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  1. Thanks so much to everyone for your concern,and kind words.It means alot.
  2. Hey guys, I don''t really post alot especially lately.My name is Robert.I live in Atlanta,Georgia,and I am dying from inoperable pancreatic cancer.The Doctor says I only have 3 to 6 months left to live.I'm 50 years old,and have had 5 children(2 of which have autism)They are all adults now.I also have 5 grandchildren.My wife of 33 years is totally disabled due to an accident in 2003.I have made all neccessary arrangements,and have adequate life insurance I believe.I've worked hard all of my life,and taken care of my resposibilities.It's been a good life.If I had one wish before I go it would be to see Rush up close.These VIP packages they offer nowdays would have been fantastic.Never have been able to afford anything like that,and now I would actually need 2 because I'm not supposed to drive anymore,and I get tired very easily.That's a helluva lot of money.In light of everything it seems kinda silly now but anyway just feeling down today.Thanks for letting me vent,and y'all take care.
  3. Does this rerelease contain the original tri-fold album cover?Anyone know?
  4. Just wondering,there used to be a gentleman on TRC that used to do a thread where he would analize lyrics to Rush's songs upon suggestion.The guy was brilliant! If your on here dude I wish you would start that on TRF. Let your presence be known!
  5. First,I have been watching my R40 box set for weeks.I mean I've been wearing them out! Anyway,I was watching S&A this morning(got to hear three of my favorite songs yet again,see yesterdays post lol!) I noticed that on Digital Man Geddy's bass seems to be lower in the mix than it was on Signals.Anyone else think so? That's one of my favorite songs on Signals,and that's what I like most about it. Hell,the bass drives that song!
  6. If there is a 2015 tour I hope the powers that be are listening.I hope they strike Spirit Of Radio,Tom Sawyer,and Subdivisions from the setlist.These songs received so much airplay in my area it wouldn't bother me if I never heard them again.They can discontinue 2112,and Working Man too for that matter.Please keep Limelight,and Freewill though which they didn't play last tour.I would like to hear Counterparts in total personally.Hold Your Fire,or Test For Echo running close seconds.Also,I'd love to hear Kid Gloves,or Losing It.Lastly I wish Mr.Peart would quit it with the electronic drums,and that damn big band section of his solo.Anyway,like I said just voicing my opnions,so shoot me.
  7. I just hope Atlantic will follow suit.,especially the albums that were never released on vinyl at all Counterparts,Roll The Bones,etc.
  8. No,but this is a true story.A friend of mine,and I went to see ARS at the Georgia Tech Colisium about 1979,and we smoked a doobie right in front of a uniformed police officer.He just stared at us.I thought he was gonna ask for a hit actually.
  9. John's music makes me want to eat a bullet.Especially "Sunshine"
  10. I feel for you,I have a 22 year old son with the same condition.
  11. Ok I'll bite. I'm 50 years young,been a Rush fan since 1976.I am a Meat Cutter by trade.Been doing that for 30 some odd years.I'm married with 5 kids,and 5 Grandchildren.I play guitar,some bass,drums,and keys as well..I also like to draw, mostly pencil drawings.Lately I've been writing music,and tinkering with some lyrics.I plan on being a rock star when I grow up lol!!!
  12. Honestly,when I got into Rush Geddy had that Robert Plant thing going on.Those high screeching vocals.As I've gotten older I don't much care for that earlier stuff.Geddy also seems to have trouble pulling those songs off now.I think unless they tune down or something he needs to limit the amount of 70's material he trys to sing.Just my opinion.
  13. Hmmm,2112,Animate,and Tom Sawyer(the part following the guitar solo of course)
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