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    "Underwater by the end of this century!" rave the climatologists.
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    Trying. Just trying.

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    2007 Snakes & Arrows Tour, Ft. Lauderdale
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    Jacob's Ladder
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    A Farewell to Kings
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    That one concert... so far.
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    Depends on my mood. I'm my own personal D.J.
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    Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals (None very well.)

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  1. Hey wait, I thought 73 said he was closing this thread! Liar...
  2. Shouldn't you bros be discussing this "issue" in SOCN where you belong? :sarcastic:
  3. Is it me? You guys are just to smart for me to keep up with most of the time.... :) Stop saying that. We don't believe it, so don't even try. :P
  4. Does anyone know if the line about a "girl with sun-browned legs" is a reference to the narrative passages in Lolita about one of Humbert Humbert's early memories? And before you ask, no, I am not calling Neil a pedo. Please don't answer this with anything from your special folders, thanks. :sarcastic:
  5. I don't know... rectal feedings or Neil's blog? What do you guys think?
  6. So was this accurate? Yup. What's the quote? I seached the blog for "atlanta", "georgia", and "may" and got nothing about a tour. Then I searched "screw this" and found Spaghetti Lee. Read the entry and find out! No, I don't have time to read that. You don't have time to read Neil's blog, but you took the time to create and evaluate obscure TRF user statistics. Meh, man. That took 3 minutes. Can I read Neil's blog in under 3 minutes? (Or stay awake for 3 minutes?) There's your next project, SG. Make a pie chart outlining the content of Neil's blog -- ALL of it! Better get started now... :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee:
  7. I thought all the "decent folk" left some time ago.
  8. I hope he never dies. If they try to bury him, he'll just rise out of the casket and then get all mad and stuff.
  9. I always suspected Neil of self-hatred, but DAYUM... :o He might be a closet attention whore. He's still a big teenager at heart, I guess.
  10. I always suspected Neil of self-hatred, but DAYUM... :o
  11. IQ doesn't stand for Irritability Quotient. Nor does it stand for "Instigating Quarrels".
  12. Mine fluctuates wildly based on time of day, medicine intake, exercise, caffeine consumption, and whether or not i really give a damn that day.
  13. I would take "sex" anything at this point. I am invisible to women when sleeping too it appears.... In that case, I'm not sure about the Tiger Woods avatar. :/
  14. Really? You're pretty likeable here (I mean that with sincerity). Maybe even more likeable than me. I have a lot of love. But not from me. Arg I need to keep cheerful Borderline is my Axis II diagnosis from early adulthood, so I know that self-hatred thing like the old cut marks on my arm. Usually it helps to confide in someone until you feel less alone in your insecurity. Meanwhile, stay strong.
  15. I was diagnosed as a child. I was given a pretty dismal prognosis back then, but that was in the Eighties. Bipolar I is classified as a disability according to the U.S. Government, as it falls under the criteria for SSI/Disability payments. I've been on them for years and I've just gained enough sanity recently to apply for a part-time job. Independence is still a lifetime goal for me, by the way, so I don't need to hear any more lectures about willpower from the Libertarians here follow the advice of non-experts. :P
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