen to the audience during his speech and he is getting big laughs from people for a couple of minutes straight. Do you know how hard it is for a comedian to do the same thing? There are not a lot of comedians that can do that. (The ones that can are usually the best.). I was laughing throughout most of it and I still laugh every time I watch it. That, my friends, was pure comedic genius! :goodone: :clap: Hey Goobs...hope you are doing well! And I agree :goodone:
  3. Ok...I haven't read thru the whole thread but...Alex's speech was classic. It mocked the RRHOF. Let me explain it to you. He told the story of starting out as a band. Playing. Having hits songs. Then getting to 25 years and eligible. Then when he starts with the meaner sounding "blah blah blah's" it's him basically saying that it was BS they didn't get elected OR that people said that. Then he imitated a phone call from the RRHOF saying they got in. He got his speech out where people probably thought he might actually speak..then he does a "blah blah blah" thank you to Geddy and Alex and ends with thanking the fans. Re-watch it with that in mind and you will realize it was PURE COMEDIC FU RRHOF GENIUS! Also playing The Spirit of Radio instead of Limelight was telling at least to me...."glittering prizes and endless compromises, shatters the illusion of integrity". And Dave Grohl saying "cough rolling stone" was freaking awesome! Best indictment EVER! (see Neil's speech before you say "it's induction"
  4. Ju Just watched it and LOVE that they ended with the best AND an actual Rock band! The induction speech was awesome especially the "...cough...rolling stone"! The speeches were brilliant and no speech was more brilliant than Alex. You can tell he was telling the story of being ignored by the RRHOF for so long. Absolutely BLAH BLAH BLAH....BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!!!!!!!! And obviously of the fans in attendance I'd say 70% RUSH! Even the table section with the VIPs were standing when they finished. Also playing The Spirit of Radio was beautiful "glittering prizes and endless compromises shatter the illusion of integrity" I think a big FU to the RRHOF!
  5. Wow...I thought more would say yes. I said NO! As much as I love it I don't think it qualifies as an epic. It's just not on the level of songs that I consider epic like 2112, Hemispheres, Natural Science, Xanadu...songs of that ilk. While I love this song, it doesn't qualify. I'm hoping Clockwork Angels or Seven Cities of Gold will be though.
  6. I will definitely buy it if its the album version. I think it will be as that's what it says on Amazon. The cool thing is we don't NEED to buy it now. So if it is the radio edit, no big deal. Just like now I don't have to be at my computer at 9:12am tomorrow morning to hear a freaking radio edit! In fact, I hope I don't hear the radio edit ever!!!
  7. QUOTE (Mara @ Apr 18 2012, 05:42 PM)Has someone really expressed hatred for it or (as I suspect) did some tool just vote "Hate It" merely to be a smartass? Because if someone does really hate it enough to pick that poll option, they should have the stones to explain why. I think I know who it was...and yeah...this person is a tool , although this person might not like the song either which wouldn't surprise me. And that's all I will say about that.
  8. I voted LOVE IT! Based on the version that we are hearing now that will NOT be as good as the CD version.
  9. I hear so many little bits that remind me of earlier RUSH songs and later songs for that matter, intertwined in Headlong Flight. I remember someone at the listening party saying HF had parts that sounded like Bastille Day and Bytor...and at parts of the song, I can hear the reason for both comparisons. I can already say 100% I LOVE the music. I suck at hearing lyrics even when most can hear them easily, so I can't wait to read the lyrics and listen. I already have a crappy burnt copy on a CD that I'm gonna listen to when I'm driving tomorrow and I can't wait! "I stoke the fire of the big steel wheels"
  10. If some people don't like it...I don't care. I like it. I'm sure the CD version will sound better and it's always better when you have the lyrics in front of you. I'm one of those deaf people that can't hear lyrics usually anyway. But I'd agree, it's hard to hear Geddy but again, I'm holding judgement until they album comes out. And the radio edit is gonna suck balls! They will be cutting alot of the cool parts most likely!
  11. I'm in the middle of the song right now...and I love the music...have to think the CD will be better quality vocals....but still, first listen...I love it.
  12. forget every bad thing I ever said about Rolling Stone!!! WOW
  13. QUOTE (danielmclark @ Apr 15 2012, 02:23 PM)If the US gets a radio edit and UK gets the full version, there's a real simple solution. Download the UK version from a sharing site. Problem solved. If you have an Amazon acct, you can log-in to Amazon UK and just buy it on the 22nd, which is what I plan on doing. Your log-in info works on both the US and the UK version of Amazon. The bad part for us in the US is waiting for them to ship the MP3 all the way from the UK!!!
  14. Now we have an official TRF Amazon link so anyone who pre-ordered on Amazon without using the link above should just log-in to your Amazon acct and cancel your order then re-order using the above link. It literally takes like 10 seconds to do. (or use the link in the pinned thread at the top of the CA forum. ) For one, TRF will get a cut which is the least we can do. And two, if when you originally ordered it was for more than the current price of $16.11, you may still have to call them if they "forget" to give you the "Pre-order Price Guarantee." Especially if you ordered when it was at $19.99. Hopefully the price will drop even lower, but if it doesn't, you might as well just cancel and re-order using the link above to guarantee you get it for $16.11 without having to call and remind them.
  15. QUOTE (rushgoober @ Apr 15 2012, 03:04 PM) QUOTE (treeduck @ Apr 15 2012, 11:56 AM) QUOTE (Tony R @ Apr 15 2012, 11:45 AM) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v619/reedlover/CP%20Pics/1cc22700.jpg Says 7:20... That's way better than the album art... It's not even close. SOOO much better than the red swirly mess that is the actual album cover. I could not agree more. While I don't mind the actual red album cover, this looks so much better. RUSH already had a red album cover!! I wish they would have went with this as the album cover. I am glad that we will be getting the album version of HF instead of having to buy the radio edit. That was one of my only complaints...buying the shortened version then buying the longer version. I can't wait. I am actually trying to stay away from here and RIAB as much as possible to make the wait easier!
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