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Favorite LIVE Rush Album


What is your favorite RUSH LIVE Album?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite RUSH LIVE Album?

    • Exit Stage Left
    • Rush in Rio
    • All the Worlds a Stage
    • A Show of Hands
    • Different Stages

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A Show of Hands because it reminds me of my youth and seeing them live during those days.


Have to say, though, I love the 4th disc (P/G Video Soundtrack) from Replay. The version of Spirit on that disc seems to have a level of soul not always found on other live versions, boots included.

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E...SL for me. Rush were at a real creative peak around that time. Great selection of songs, great playing (however much it may be doctored), live Jacob, some stuff from Glasgow and loads of great Rickenbacker tone! My only complaint? It's not a whole show.


Then I like:

ATWAS - pure raw energy.

Different Stages - Good selection of songs and spirited performances, plus the superb Hammersmith Odeon tape (a real 'tight but loose' performance).

A Show of Hands - Mostly enjoyable, but the concentration on songs written within two or three albums of the tour makes this album somewhat one dimensional.

Rush in Rio - Awesome performance let down by abysmal sound quality. The excitement of the audience could still be conveyed without it sounding like a bad audience recorded bootleg. The DVD actually sounds better.

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QUOTE (paganoman @ Jan 22 2005, 03:05 PM)
This time around I voted for DS - where I've voted differently in the past. It has an exceptional sound quality, and I love the selection of tunes spanning the ages. It runs parallel with RIR though, imo. Even though I love the others, I don't get into them as much. I don't like Geddy's voice in ASOH... it's too nasally - and the music just has less "punch" in comparison.

You know what though??? Who cares about favorites... The fact is - I own all of them and listen to all of them. For cryin' out loud....

It's 2.gif

653.gif 2.gif AlexFinal.gif NeilFinal.gif GeddyFinal.gif 2.gif 653.gif

Amen. I'm with you all the way. biggrin.gif

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