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  1. Every song on here is awesome of course! 1. Witch Hunt 2. The Camera Eye 3. Red Barchetta 4. Vital Signs 5. YYZ 6. Limelight 7. Tom Sawyer (And hello again everybody! I have missed all of you!)
  2. Thank you guys so much! I miss you guys! I still lurk around every now and then! :) Lorraine and Babycat, how're you lovely people doing?
  3. I've been waiting waiting for the return of Goobs for god knows how long. I know the pain, friend.
  4. Oh gosh I'm so sorry I forgot about you Babycat!! And Disk98, how have you been Buddy?! Howdy Chicken Hawk! And our friend Narps is gone?!:(
  5. I would have waited forever.. To hear someone talk about Union again.
  6. Lately it's been off and on depression, or family issues, things like that. So I took a couple of months to deal with that, and now I hope I'm back for good! Very excited to be back! Hopefully the next one to return is our pal RushGoober
  7. Have drinks and snacks ready!
  8. Hello everyone! Nice to meet the new people, and hello to all my old friends, Lorraine, Zumbi, Narps, tombstone, etc! It makes me so so so happy that the community is so huge and it's only grown larger since I've been gone!
  9. As I make another return, I would like to know any important people who have left, all the people who are still here and I would like to meet any new faces! So hi everyone!
  10. Awh nobody mentioned me:( I thought someone loved me!!
  11. Haha, I've been lurking around though. But I'm gonna try posting like normal! Have I missed anything?? Anyone leave? How're you doing?
  12. Thank you all very much!! :) School's been making it tough to be on here as much as I used to be! But the school year ends today and I'll be on here posting way more! Oh and yeah! Go Cubs!!
  13. I believe panacea (a general term for a "cure all") refers to a woman in the song. Ambergris is harvested from whales and was used in perfumes and he wants to touch her fragile face. I have always assumed it refers to that stage in life where we get serious about another person and look to "settle down." OK so where is the fountain? Is it just an image? (Sorry I can't get it at all) Bueno.. A mi, el fuente solo es un símbolo! Un símbolo por la vida. Podría ser incorrecto.. Pero no estoy seguro.
  14. Thank you! I couldn't tell if he was singing in the same key for it now.
  15. I have a question.. Is the tuning of 2112 from Different Stages the same as now? I'm talking about the Test for Echo tour version. I can't tell.
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