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    anything AFTK -> CP
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    getting my wife to like the band so i can listen in the car
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    Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis, Beatles, Iron Maiden
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  1. No votes for Book of Taliesyn? ;) No, it's not my favorite DP album, but I love the first 3 albums with Rod Evans. Also, I might be the only person who holds the unpopular opinion that House of Blue Light is better than its predecessor Perfect Strangers. Not more important or impactful, and there's nothing on HOBL better than Knocking At Your Back Door or Perfect Strangers, but it's a better album overall.
  2. Anyone heard Les Claypool's live cover of the Animals album, played in it's entirety? It's under the moniker The Les Claypool Frog Brigade, Live Frogs: Set 2 I adore it.
  3. I made sure to wear my Rush shirt so there was no mistaking me! Rod in Rio (Rodrigo) was a fabulous host and ambassador for his home country. My family and I benefitted greatly from his advice. Rio is the most gorgeous place, and we met so many friendly and wonderful people there. Trip of a lifetime! (Not that it will stop my wife and I from taking many more.)
  4. I choose to un-bury this thread because no one mentioned: Moody Blues - Days of Future Passed Moody Blues - To Our Children's Children's Children Captain Beyond - self-titled
  5. I'm trying to think of guys who not only were great, but that can't really be faulted for anything. In other words, they were in successful bands, wrote great songs, and were ground-breaking or massively influential. It's really hard to argue with Jimi Hendrix Jimmy Page Keith Richards Eddie Van Halen as much as I love some other guys (and Joni Mitchell) to death. So that's my list.
  6. Love them. Have everything. A New World Record is perfect, and deserves a place among the very best rock albums of the mid-70s.
  7. Well, not a double cd, but in the vinyl days all their latest efforts would have been doubles... That's the problem nowadays (not particularly with Maiden, but in general): You can squeeze 80 minutes of material in one cd, so everyone does it - even if they have only 40 minutes of good stuff and the rest is filler. I loved AC/DC's latest: 11 tight songs, under 40 minutes. Nothing more than the essential. You don't need to put 18 songs on an album only because it's possible - unless you have 18 GOOD songs. 10 good songs is better than 10 good songs and 8 bad ones. Many bands and artists seem to think that their fans value quantity over quality. Makes me wonder. Good point about the last 4 albums - they WOULD have been double LPs. Except their record company would have bitched until they pared the material down to 50 minutes to fit on one record, with a good 3.5 minute single to push on the radio. I've written about the unnecessary use of the whole CD before, myself (see link). So…yes. Amen, brother. http://www.therushfo...is#entry2954387
  8. I'm super-stoked for the new release. Already pre-ordered. Almost shocking that they had never done a double album before. Parts of the following opinion will probably be unpopular, but... I think this album is going to be off-the-rails good. And not just because they've generally ruled and kicked ass since Brave New World. The only flaw in those last four albums is that they are super DENSE. There's no room to breathe on them. What made Judas Priest's Nostradamus so damn good was that it kicked your ass repeatedly, but took small breaks to let you recover. I honestly find Nostradamus to be an extraordinary album. Don't worry: I think almost everything up to Defenders is still awesome, too. That space-to-breathe element is why my favorite Maiden album is Powerslave. There's a well-placed instrumental on side one (and nearly a second one inside Duellists). On side two, the title track takes its time, Back in the Village is nearly an Indian drone, and …well, then there's Rime… I think a similar measured approach will serve Maiden very, very well. Book of Souls may end up being a Clockwork Angels-type high water mark.
  9. Korn Papa Roach Los Lonely Boys - makes me cringe every time I hear it. The Moody Blues, my favorite band, had a perfectly cool and appropriate name when they started in 1964 playing R&B. After the shift to psychedelic, however…
  10. 14/16. Do I win something? Maybe a sword whetted with the blood of the unholy?
  11. I see no sun. This is foolishness. Damn their eyes. This is such an embarrassing picture. Also, who else sees Alec Baldwin top left? Embarrassing... and ridiculous. So it's an accurate promo pic for what the band is today It's hard to get a good picture of the Nazgul without their Fell Beasts.
  12. I think you meant Caress of Castile
  13. After Deep Purple Mark IV dissolved, Paice and Lord collaborated on one project and David Coverdale did an album and a half on his own. Paice and Lord then joined Coverdale in 1978. But, it's not inconceivable to think (since 3/5 of Mark III was now in the new Whitesnake), that those guys could have just continued the Deep Purple name. And, had that been the case, I wonder what would have happened in 1983 when Paice and Lord got sick of Coverdale, and Blackmore got tired of Rainbow, and they all grabbed Gillan and Glover to do more Deep Purple, Mark II? A nasty legal battle over the name "Deep Purple"?
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