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    MSG 2nd row rrhof la meet & greet Barclays 10/22 1st row, prudential 10/20/12 17th rw
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    entre nous
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    Permanent Waves
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    Met Geddy & Neil on Moving Pictures tour 1980 Broke into Geddy's Room on M.P. tour At Superconductor video shoot Neil Peart Kit SS Professor tour 2005 New Hampshire Press for Lighted Stage NYC- Ged & Alex April24 2010 Premiere Getting Roadshow autographed by Neil @ MSG NYC Traveling Music/Masked Rider Autographed S&A Tour winning Tix to S&A PNC Jones Bch FIRST ROW shirt from GED BILLBOARD AWARDS 2010 w/ Lifeson Meet & Greet 1st row! CA tour 10/22/12 Barclays RRHOF Los Angeles April/2013- afterparty LA Ged interview Mckittrick Hotel NYC 11/7/14 Lifeson- TJ Martell- Drinking Party
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  1. It is sold out?- If Neil never signs books again it is worth it! Let the market bear what it can.
  2. I have 108 row 4 One left - xpressexhibits@hotmail.com need to know ASAP
  3. Have 108 rw 4 for 6/17 w/ table service chairman suite status
  4. $321.00 on ticket cost e-mail xpressexhibits@hotmail.com This is for ONE(1) hard copy ticket : Rush Date: June 17, 2015 Air Canada Centre (ACC) Toronto Section: 108 Row: 4 This Is a premium single seat located in the platinum section and give access to the Chairman's suite (as indicated on the ticket). What is the Chairman’s Suite? The Chairman’s Suite is located on the South side of the event level at Air Canada Centre. The Suite is directly beneath the Platinum Seats in sections 107-109. This area is accessible ONLY to our Chairman’s Suite and South Platinum Suite ticketholders. I have been given a ticket to the Chairman’s Suite, now what do I do? We recommend making a reservation by calling 416-815-4880. In order to fully enjoy your meal please allow at least 1 ½ hrs prior to game time. If you cannot arrive before event time, you are welcome to eat during intermission, or even after the game. How do I get to the Chairman’s Suite? Please enter through Gate 2(b). Walk past the Platinum Club restaurant hallway and enter the south platinum suite hallway. Our concierge staff will check your Chairman’s suite ticket upon entrance. How do I get to the arena seats from the Chairman’s suite? Access to your seats is available through the Chairman’s suite or through the platinum suite hallways in section 107 & 109. A hostess will direct you and your guests. Will In-Seat Service be offered as well? Yes, in seat service will be offered to you and your guests. To ensure you receive in seat service please check in with The Chairman’s Suite hostess. Any questions let me know.
  5. $408 for Gold Ticket WE as RUSH fans should boycott these prices- wait for other seats & Move into empties @ Alll Shows- The Boys will retire on these profits! THE END OF AN ERA
  6. Ged spoke for 75 min no questions asked from audience- audience wasn't filmed No talk of tour really- more personal & about lerxst & pratt Jewishness was discussed & family Ged was asking questions of author(pulitzer winner) I could have done a better job w/ interview This will never see the light of day Ged must be shaking his head! If you were in line you got in- seating limited 100 people max
  7. Was awesome spoke for 75 min- I shook his hand had a few words about 100 people in studio w/liquor
  8. Rush fans in the NYC area: On Friday, November 7, Geddy Lee will be taping a special episode of Speakeasy with his friend and author, Michael Chabon. Front & Center Presents Speakeasy: An intimate conversation with Geddy Lee of Rush Location: New York, NY | McKittrick Hotel (542 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001) Event time: 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm There will be 50 tickets available for this event DATE: Friday, November 7, 2014 TIME: 3:00PM – 5:00PM LOCATION: The McKittrick Hotel, 542 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001 CHECK IN: Doors open at 2:00PM. All guests MUST bring a valid photo ID in order to check in. PLEASE NOTE: As this concert is being filmed for television, NO ENTRIES WILL BE ALLOWED AFTER 3:00PM. Guests must be 18 or older to attend. simply meet me at venue your name will be on list
  9. I may have some extra tickets (2)
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