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    Time Machine
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    Freewill, Limelight, Xanadu, Prime Mover
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    The Time Machine Tour Tampa Concert
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    piano...and currently learning guitar
  1. When I announced on Facebook that I was going to a Rush concert that night, a friend of mine replied "That Geddy Lee's voice can best be described as a wail!".
  2. We need a Rex cat for Geddy. If they were played by big cats, Geddy would be a lion, Alex would be a tiger, and Neil would be a melanistic leopard.
  3. I watched the first season recently. It is actually pretty good! I recognized a lot of the mid-90s fashions. And I absolutely love Roma Downey's Irish accent.
  4. Tom Sawyer does not get that much play from me :( Although I did dream of it recently- justified, since I was presenting a report on Mark Twain.
  5. Stay back a grade in school: Alex Play the violin: Geddy Keep a journal: Neil Not eat his vegetables: Alex Most likely to: Drink lots of milk: Eat lots of pizza: Be tired of the government: Make random animal noises in public:
  6. When your Facebook status reads "Changes aren't permanent, but change is".
  7. My guitar instructor is going to be ecstatic! Red Sector A will be playing. That will make his whole year. The rest of the audience will be having nightmares for a week- but he will be thrilled. Having said that... no Prime Mover no Xanadu I saw Freewill, Limelight, and Closer to the Heart last time anyway. I am happy about The Pass. But will it make it worth going to watch? I.hate.crowds. It is on a worknight. Honestly, I would have done a very different setlist. As much as I love Rush, I may have to give them a pass (pun not intended) this time. I think I like the Time Machine setlist better. "ducks and dodges the many many flying tomatoes"
  8. I really liked Presto at the Time Machine concert. So I voted for that one.
  9. I was born in October 1977. So I voted for A Farewell To Kings. But I think it was released while I was still in utero!!! But I like it better than Hemispheres due to Xanadu and Closer To The Heart.
  10. Xanadu. Which is one of my top 5 Rush songs anyway.
  11. Mystic Rhythms. Both lyrics and music.
  12. Does "Closer to the Heart" count? It is more sentimental than most other "harder" Rush songs. Also "Hope", since it is an instrumental not involving nerdy subjects like an airport or a strange village. And of course, the silly and goofy "Dog Years". Cracks me up every time I listen to it.
  13. Presto! No question whatsoever.
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