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  • Birthday 02/13/1969

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    Mississauga, Ontario

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    2015 both R40 shows at ACC Toronto
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    Always changing
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    While working for Rogers Cable I did 2 service calls at Geddy's and Alex's residences in Toronto in May and July of 2006 . Geddy gave me an autographed R30 DVD & VT vinyl album - Got to visit and go inside LeStudio Morin heights Nov 2014
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    Most Classic Rock - Canadian Rock
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    Drums 30 years - Heavily NP and SC influenced

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  1. under rated .. vital signs done in 8 minitutes overated:?
  2. LeStudio Morin Heights...the stars were alligned
  3. at least he didn't experience the mask.. GOAT..
  4. just noticed this.. so cool
  5. best was Red Rider and Max Webster-Worst was Justin Timberlake at SarsStock Toronto. LOL
  6. 2005 Sold my Pearl sessions acoustics bought Roland td6 upgrade td 9 upgrade to td 15 upgrade to TD 30 chromey -(great kit) sold for a TD 15 and a 11 plus cash (studio and and home kits for practice- -no packing reqd)sold both for alesis strikepro SE (-great kit) - sold these over cost for Roland TD 17 kvx plus cash expanded the kit with Octopad and dove into the world of Midi Addictive Drums 2021 ( should have tried this long ago ) 2005- 2021 electronic drums awesome results-jamming at anytime never waking up a neighbour -combinations endless
  7. 1984-gup- 1st row floors-ged side seat #2-maple leaf gardens- cost 45.00- lined up outside of a ticketmaster location -27 hours- never slept-on rush video 09/21/84. im there-priceless-
  8. 2 thumbs up for the squid.. binge watched all 9 in 24 hours
  9. Big backyard - my Summer song of 2021 - love the back story of geddys pedals and the song
  10. Big Backyard -New bare naked ladies. - Using Geddys original tauras pedals - ya you can hear them - so cool
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