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  1. Hi, Yes Amazon UK. I double checked my order today and it does now say April 29th typically! I only checked it literally on Friday and it said then it was coming April 15th. Oh well :) I suppose that release schedule makes sense. It's just technically these last two releases haven't been released on the 40th anniversary, but what can you do?! :)
  2. BRILLIANT stuff!!! :) :) If it's sounding THIS good on Youtube...I can't wait to crank this one up on Friday!!! P.S. I'm from the UK too, Amazon are still saying it'll be with me Friday. P.P.S. Without derailing the thread too much, has anyone heard any rumblings of a Signals 40th boxset? When do we reckon it would be released, in time for Christmas (so it's actually released in the 40th year), or 2023 to stop market fatigue?
  3. You're joking, right? DS disc 3 was blasted all to hell - the EQ (on the drums in particular but the mix as a whole) was atrocious and it was absolutely hammered with a compressor that sucked all the life out of it. They tried very, very hard to make it sound like it was recorded in 1996, not 1977. Terry's mix blows it out of the water, there's absolutely no comparing the two. I agree that the Different Stages mix sounds better to my ears. There's no right or wrong answers here, we just have different tastes :) It's probably having this mix as the only source of the concert for 20+ years!! In Terry's mix, the crowd is WAY too quiet if you compare the two mixes. On Different Stages, it feels like you're standing in the middle of the audience, so it makes the concert more exciting as I'm feeding off the crowd's energy! :) The sound effects for "By Tor", again on Terry's they are VERY quiet in the mix. I think if we'd never heard the Different Stages mix, we'd obviously be none the wiser and Terry's mix would be truly FANTASTIC (as band wise it is!!) but "it is what it is" as they say :) Does anyone know the ins and outs of the 2 mixes out of interest? I'm assuming Terry is mixing the gigs from his era with the band because he owns the copyright to the recordings, being as he originally recorded them? If so, how come that didn't apply for Different Stages? Wouldn't it have been easier for the Kings 40th to have released the full Different Stages mix, rather than pay Terry to re-mix it?? I'm just curious!! :)
  4. Some GREAT questions here, looking forward to reading them when you've got chance. I'm SO jealous you got to meet Terry in person in 2019!!! It must have been special :) :)
  5. Both great questions, but any albums after Signals is a burning question for me! I'll go one further and ask: "Did you ever ask the guys/Ray if you could produce another album after Signals?" I interviewed Terry in a similar fashion to you (written answers via email) for a University assignment I was doing about 10 years ago. You'll get some GREAT answers that's for sure! :) Terry was originally going to come over TO MY HOUSE to do the interview (he was obviously in England at the time) but unfortunately schedules changed at the last minute, so we had to do written answers :( :( I thought about asking him these questions then, but I didn't know how he'd take the questions (especially if we had done the interview in person). It was a shame, but it would have been nerve wacking IN THE LEAST to be literally feet away from my main production inspiration!! Oh well, what might have been... Good luck with the interview, and please keep us updated :)
  6. Anyway, back to the other people with slightly more measured responses.. I agree that Rush has a uniqueness to their own, and don't get me wrong I do enjoy other eras (Peter Collins' production style is probably on a par with Terry, maybe more so with his use of the stereo field). It is just this album I'm finding hard to swallow. Hopefully when I see them at the NEC next Sunday the songs will 'speak' to me more. I suppose we'll see. My view about Terry isn't nessecerily about Terry's production style (although sonically it makes stuff from 40 years ago impressive) but more from the fact that he helped the guys structurally with their songs. Don't forget, all of Terry's albums has him credited for arrangement duties too. (I don't think no-one else did that, did they?) Peter Collins would also be great to have back in the chair as such.
  7. I think that is uncalled for, I am of course only expressing my opinion
  8. Ok, here's my verdict on Clockwork Angels (and I've a feeling some of you may not like it). I've had these feelings for 12 months so here goes: SONIC ISSUES Sonically it is a REAL letdown, everything is mashed and compressed to the hilt and I have to FORCE myself to listen to the album. I NEVER get past about track four, and I skip the albums songs constantly to hear the majority of the album. In this whole 12 months I just CANNOT listen to this the whole way through. The vinyl version is slightly better soundwise, but it seems when Geddy's vocals come in, it mushes everything else up. I suppose this is what you get if your producer records during the morning and mixes through the afternoon. I CAN"T believe a professional producer would do that to a product. I'm undertaking a production course and one of the basic 'rules' if you like is all about ear fatigue. A fine example of how NOT to do it is on this album. SONG ISSUES Ok, when the single of Caravan/BU2B came out I was excited!! Rush were back and sounding better than ever (even the sonics sounded great). I had VERY high hopes for this album and couldn't wait for it to come out. I think the biggest thing which hurt this album was the guys doing the Time Machine Tour for two years and THEN finishing the album. To me, the rest of the songs are very predictable and are too much of the same style of song. The great thing with early Rush (such as Farewell, Permanent Waves etc) there is a variety of styles on the album which gives the listener something different to appreciate (such as 'Cinderella Man' , 'Entre Nous', 'Different Strings' etc etc) when coupled with the heavier numbers gives an overall cohersion to the album in my opinion. I think if the guys had finished the album before going out on tour, I think the end result would have been very different. The lyrics also are kind of treading on the same path we've had time and again since the 80s, Neil's views and insecurities. Now I have nothing but respect for Neil coming to terms with all the tragedy he's faced over the years and I suppose you can appreciate him going down this route lyrically for a couple of albums, but why for a couple of songs can't he change the subject matter? His sci-fi lyrics are wonderful. WHERE TO GO NOW I know Rush have had a long and varied career and experimented with a lot of different styles, but lets face it, when we think of Rush, do we REALLY think of songs like Marathon or Presto to describe the band, or do we talk about 2112 and Farewell to Kings? From 2112 - Signals (though I have a REAL issue with side 2 of Moving Pictures) the band were on FIRE production wise and song content. These songs have endured for nearly 40 years, there must be a reason for this. I would LOVE for the guys to bury the hatchet with Terry Brown and use Terry's guidance to shape the album we've been waiting for since 1982. Something major obviously occured in the studio during Signals, but lets face it, they're both not getting any younger. Terry was the fourth member of Rush in my opinion, so for him to return to what would probably be the bands final album would bring the process full circle. Its not like Terry's been idle either, he's still working in the industry, the most recent of which is a band called 'Blurred Vision'. He's also produced 'Fates Warning' and 'Silent Running' over the years, even producing "I Just Died In Your Arms" for 'Cutting Crew' in 1986. What does everyone think? These thoughts are obviously MY opinion so lets not get into silly arguments over whose right or wrong (no-one is - we've all got our 'Freewill')
  9. Hi, First time on this forum, hope we have some good discussions. Could anyone please tell me what concert the following recordings are from please: http://www.rushisaband.com/blog/2011/04/26...ities-from-MitA (Final Track in the list!) I've been after a complete Permanent Waves show for ages, ever since I heard the AMAZING St Louis show. Now if there's a show to be released officially, that is it. Anyway, I digress a bit, but if this show is complete (I'm assuming its one show) and anyone has it, I'd love a copy of it if possible. Thanks a lot
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