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  1. Yeah I got excited with this new/old release then listened to a remastered ESL version by a guy called Stickhits and not sure. Stickhits has remastered all the Rush live videos. Here's the link for Limelight.
  2. Wow, just listened to this, finally Alex's guitar is more present, would have liked a tad more but it sounds fabulous.
  3. Reminds me of Cocteau Twins or Lush from late 80's, early 90's
  4. Hold Your Fire Counterparts Test for Echo
  5. Counterparts and Test For Echo don't do anything for me and I sold Counterparts, I call them the Yin and Yang albums, there were no songs that I thought, wow I want to listen to that again.
  6. Three favourites are; 1.The Trees 2. The Camera Eye 3. The Analog Kid Three least favourites 1.Turn the Page 2 Limbo 3.Lock and Key Then those songs that should have had amazing solos bit didn't, wasn't he allowed? Force Ten, AfterImage, Red Sector A, Vital Signs, Show Don't Tell
  7. Rush number; 5,7,8,15,17,18,19,34 and 39 in the UK rock album chart.
  8. tas7

    Permanent Waves

    So is Permanent Waves to be ignored, and then we will get another version of Moving Pictures, god forbid?
  9. I repeat this ad nauseum so apologies to those who've heard it before. I'd just been sent from Tasmania to the UK to live with my aunt in Liverpool. Made some friends who were into heavy rock and we used to go to this rock night in Southport at the Floral Hall run by Radio city DJ's. It had a 10,000 watt PA, you couldn't have a conversation as it was so loud. Anyway it was Christmas Eve 1979 and we had been drinking all day, by the time we got there we were a bit worse for wear. A mate and I decided to have a pint race after I duly crashed out underneath a table. Coming too I heard the sound of the seas shore thinking, I'm back home in Tas, then this guitar started and this amazing music unfolded. I tough that was amazing, WTF was that. I asked my mates who wouldn't tell me for weeks until they relented and told me it was a Canadian band called Rush. I was hooked from then on.
  10. Deeside Leisure Centre, May 1980. Standing room only, right underneath Alex Lifeson at the front, don't think he was impressed with the acoustics as it was an ice rink. I took a rubbish polaroid camera in the vain aim of getting some photos, none came out. Think Edgar Broughton band was the support, I had to be in the Lake District for a college camp next day, went up on the back of a motorbike. Amazed I didn't fall off with that concert still buzzing in my head.
  11. The dawn of Geddy's long run of "whoah-ooo-oah" vocal stylings, taken to the Nth degree on Vapor Trails. Not a fan of him doing that. ...and you forgot words that didn't have enough syllables to fit the music.
  12. How are things in Tasmania? We never hear much about your country in the news. It's a state of Australia. Same crap that goes on everywhere else. Coming into Spring so hopefully the weather starts warming up and I can get in the water for a surf. No one would ever mistake me for a genius. If I ever knew Tasmania was in Australia, I forgot. Thanks! The only thing I know about Tasmania is that it's in the Southern Hemisphere, which means that albums spin counterclockwise there, so if you put S&A on there, you can hear Neil Peart' s spoken renditions of Amazing Grace and the Catholic High Mass. We are all into backmasking(is that the term?) down here.Been listening to all those evil hidden messages for years and that Neil Peart is a main offender. I was in the UK from 1979 to 1994 so was lucky to see a lot of Rush before I migrated back to Tasmania. Hoping that on the 40th anniversary release of Permanent Waves we get a recorded version of Broon's Bane, hey Alex? Stick it before Jacob's Ladder or Entre Nous.
  13. How are things in Tasmania? We never hear much about your country in the news. It's a state of Australia. Same crap that goes on everywhere else. Coming into Spring so hopefully the weather starts warming up and I can get in the water for a surf.
  14. The Yin and Yang albums as I call them; Counterparts and Test for Echo. Just can't find anything on them that has that wow factor.
  15. To me personally, there was a time and I hope fellow fans can pinpoint it, when Geddy's delivery of Neil's lyrics didn't quite fit the music anymore, and we started to get wooah's. Counterparts? maybe after that?
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