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  1. under rated .. vital signs done in 8 minitutes overated:?
  2. LeStudio Morin Heights...the stars were alligned
  3. at least he didn't experience the mask.. GOAT..
  4. just noticed this.. so cool
  5. best was Red Rider and Max Webster-Worst was Justin Timberlake at SarsStock Toronto. LOL
  6. 2005 Sold my Pearl sessions acoustics bought Roland td6 upgrade td 9 upgrade to td 15 upgrade to TD 30 chromey -(great kit) sold for a TD 15 and a 11 plus cash (studio and and home kits for practice- -no packing reqd)sold both for alesis strikepro SE (-great kit) - sold these over cost for Roland TD 17 kvx plus cash expanded the kit with Octopad and dove into the world of Midi Addictive Drums 2021 ( should have tried this long ago ) 2005- 2021 electronic drums awesome results-jamming at anytime never waking up a neighbour -combinations endless
  7. 1984-gup- 1st row floors-ged side seat #2-maple leaf gardens- cost 45.00- lined up outside of a ticketmaster location -27 hours- never slept-on rush video 09/21/84. im there-priceless-
  8. 2 thumbs up for the squid.. binge watched all 9 in 24 hours
  9. Big backyard - my Summer song of 2021 - love the back story of geddys pedals and the song
  10. Big Backyard -New bare naked ladies. - Using Geddys original tauras pedals - ya you can hear them - so cool
  11. great track for its time ..Love battlescar - great xmas Universal juveniles- excellent album and Bob and Doug Mackenzie xmas album- So Canadian . bless 1979-80
  12. BNL - awesome - They put the sprinkler on the lawn and ran through with their gym shorts on..
  13. Just some thoughts on the demolishing of LeStudio Morin Heights and some sentimental value it had for me and maybe some Rush or music fans of artists that recorded there? Yes all good things must come to an end is what I have always believed and you cant live in the past or beat the dead horse, you move on with change .There are many special places all over the world with a story that are long gone. As a kid there was always something intriguing about the 3 rush videos and seeing that LeStudio sign in the background .It made me curious about what was special about that place for the band who produced so many great albums out of there and reading linear notes and album sleeves and listening to their interviews about the studio and stories of so many other bands going up there to record music .In its day it was one of the most unique premier facilities of its kind . Technically (the trident& ssl console, superb personnel recording engineers etc ), Acoustically ( natural wood ambiance of the studio rooms. having amps put outside to capture reverb from the mountains-cannot duplicate some of these natural sounds - ) and one of the best tranquil places to record in the world- many report the sessions were great there and for many years that Rush called home.The uniqueness of this facility, was a big part of their abilities to jam or record in that environment to play volleyball,relax,drink,ski (who knows) and produce arguably some or even their best material which in this day an age cannot be duplicated again in someones basement Having visited the property in 2014 was cool. It felt like Rush sacred grounds and imagined what it could have been like standing in the very spot Neil had his drums and looking on to Lac Perry where the red tama poster was photographed was inspirational and fulfilling Realizing back then the facility served its purpose since 1974 and so much great music was recorded there, shortly after vandals got at it and a fire happened destroying 1/2 of it. The place deserves to be noted as one of the most notable recording facilities of its time but soon demolished for safety reasons in hopes of using the site for a music museum site of sorts. I never supported and remain skeptical of the LeStudio rebuild campaign by who by all accounts put in a gallant effort to save it but at the end of the day appears to just a huge Rush fan with sentimental ties to the history of the studio until the wrecking ball crew came in recently. As a Rush fan- I will always consider LeStudio sacred grounds and hope the property will become something meaningful. As a fan of the Studio -it had a lot of roots, a Canadian gem of its time-thanks Andre Perry- some of the best bands and material that came out of that place - A piece of history As far as it being gone - all good things must come to an end -not gonna lose much over it (I was lucky to see it) Oh if those walls could talk . - It was a special place at the right time when the stars of Morin Heights perfectly aligned to pull off those songs from albums such as MP,PeW, and the list goes on
  14. 1.Moving Pictures 2.Permanent Waves 2a. (exit stage left) 3..Signals 4.Hemispheres 5.A Farewell To Kings 6..Power Windows 7.Counterparts 8.Grace Under Pressure 9.Presto 10.Clockwork Angels 11.Test For Echo 12.Roll The Bones 13.Snakes & Arrows 14.Hold Your Fire 15..Caress Of Steel 16.Rush 16.Fly By Night 17.Vapor Trails
  15. i was 10-not allowed until signals at maple leaf gardens toronto
  16. The Red Tama Artstars have changed hands and refurbished many time too ..
  17. Bringing this back - I visited LeStudio earlier this year-alot has gone on since the fire clean up a couple years ago. Old sacred grounds is still standing! Property owner still has the rights-Unclear what they are eventulaly doing with the property-but alot of cool RUSH symbolic ornaments installed on the premises. Clean up going on -alot of replica memorabilia trying to be sold by one local guy. I wonder if Andre Perry knows? Should be turned into a museum/landmark of some kind-PEW-MP-SIG-GUP-PRES-CP (ESL-mobile) VT-jam sessions born there.
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