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    Well, Rush of course..... Other Prog bands including Genesis, Yes, ELP. Reading, always reading. Stephen King, Carl Hiaasen, any kind of Non-Fiction and, naturally, Neil's books. Collecting; Fenton glass, Frankoma pottery, Disneyland souvenirs. Movies; we have about 300 DVDs. Word puzzles; crosswords and the like. Politics; I'm a writer for a political blog and a proud Progressive.
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    La Villa Strangiato
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    In 1984 (GUP Tour), I got jostled around a lot during the opening band so I asked a security guy if, during intermission, I could sit away from the crowd. You know, off to the side somewhere for a few minutes. He set a chair right up next to the Alex's side of the stage. I was actually leaning against the stage with my left side! The guys came out and he left me there. So I watched the entire show from about three feet below and right in front of Alex. I wish I'd had a camera!
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    Genesis, Yes, ELP
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    Percussion, Taurus Pedals, Guitar

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  1. Presto! Took me the better part of a year to be able to do it but I love to play it!
  2. Wait... if Rush is like sex for your ears, why are we posting pictures for our eyes? :P
  3. All of the above! Alex can do so much with even a few notes... In Force Ten, after the break and right after Geddy sings "look out for the force without form...: and Alex plays three notes there... THREE notes! And they are sublime. I miss them in the live versions.
  4. This made me wonder, too. My Hubby - the techie - explained that the sound board can change Alex's voice to sound like Geddy. Personally, I don't think he's THAT bad of a singer. LIsten to his solo album some time; he sings on At The End. Still, it's good that Geddy is their lead singer ;)
  5. Bingo! I loved the expressions on the Boys' faces. I don't think that they expected so many Rushians to be there and/or to be so LOUD! Thanks to all who represented for all of us
  6. Welcome LIana! Yeah, we do love our Alex here. I was right in fron tof him in row 3 last November and got some fantastic pics. Here's a couple: http://i224.photobucket.com/albums/dd103/laserspray/Rush/Rush%20Seattle%20Nov%2013-2012/megawattgrin.jpg My daughter had caught the T-shirt he threw and he was flirting with us during most of Tom Sawyer http://i224.photobucket.com/albums/dd103/laserspray/Rush/Rush%20Seattle%20Nov%2013-2012/Alex87.jpg He was cheering us (Washington state) for legalizing pot: "Let's light up!" http://i224.photobucket.com/albums/dd103/laserspray/Rush/Rush%20Seattle%20Nov%2013-2012/Alex29.jpg Such a clown! :) Hope we get first row in front of him in July!
  7. Well, I have no word count limit. In fact, longer stories even out the shorter ones so I get an average of a story per page. If you still want to write yours up, I will add it to the collection. Just drop me an email :)
  8. Thanks, Blue J, Shlappin', Liana and ALifeson! I don't have a deadline set at the moment. Right now I'm trying to gather enough stories to fill a good-sized book (20-30) and, since the Boys are distracting most of us at the moment, I hadn't settled on a firm date. Just send it along as soon as you feel ready. They don't need to be super long, either. Geddy's Mullet - I saw that project. That's what made me get started on this. I'd had this idea several months ago but have just been swamped. But that lit a fire under me. I figured since I'm only looking for inspirational stories - not cute or funny or weird - it's not exactly the same. I also felt that asking people to put up $125 to tell me their story was unfair. So I decided to do this on a smaller scale. I can self-publish an ebook and don't need to raise money to do so.
  9. Hi TRFers. Long time no read. My apologies -- I got a job writing for an online political blog (it pays and everything!) so I've been busy. But I've seen a project on a crowdsourcing site raising funds for a book of Rush stories from fans. I've had a similar idea for several months and am going ahead with mine, having been jogged out of complacency. I want to put together a book - it will have to be an e-book - of inspirational stories from Rush fans. I have spoken to so many of you who told me that Rush and their music helped you through a personal crisis or rough patch. I have my own story which some of you know. But I want as many as I can find. I can't pay you but I won't charge you, either. You will get an acknowledgement in the credits and a copy of the e-book. It's possible I may be able to get someone from the Rush family to write a Forward. So, if you want to tell your story, I want to hear it. I will edit, so don't worry about spelling/grammar. Just send me your story. You can email me at yuga2@aol.com (or PM me here). Please put "Rush story" in the subject line (I'm pretty ruthless about deleting unknown email). Thanks and Rush On!
  10. Well, I enjoyed it. The premise was funny and the Canadian jokes were great! Geddy was... well, Geddy.
  11. They are all great, GM! Thanks a lot :D I grabbed a few captures from the BR disc of the Time Machine when I watched it earlier. I love this one! The grin!!!
  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! http://i224.photobucket.com/albums/dd103/laserspray/internet%20stuff/smilies/_party__by_LeoLeonardo.gif Hope you had a great day!!
  13. Thank you! I had a Rush kinda day :rush: :7up: Been scarce lately and I apologize. Got a job writing for a political site so by the time I'm done with that I kinda want to get away from the computer. But I took my birthday off, so... http://i224.photobucket.com/albums/dd103/laserspray/internet%20stuff/smilies/thanx.gif
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