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Favorite LIVE Rush Album


What is your favorite RUSH LIVE Album?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite RUSH LIVE Album?

    • Exit Stage Left
    • Rush in Rio
    • All the Worlds a Stage
    • A Show of Hands
    • Different Stages

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I voted on ATWAS..


simply for the great tune

By-tor. Mr. Lifeson just wailes guitar-wize, on that one.

RUSH completely ROCKS that whole album.

It was my favorite RUSH live album for many yrs...

Still is. yes.gif 2.gif

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I'm not really sure it's my favorite but I can't help myself to type "a show of hands".


It's the first Rush live album I listened to back in... pffffff 1991 and I must admit it was the first time I noticed how great is Neil's drumming.


I already had listened to (and then bought) Presto and RTB but I'm sure Rush became a real big thing to me when I heard "A show of hands".




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Voted for Rush in Rio. Love the energy from that awesome crowd. Love the setlist. Love the bands energy. Great show.


2nd place for me is a tie between All the Worlds a Stage and Different Stages. Hard to argue with 2112 in its entirety or with Rush playing it when it was new and Rush young. Both are great albums!!


3rd place for me is A Show of Hands. Like it a lot but just not as much as the 3 in front of it.


For me, in last place is Exit Stage Left. For some reason I really just don't like this album. I have boots from the same time period that are MUCH better, IMO.


Two last comments.


1. I have noticed with all of the live albums I have (both Rush and from other groups) that I want to hear the crowd on the live album. If I don't then its a strike against the album. If I hear the crowd it makes me feel like I am at the show, it brings the energy of the show to me. With the first 3 albums above you can. With A show of Hands IMO I hear the crowd less. Exit Stage Left I just feel the crowd less. Perhaps that's why I do not care for this album as much as the others.


2. I have also noticed that I usually prefer live albums that are recorded in one location. That way I get the show - warts and all. Again, I feel like I am there. If I get a "greatest hits of the tour" I lose something. It may be the best of the best but it just does not feel right. The Rio show was just that. One sitting, warts and all. All the Worlds a Stage was at least in one location. Different Stages was in several locations but most of it was in one show in Chicago. Plus the 3rd CD was all one show in London. A Show of Hands loses something for having been spread out over several shows and years. Exist Stage Left - I don't recall for certain but somehow it feels like it was recorded in several locations.

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QUOTE (Moonraker @ Jan 22 2005, 02:38 AM)
QUOTE (RushGuru @ Jan 21 2005, 09:38 PM)
Oh Garage this is hard. There are great songs on every one! I had to choose Different Stages though. Last Spring Break I drove all the way to mexico with just Disk 1 of DS. doh.gif I couldnt believe i forgot all my music! I must have listened to that disc 200 times all the way through. I memorized what every fan screamed and when they screamed it. I memorized everything. Now whenever i listen to different versions of the songs i always expect the fans to scream what they did in DS disc 1. I devoloped almost a spiritual connection with that music. fing.gif I fell in love with it. I appreciated Rush more than i ever did before. I couldnt have made it through that vacation without that disc. Thank you Different Stages disc 1. Your sounds will be imprinted on the back of my skull forevermore.

Sounds like my trip to NY for the week last winter. I coulda sworn I packed a travel cd case full of cds, but the only one that I fought I had with me was what was in the cd player when I boarded the train. Needless to say, I dont think I can listen to Yes's Fragile without thinking of NY.

Hooooowwww caaaannn ttheeee wiiiind with its arms all around me! I feel lost in the citaaaaayyy.

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ATWAS. One of the greatest live albums by any band ever, imo.


2.gif 1022.gif

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it's been ATWAS, but DS it's like ATWAS and Exit x3!! =D RushOn!! Edited by jruiz2112
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Snakes and Arrows Live has been growing on me a lot


I saw them on this tour and this live album has the same songs but for some reason they played ever tune at a slower tempo which was offputting at first but lately I have been enjoying it

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ATWAS. First Rush album I ever heard and of course was blown away. Still amazed by Lakeside Park, Bytor and In the End. For a band that had seemingly come out of nowhere (I hadn't heard of 2112 yet), it was a revelation.


ESL has my favorite setlist but I've never cared for the production.

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All The Worlds A Stage set the standard for a live band for me.
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A Show of Hands, because it was the last live recording before their descent into Hell with the departure of the keys, the fourth member of the band.
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ATWAS for sure. I think its the best representation of the band. Also was the first album i ever purchased way back when. Put me on a desert Island with only one piece of music and that would be the one i would choose. I've heard it a million times and could hear it a million more. I never get tired of it.
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R30 is by far my favorite. Incredible mixing, great setlist, and they are on fire in that show.


Different Stages would be second. Great tracklist, and love that third disc, but I'm not as fond of how their instruments sound on that one. The drums especially, sound oddly muted, almost like they are covered in a wet cloth or something.


Time machine would be third. It's incredible, and a great set list, but Geddy had a cold during that show and his voice is just brutal. Songs like Presto and Time Stand Still are hard to listen to. And that version of Red Barchetta is pretty sloppy, which is a shame as it's one of my faves.


Snakes is good, but this was the first one where they were noticeably playing some songs at a slower speed. Songs like Limelight, Natural Science, and Digital Man lost a bit of their oomph. It's almost like they were off that night, because even the Time Machine tour seemed to speed things up a bit. I also don't like the drum sound on the Snakes album, they lack a bit of punch.


Rush In Rio is a killer set, but listening to the album is just a pain in the ass. I only listen to that one if I want the live energy.


ATWAS is amazing, they are playing great. Mixing is a bit soft, but that's more a sign of the times.


Grace Under Pressure tour is awesome. Get a few songs you wouldn't normally hear live, and they play a few of them (including s YYZ/Temples/Tom Saywer medley) at a faster speed, which is just insane to hear.


A Show of Hands is good because it includes some more songs you don't normally hear. It's pretty sterile as a live album though, they polished it up too much.


Exit Stage Left is good, but my least favorite. They polished this up to the point where it should technically be considered a studio album more than a live one. It's great content, but I might as well just be listening to the album versions of these songs.

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Rush in Rio is my favourite; great set list and execution including one of Alex's few rants. The audience reaction helps to push that concert above the others. G/P and ATWAS are my second and third choices although I like them all. Edited by Shemp
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