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  1. One of the many people gone from TRF for years, back today to commiserate with my fellow fans. I have nothing profound to say. I'm as gutted as everyone else. f**k cancer.
  2. I love that the Atlantic era is finally getting the full vinyl treatment, and today I received my shipment of Presto and RTB from Backstage Club. The records look great, but they're different from the Mercury era in one little, stupid way that nags at my very slight OCD. They didn't come with the big square stickers with the album art the way the previous records did. I was hoping for a set! Have any of you that ordered from Amazon received yours yet? Because I'm wondering if it's a matter of the publisher not including the stickers, or if it's because it came through Backstage that I didn't get them. Surely the records all come from the same source, though... right?
  3. Has anyone heard if the vinyls that were announced recently will be available on Amazon? As much as I love Backstage, I love saving half the cost of things more (and Amazon doesn't charge until the items ship, unlike Backstage), so I'd rather order on Amazon.
  4. And now I'm torn... do I pre-order them all now from Backstage, or do I wait for them to show up on Amazon, where they will probably cost less? And if I do wait for Amazon, will they be plagued by the delays that the Mercury releases are going through right now, or is Backstage affected by that as well? Hm.
  5. Amazon sent me a notice that MP shipped today and get to me on Friday. Seems that it's still unavailable for preorder/order.
  6. None. Every album is as it should be. Every album represents what the band wanted at that time, and it's up to us to either accept it or not. The only exception is VT because they later admitted that they screwed that one up and it shouldn't have been released in the condition that it was in. All the rest are what they are.
  7. The CameraEye - Billy Corgan (okay, there's no space between the words, but I still count it)
  8. They must have gotten some stock in.
  9. The first song I heard was Tom Sawyer, and I was turned off by it. Didn't give the band another shot for another year or two afterward. It has since grown on me, but it's still not even top twenty for me. I'd start someone new on two songs, which I know isn't the premise of the question, but I'm a loose cannon who doesn't play by the rules. I play it fast and I play it loose, and in the end I get results. Natural Science followed by Headlong Flight. Natural Science because it's long-form without asking someone to commit to 20 minutes or more, and it's a great representative of the classic era. Headlong Flight because it flat out rocks, and musically, it actually has a lot in common with the classic era. It's a good bridge tune, so to speak.
  10. Originally, MP and ESL were going to ship together, just as 2112 and ATWAS shipped together previously. The date for ESL got changed though. The date for MP is July 24th. The new date for ESL, together with Signals now, is August 14th. I'm getting that from my orders page - I pre-ordered the whole shebang last year. Having said that, it does appear that none of those three are available at all for new orders. I clicked around and on the page for PeW, it says they're no longer offering it "because customers have told us there may be something wrong with our inventory of the item". Other albums can still be ordered - I checked CoS, for example.
  11. What made my day today was reading a story about a satirical petition to change the name of Cracker Barrel restaurants to Caucasian Barrel (it wasn't particularly clever satire), but one of the commenters on the story noted that a better name would be Honky Bucket. "Hey y'all, let's go on down to dinner at the Honky Bucket". I don't know why, but I can't stop laughing.
  12. It has its moments of brilliance, to me, but it's uneven. It doesn't flow as well as their other long-form songs. Still, it's not the worst thing about CoS.
  13. I didn't think very highly of it when it came out, nor for years afterward, but it really grew on me. I don't think there's a single song now that I dislike. They're not all classics, but I don't cringe anymore :D
  14. QUOTE (Kelly D @ Jun 11 2012, 09:01 PM) QUOTE (losingit2k @ Jun 11 2012, 10:56 PM) QUOTE (Kelly D @ Jun 11 2012, 09:10 PM) QUOTE (ucsteve667 @ Jun 11 2012, 09:58 PM) Big fan of Presto, especially lyrically. Im just trying to understand how someone couldnt like Countdown and Losing It. Brilliant songs to me, but not to some I guess. Also, CA is pretty huge and growing on me more too....but nothing on the planet can touch 2112-MP. most bands are lucky to have a great 3-4 records, in my op there is only one lack luster record in the catalog. and no its not T4E or VT To each their own! I do like "Countdown" and "Losing It"- just not as much as many, many other songs. I could get into specific reasons why, but I'll only write 'em down if requested. They just don't make an impact on my soul like all the songs from Presto or Counterparts do. By any chance did you discover RUSH during the release of Presto? Dude, I'm only 23, soon to be 24. I would've been 1 when Presto came out Nothing I've read recently had made me feel as old as this... Presto was what got me into the band, and I was 15
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