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  1. Hey wait, I thought 73 said he was closing this thread! Liar...
  2. Shouldn't you bros be discussing this "issue" in SOCN where you belong? :sarcastic:
  3. Is it me? You guys are just to smart for me to keep up with most of the time.... :) Stop saying that. We don't believe it, so don't even try. :P
  4. Does anyone know if the line about a "girl with sun-browned legs" is a reference to the narrative passages in Lolita about one of Humbert Humbert's early memories? And before you ask, no, I am not calling Neil a pedo. Please don't answer this with anything from your special folders, thanks. :sarcastic:
  5. I don't know... rectal feedings or Neil's blog? What do you guys think?
  6. So was this accurate? Yup. What's the quote? I seached the blog for "atlanta", "georgia", and "may" and got nothing about a tour. Then I searched "screw this" and found Spaghetti Lee. Read the entry and find out! No, I don't have time to read that. You don't have time to read Neil's blog, but you took the time to create and evaluate obscure TRF user statistics. Meh, man. That took 3 minutes. Can I read Neil's blog in under 3 minutes? (Or stay awake for 3 minutes?) There's your next project, SG. Make a pie chart outlining the content of Neil's blog -- ALL of it! Better get started now... :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee:
  7. I thought all the "decent folk" left some time ago.
  8. I hope he never dies. If they try to bury him, he'll just rise out of the casket and then get all mad and stuff.
  9. I always suspected Neil of self-hatred, but DAYUM... :o He might be a closet attention whore. He's still a big teenager at heart, I guess.
  10. I always suspected Neil of self-hatred, but DAYUM... :o
  11. IQ doesn't stand for Irritability Quotient. Nor does it stand for "Instigating Quarrels".
  12. Mine fluctuates wildly based on time of day, medicine intake, exercise, caffeine consumption, and whether or not i really give a damn that day.
  13. I would take "sex" anything at this point. I am invisible to women when sleeping too it appears.... In that case, I'm not sure about the Tiger Woods avatar. :/
  14. Really? You're pretty likeable here (I mean that with sincerity). Maybe even more likeable than me. I have a lot of love. But not from me. Arg I need to keep cheerful Borderline is my Axis II diagnosis from early adulthood, so I know that self-hatred thing like the old cut marks on my arm. Usually it helps to confide in someone until you feel less alone in your insecurity. Meanwhile, stay strong.
  15. I was diagnosed as a child. I was given a pretty dismal prognosis back then, but that was in the Eighties. Bipolar I is classified as a disability according to the U.S. Government, as it falls under the criteria for SSI/Disability payments. I've been on them for years and I've just gained enough sanity recently to apply for a part-time job. Independence is still a lifetime goal for me, by the way, so I don't need to hear any more lectures about willpower from the Libertarians here follow the advice of non-experts. :P
  16. Ugh, why am I always the one with the sex nightmares instead?? I really need to change my world view.
  17. Beat me to it. Ya. This award almost sounds like an insult! Goes to show how much of a cult band they really were back then.. They were on their 7th album in 1980 and he's just a promising new drummer.. Wow Yeah... Meanwhile, who's this Joni Mitchell chick who said that Taylor Swift couldn't play her in a movie? Who does that total amateur think she is, anyway? :eyeroll: ;)
  18. Are you going to share your popcorn? Here, this should cover at least half of a thread about "Vapor Trails": http://www.cinemashop.com/images/pa/tpgroup_cart_large.jpg
  19. I grew up with blood tests. I hated them as a kid, but now I'm a donor. A-negative is a rare type, so I get treated well. :D
  20. Well, if you look up "trying too hard" in a lexicon, you'll probably find Neil's picture. So that's not going to change.
  21. Not an option since attention whores are known by all. Well, at least you're honest about it. The question now is whether you plan to reverse this trend of painfully obvious villainy. Something tells me you're not. :eyeroll:
  22. Yes, thanks for reminding us you're the Center Of The Universe. Will you please let us mere mortals go now?
  23. It depends on what I have planned. My skin is sensitive, so I have to have a reason to drag a blade across it before doing so.
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